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Beginners' Salsa 5 week intro in Hawthorn

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The University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus (The Drama Room)

442 Auburn Road

Hawthorn, VIC 3122


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Beginners' Salsa:

Learn to dance salsa socially and look good on the dance floor with Hawthorn Salsa

What's on offer?

In 5 lessons (with the first one free so you can try it out risk free - that's only available through this event) you will be taught the basics of salsa so that you can dance it anywhere.

Have you always wanted to learn to dance? Have you perhaps wanted to learn to dance salsa specifically. Maybe you are looking for a way to be social and meet new people? Maybe you have, but committing to an uncertain period of learning put you off and you want something focused If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the event for you.

The course will run as follows:

  1. Basic salsa and cross body lead (this lesson is free; you can pay for the course after this lesson once you know you want to do it)

  2. Under arm turn and musicality (timing)

  3. Hip roll and freestyling with combinations

  4. Pass off and musicality (expression)

  5. Easy salsa dip and more freestyling

At the end of the 5 lessons you will have learned 6 figures that you can dance in combination. Also, after each beginner lesson there is half an hour of social dancing before the improver class (6:45 to 7:15). The class is for you to practice what you have learned with others so you can hone your dance skills.

This will make you ready for a social night at one of Melbourne's salsa events.

The Hawthorn Salsa group goes to social events on a regular basis, and you can come to any one you wish. That means that the course will finish off with you attending a real-life salsa event and you being an active part of it. You will be one of Melbourne's salsa dancers and a part of the salsa community. Much like what you see in the image below, which was taken at a Melbourne salsa night.

salsa in melbourne

The salsa community is diverse and welcoming. Even if you only are a part of it on rare occasions, you will still feel welcomed and enjoy yourself.

If that's what you want to do, then buy your tickets below now.

Still got some questions?


Who/wht is Hawthorn Salsa?

You can read more about the organiser here.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, everyone switches dance partners frequently while learning and there will be social practice. Thus, if there is a shortage and someone has to dance alone, then it will not be for long.

Can I dance with my partner only?

Yes, this is not uncommon. Just let Clint (the instructor) know so that your desires can be accommodated.

I have never danced and don't have any rhythm: is this still for me?

There will be a focus on beginners so no matter your level, we will get you dancing.

Why the odd timing (a 45 minutes class)?

This is about the time it takes to learn a figure. Then when you have the 30 minutes to dance socially afterward, you have done a fair bit of dancing. This also makes room for the improver class on the same night.

How well will I be able to dance at the end of this course?

The focus of the course is on getting you to a stage that you can attend a social dance event. You will be able to dance socially. Probably not win a dance sport competition, but if people ask you if you can dance salsa, then you can answer 'Yes!'

Will I need to practice in my own time?

It is a good idea. If you want to feel like a capable dancer, then you need about 20 hours of practice. There will be 10 hours of practice in the course. If you then do just half an hour a night 4 times after each lesson, then you will have accumulated your 20 hours before we go to the social event.

What kind of salsa do you teach; is it proper salsa?

The word 'salsa' means 'sauce'. That's because it is a mix of things and a little spicy. Because it is a mix, salsa does not have hard rules and there are many types. The style taught will be on the 1 count, which makes it more like LA salsa, and it will focus more on smoother moves, which makes it more like Cuban salsa. However, once you know the basics, you will be able to dance other styles too. Clint, the instructor, has danced in Australia, Japan, New York, China, the west coast of the US and Hong Kong. You will be able to dance in these places too if you happen to be there.

How good is the instructor?

Clint has been dancing for 10 years, has also worked as an educator as well as writing on the topic of dance and is a member of the Australian Dancing Society (ADS). He knows what makes dance work and how different people learn differently and need help in different ways to become better dancers.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is a bus stop near the campus for the 624 and plenty of parking on site and around the area.

What can I bring into the event?

Ideally you want to wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in.

Shoes that are easy to move in are good too. We are beginners so function and comfort are key. If you happen to dace dance shoes, then perfect. Otherwise, regular office shoes are fine for men or even runners. Women usually dance in heels so it is wise to wear these so you’re learn in the shoes you will dance in. However, do not wear heels that do not feel comfortable because they are too high - safety is most important. A good guide is 6cm or around 2.5inches to start with. Also, opt for lighter shoes - boots will be tricky.

If you feel you might work up a sweat, then it is considered polite to bring a towel to dry yourself with.

Finally, bring a sense of fun and a desire to have fun while learning.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Certainly, contact details can be found on the Hawthorn Salsa website

What's the refund policy?

The first class is free so you need not pay if you do not want to continue. Also, if you are simply not happy with the course, then you can get a refund.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

I will have records, but by all means bring it if you want to have a record with you. Details on your phone are just as good.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes. Email the organiser if you have troubles doing this.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferable?

Yes. If you do want someone else to go in your place, then please let the organiser know so that this can be noted.

Can I use what I learn to dance in other places; what if I do not want to go to a salsa event?

You can dance salsa to other music. That means if you are out and there is music playing, but it is not salsa, then you can still dance it.

Will I get to practice what I learn or is it all just learning?

Each lesson will finish with social dancing for practice and there will be time multiple times to practice (which is an important part of learning) what we cover during the lesson.

Do I need to dance with people I am partnered with?
You will never be forced to dance with someone. You can opt to not dance for a period if you feel uncomfortable at that time. However, you also need to accept that people might choose to opt out of dancing with you. If that happens, then do not worry; partners are swapped frequently so you will never be 'stuck' with anyone. However, it is asked that you try to dance with anyone you are partnered with. Everyone is asked to be open and accepting of others in the class so that we can all learn together.

What do I do if there is someone or something making me feel uncomfortable?
​This is an understandable situation. Something makes you feel uneasy, but you do not want to mention it in case you hurt someone's feelings. If there is something that you feel uncomfortable with, then you can message the instructor between class for them to deal with prior to the next class.

Yes! I want to learn Salsa!

Sound good so far? Then get your tickets for this course now before they are all sold out.

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Date and Time


The University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus (The Drama Room)

442 Auburn Road

Hawthorn, VIC 3122


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