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Breathing Space Yoga

217 Chapel St, Prahran

Melbourne, Victoria 3181


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Being A Man - An Evolution Beyond What You Know

There is no right or wrong way to be a man. There are skills and tools for men that allow our deepest gifts to unfold with greater integrity. Discover what it feels like to deepen your experience as a man, access Love, create Intimacy and evoke the qualities you desire in your partner. If you're single these same skills will attract the woman you desire into your life. Feel the power, strength and depth that flows through you as a man and discover how that flow has been blocked. Allow me to guide you deeper into this source of energy that flows through you and unlock your real potential on your journey. True transformation begins here.

I use embodiment as a key practice to retrain the nervous system. This allows ourselves and our nervous system to experience situations we are afraid of or feel uncomfortable with, here we can safely reach a point that normally we would internally run, disappear or hide from.

There will be ongoing support for the Integration of your embodied practices via a private Facebook Group. Through here we can share ideas, experiences, feelings and offer support in a safe space. Change is often met with resistance and fear, even by me for me. Fear limits our ability to integrate and creates space to fall back into our habitual behaviours, the very ones we have done the work to move on from. Having this space will support you to continue your integration outside the workshop space, you will feel you are different, feel it through your body and in your presence.

This is what I offer you.

This is a one day Deep Dive into what does it mean to be a Man for You..

In This Course You Will Learn How to:

- Allow your Presence and Power to naturally flow through your body

- Create deeper more loving connection

- Align yourself with your authenticity and express it through your body

- Create and maintain Polarity by aligning fully with your masculine essence

- Maintain presence in the face of what collapses you the most and makes you want to run

- How to connect with the part of you that is a Warrior of Love within

- Hold space for yourself, your woman, family others with integrity, owning the authentic expression of you

- Wield presence as sexual power, depth as sexual value to deepen your intimacy and open your lover

- Discover your deepest purpose and your path to its creation


By clicking through and booking your place in Being A Man you are agreeing to adhere to the following Cancellation Policy:

My work is about owning who you are as a man. To grow in depth, integrity, honesty and trust as men requires the ability to follow through with, express and own our truth and intentions. Integrity, responsibility and trust are pillars one can base what it means to be a man on. This is part of the journey.

  1. Cancellations within a 48hr period prior to the event start time will not be refunded. You are welcome to on-sell your ticket as long as I am advised of the change in participant prior to the start of the event.

  2. Cancellations in the 5 day period prior to the 48hrs before the event start time will attract a 50% administration fee with the remaining 50% being refunded to you.

  3. Cancellations in the period 7 days prior to the event start time will receive a 100% refund.

A Note:

Be aware you may feel resistant leading up to this event. This is normal. I still feel this myself, I come up with so many reasons of why I can't go, shouldn't go and why am I doing this? It's normal to have these thoughts.

As a man I challenge you to feel into this, is there fear driving this? Lean into this feeling, it is the beginning of this work, this is your edge and this is what your edge feels like. Notice if you're afraid, notice if you have felt this before? Maybe with your partner or lover during an argument, maybe before public speaking or an important event, a new job. Notice when else in your life you have felt this feeling, feel it fully in your body, breathe deeply into your belly and see if you can relax into it, what happens now?

With love Rod..


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Date and Time


Breathing Space Yoga

217 Chapel St, Prahran

Melbourne, Victoria 3181


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