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Beginner Olympic Lifting Clinic

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CrossFit Rappahannock

20 Synan Road


Fredericksburg, VA 22405

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On Saturday, July 8th, National Level USA Weightlifting Coach John Filippini will be coming to CrossFit Rappahannock to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the entirety of both lifts, from ground to overhead. An experienced and specialized coach can be one of the fastest ways to jumpstart your progress in the Olympic lifts, as well as to make sure that you are exposed to and fully understand correct technique - right from the beginning.

Skills + Mobility + Strength = Increased Performance

Many folks focus on strength first, and while this is a primary part of the equation, it is ultimately simple. Put in the work on a consistent basis, and +1 Strength is in your future. No one can do this work for you, but results are guaranteed.

In the Olympic lifts, there's more going on than just general strength however, and many folks get lost on the way.

A solid foundation of skills, and a plan for correcting mobility and strength deficiencies are critical to success.

In this course, we’ll break down the Clean & Jerk and Snatch into specific lessons, each focusing on the mobility and drills necessary to master that portion of the lift.

  1. The Power Jerk

    1. Rack position mobility

    2. Leg drive

    3. Speed under the bar

  2. The Split Position

    1. Split position mobility

    2. Split position consistency

    3. Split position stability

  3. The Overhead Squat

    1. Shoulder alignment

    2. Core alignment

    3. Ankle & hip mobility

  4. Using the Arms in the Clean & Snatch

    1. Say whaat…? You’ll just have to come to find out.

    2. Mobility of the rotator cuff

  5. Using the Hips in the Clean & Snatch

    1. No compromises - learn to be aggressive here, even in the heaviest lifts

    2. Mobility of the deep hips

  6. Using the Legs in the Clean & Snatch

    1. Precision and strength in all phases of the lift

    2. Hamstring & calf mobility

  7. Putting It All Together

    1. Time to apply the day's lessons

    2. Lift heavy

    3. Find your weak spots

    4. Learn from them

Schedule: We will cover the Clean & Jerk from 8am-12pm, take an hour break for lunch, and cover the Snatch from 1pm-5pm.

We will lift heavy by the end of the day, and folks have hit new PRs during this course, but that's just an extra bonus.

We guarantee that you will leave here knowing exactly which pieces of mobility, stability, and technique training you need to focus on in order to improve your lifts in the coming weeks or months following this class!

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Date and Time


CrossFit Rappahannock

20 Synan Road


Fredericksburg, VA 22405

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