Being SEEN on yr own terms: Burlesque as PsychoSpiritual  practice

Being SEEN on yr own terms: Burlesque as PsychoSpiritual practice

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3-hour Online Introductory Workshop: Move from Frozen, Invisible + Collapsing to Embodied, Seen + Sovereign

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So many of the sensitive, kind, visionary and over-giving women who reach out to me, deeply desire to feel more comfortable in their own skin, yet it is something that eludes them. And whether or not they directly articulate it, they dearly desire to simply experience and express their true nature, in other words, to be themselves, their authentic selves.

They understand the connection between feeling uncomfortable in their own skin and how they procrastinate, hide, and freeze when it comes to sharing their work and creations with others. They desire to embody and express themselves and their gifts.

Ironically, these same women often inspire others to fully embody and express themselves and their gifts. It is often a main tenet of their profession, but they find themselves in a cycle of over-giving.

These women are not new to personal development and spiritual growth. They’ve done the therapy, they’ve attended the yoga classes, they’ve tried meditation, they’ve self-cared up the wazoo. They also feel drawn to creative expression such as dance, improv, as well as embodied movement-based practices.

Despite their efforts to transform, a sense of shame remains at their core. On some level they are apologizing for simply existing.

They find themselves at the crossroads that Anais Nin so beautifully articulated last century, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

It is possible to be SEEN and known as our true radiant essence – our true nature – and still belong.

The Awakening Showgirl walks this path: from Alarmed Aloneness, Invisibility and Collapse to Authentic Embodiment, Sovereignty and Belonging.

This path is not about trying harder; it’s about feeling genuinely safer. It is an alternative route to creating a deeply satisfying life.

My greatest joy is to witness women step into their authentic presence, radiance, power and sha-ZAM, and truly share themselves – with themselves, others and the world.

What you’ll get from this 3-hour workshop:

  • You’ll learn the 3 pillars of Showgirl Awakening and how they are key to living a deeply satisfying embodied life.
  • You’ll discover why feeling safer, rather than trying harder, is often the missing ingredient when it comes to trusting yourself, feeling like yourself, and sharing of yourself as you desire.
  • You’ll learn a few movement practices to ground yourself in any moment and gently exfoliate what’s been masking your radiant essence.
  • You'll be introduced to the 9 Showgirl Awakening Archetypes (the Vixe, the Muse, the Diva, etc), and even more importantly, will learn to discern when each of your Archetypes are Collapsing, Posturing or Alive & Well.
  • You'll leave with a full cup from witnessing 2-3 Awakening Showgirls perform the conscious burlesque acts they have created in the Burlesque from the Inside Out creation program.

With Love and Shimmies,


PS Experience from past participants ::

“Going into the workshop I felt almost trepidation. I've never danced. I'm very shy and socially awkward and I was wondering what I had gotten myself in for. To be honest I considered not turning up. I am so glad I didn't listen to my fears and doubts. Kellita's workshop was sensational! I've never felt so seen and allowed to be truly me. The 3 hours literally flew. The connection, the trust, and the safety Kellita built with our group of women in such a short time period was unbelievable. It's hard to articulate the transformation that occurred, but the space was truly both healing and uplifting. Highly recommend attending for anyone!”

~ Suzanne Culberg

“I need to give you feedback that that little workshop with you had a big move and shifted a lot of things for me. Since then I have been booking lots of clients. I was stuck professionally. And being seen for 40 seconds opened that channel for me. Thank you!”

~ Patrizia Nader

"Thank you so much for the rich and juicy workshop! I appreciated how you articulated multifaceted wisdom about somatics and psychology in ways that were very inviting and accessible. I felt very comfortable and welcomed in the group, and especially felt fully supported in SHINING! I usually hide my self-view on Zoom calls, but not this time. My self-appreciation grew immensely over the course of this one 3-hour workshop. I felt safe to show up and to cultivate my aliveness in front of you and in the space you created"

~ Amy Lynn Priest

PPS This workshop is the prerequisite for attending a Burlesque from the Inside Out showcase ... you'll be invited for free!

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