Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same

Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same

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Hosted by the Oxford Business Network for Women's Leadership and The Entrepreneurship Centre

Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same: Why Behaving Like a Girl Can Change Your Life and Grow Your Business, Joanna Krotz.

Anyone out there still think there’s no difference in the way men and women do business? Think again. A growing body of research into brain structure, sex hormones and neuroscience finds significant hardwired differences in the ways women and men not only start but also manage and operate businesses. Yet while the 21st century entrepreneur is now more likely to be a she than a he, and while multinationals from Goldman Sachs to Walmart are making big bets on female GDP worldwide, definitions of business success and performance continue to default male. The prevailing status quo is not working very well for most people these days, but it’s especially not working for women. It’s now critical for the rules of the business road to embrace the way women steer companies.

Besides the eye-opening research, this talk offers real-life examples of women owners who are truly running their own show and redefining success. Today, women entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to expand global innovation, grow their national economies and redefine male models of leadership and business.

If you want to launch or build a business, it’s critical to look into how sex-based behaviour can inform or hamper goals, strategy, decision-making, finances and performance. Today, it’s high time we rethink our notion of how women entrepreneurs walk, talk and think: Because being equal doesn’t mean being the same.

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