Behind the Berlin Wall & Cold War Berlin

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The Berlin Wall and the Divided City. Join us on this one of a kind New Berlin Cold War Tour and Behind the Berlin Wall. This tour is design

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Whilst not the highest, the widest nor the longest, the Berlin Wall is probably the most famous of them all. And no trip to Berlin would be complete without visiting it and the other significant sites associated with it.

We will cover the fascinating period between the Second World War and the construction of the Berlin Wall when the uncomfortable alliance between the Soviets and Western Allies finally shattered, heralding the beginning of the Cold War.

  • what led to the construction of the wall?
  • what led to its fall?
  • what life was like on both sides of the Berlin Wall?
  • Also we look and the many varied and ingenious ways people escaped and and visit a number of the specific escape spots.

Our Guides have lead hundreds of tours on the Berlin Wall and Cold War and we have molded this tour from years of tour guiding experience and personal research. Whether you are a history buff yourself or just a curious traveler, we don’t think you will be disappointed. We will cover the Who, the Why, the When and the how and see how this history is relevant today.

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