Becoming an Effective Supervisor - 1 Day Training Event

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Perth CBD - State Library of Western Australia

25 Francis St

Perth, WA 6000


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At LAST...

Becoming an Effective Supervisor - 1 Day Training Event | Limited Numbers.

According to Hayes Consulting around 70% of employee engagement is determined by the person’s immediate supervisor or manager. Other surveys convey similar results:

* Gallup data shows 30% of employees “engaged.”
* Towers Watson data shows 35% “highly engaged.”
* Dale Carnegie data shows 29% “fully engaged.”

These in fact were all large studies; the Gallup survey includes more than 350,000 respondents and the Towers Watson survey includes more than 32,000.No matter how you slice the data, the consistent message is that around 60% or 70% of employees are simply not working as hard as they could be. Let’s take some more examples.

A study of 1,000 full-time workers commissioned by the online recruitment firm Headhunter found that 78% would take a new position if the right opportunity came along, and 48% of those who are employed are looking for new jobs. THE DATA NEVER CHANGES...

Gallup, Towers and Carnegie all put the reason of "leaving due to a poor supervisor or manager" high on the list, as does HMC.

The results of over 1,000 interviews of executives conducted by HMC, a U.K research firm revealed dissatisfaction with the immediate supervisor is the top reason that staff leaves.

And all this this comes with massive expense and frustration to business owners, shareholders HR, and managers. Oh and dont forget the employees that have to run to a new job and hopefully find a competent superviso

But let it be known....supervisors have a wide range of tasks, responsibilities and outputs and performing this role can be a tough gig. Many supervisors are promoted for technical ability but have never had to supervise or manage a team. Between managing your time and projects, helping team members solve problems and complete tasks, and helping others - can fill up your day before you know it. Understanding the daily challenges of this role and some key communication tips can help you quickly become an effective supervisor and develop respect within your team and from your management.

At last a solution...

Come and join me on this 1 day LIMITED NUMBERS workshop that is aimed at helping supervisors become more efficient and effective and arming them with key information on key supervisor and management tasks including setting priorities, workplace communication, clarifying expectations, developing confidence, team building, delegating, problem solving, time managing, adaptability, goal setting, providing feedback, resolving conflict, motivation, change, leadership and whole lot of other valuable and timely information and take always all geared to redunce these failing statistics. Participants will also.. .

* Learn the truth to what causes staff turnover and poor retention and what the big players (i.e. Richard Branson and others) say about managing agreements and people,

* Discover the difference between a negative strategy and a positive strategy and amazingly we prove with statistics, that most business owners, managers and supervisors use negative strategies. This sounds crazy but it’s true. Learn to use positive strategies not the negative strategies.

* Finally discover the KEY PRIORITIES of leadership setting you up for success,

* Learn the secret behind the question “Can you really manage people?” and see an immediate improvement in your supervisor ability.

* “Transparency” - the latest strategy and buzz word that could ruin your career faster than a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird with a supersonic speed of Mach 3.5,

* Learn the amazing yet simple people motivating strategy and exactly what you need to do when you see this in order to create productive, motivated & loyal staff.

* Discover how to easily tackle that employee feedback task so as to increase moral and productivity and decrease staff turnover,

* Learn the “HOW” in keeping employees informed and why this is a winning strategy used to skyrocket morale and productivity. BUT - Get it wrong and you will wish you had never started a career in supervision,

* Be exposed to the latest Australian industrial relation laws. Many managers are not aware of this and further do not understand the impact that this topic area has on leadership decisions. We reveal the key areas that impact and show you why a supervisor must be aware of these areas or later face big fines from industrial courts or worse, a public profile that you and your Company will surely regret.

* Many see fear handling difficult people. Learn how to see this as a challenge and an opportunity for you to develop you’re planning, flexibility, patience, assertiveness, authoritativeness, self confidence, and active listening skills – and further your team

* Develop the skills to jointly and collaboratively establish SMART goals and agree upon objective standards with your team members and focus upon both the needs of the organization and the needs of the people.

* Learn specific steps to ensure feedback is effective and leads to committed future performance and achievement

* Discover how to resolve an argument the easy way. This one simple but effective strategy will stop grievances in there “tracks”

* Discover how supervisors discourage employees from working harder and why your employer does not want you to be one of these,

* Learn how to create and establish an atmosphere of open communication, and some very specific active listening skills.

* We are continually amazed at the number of people who are not sure what working smart really is. Working smart is considered by most to be “using your head”. Well you “use your head” watching television advertisements but is that really working smart? We deliver to you the true facts behind this myth and give you the tools to start “working smart” immediately.

* Learn how to capitalize upon complaints, how to effectively deal with them, and to look forward to the opportunity to deal with the issues which often cause complaints and present great opportunity for growth.

* Learn that change is a constant like death and taxes and as a supervisor, one begins to become a change agent. There is one BIG skill always overlooked when communicating change and its revealed with no holding back,

* Learn key lessons on how to mitigate common financial risks as we explore some recent case law delivering some key and timely learning’s in the supervision and management space.

* Leadership Myths exposed and facts delivered and not what you read about or hear about from many so called experts. This may even offend those that haven’t spent much time in the workplace. But why not at least try to understand highly likely reality as opposed to imagining how reality should be - and then being let down over and over again throughout your career.

* And so much more…

In fact, I will be standing down the guards on this one so you will be getting unguarded tried, true and tested information specific to this topic. If you are a “People Manager Lemon” then this course will keep you high on the tree instead of getting "cut up" and squeezed for every drop of energy, sympathy, empathy, fulfillment, happiness and laughter you currently have to give - but all taken by your complex team.

Participants will get to practice many methods and receive detailed course material for study and reference and a certificate at attendance completion.

Numbers are limited so take action NOW!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, and believe the course is unsatisfactory then let us know before lunch time on the course training day and we will issue you a refund or arrange a FREE attendance at a future Value Add Human resources traininig event. .

Audience and Particulars

  • Audience: Supervisors, new managers, team leaders and/or anyone wishing to improve in areas stated above

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Course Duration: 1 Day

  • Course Level: Intermediate

  • Morning and afternoon tea supplied

Trainer and Presenter:

Paul Marshall is an International Author, a certified HR professional, corporate trainer and a trusted business partner with commercial awareness and extensive expertise in people capabilities. With the ability to add value fast to business objectives and company growth strategies,

See my books on this subject:

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Course Cancellation and Substitution

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  • Less than 1 working day notice: The full cost of the course will be charged.

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Name Substitution

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Questions or further information can be attained here:

Value Add Human Resources

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Perth CBD - State Library of Western Australia

25 Francis St

Perth, WA 6000


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