Become a Powerful Presenter Earning a Six-Figure Income

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Present Powerfully

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The Proven Way to Become Confident Presenting From Stage

(Easily Earn $100K or More in the Next 12 Months)

Get your FREE Ticket to this exclusive 2-Day Coaching Coursewith Matt Catling, Master Presenter and Australia's Renowned Performance Trainer.

Become an Influential Communicator Who Can Effortlessly Turn Audience Responses From a “No” or “Maybe” to a Resounding “YES”

Do you wish you could positively influence people every time you communicate, but are lacking in confidence and skills?

Whether you dream of becoming a financially free multi-millionaire professional speaker, the top performer in your job......or just want to communicate so people immediately “get” what you say and respond the way you want them to….

At Live It Now you’ll discover how to achieve life-altering breakthroughs you need to take your communication skills to a whole new level AND influence people in ways you’ve never done before.

At the end of the two days you will know how to:

  • Use Neuro Linguistic Programming to banish limiting beliefs
  • Communicate in a way that ensures people listen and act in accordance with what you say
  • Consistently follow-through on your “to-do” list using the ‘5 Steps to Rapid Change
  • Release unconscious fears
  • Develop unshakable confidence
  • Gain clarity and new insights into discovering your purpose and passion
  • Learn how to create your future now

Who Is This Event For?

Coaches Seeking to Get Their Message Heard: Experts in their field looking to make a difference in people’s lives and be handsomely rewarded in the process

Upwardly Mobile Professionals: Career focused executives and managers seeking to communicate effectively to influence positive outcomes

Business Owners: Small and Medium business owners who want to overcome communication barriers and drive extraordinary results, both financially and personally

This isn’t JUST another public speaking course...

It’s what will help you achieve the greatest personal transformation in your ability to influence others.

Here are the Tools and Techniques You’ll Walk Away Knowing In Just Two Days

Day 1 – Preparation Day

  • Uncover personality types and how to communicate with anyone with confidence
  • Advanced communication techniques to make an impact in every relationship
  • Learn the mechanics of your unconscious mind, and understand exactly why you do what you do
  • The truth about sabotage & procrastination
  • The 5 Steps to Rapid Change – The science of follow through
  • Breakthrough limitations that are holding you back

Day 2 – Transformation Day

  • Release unconscious fears
  • Reconnect to your purpose
  • Create a blueprint for your future
  • Installing your future vision into your unconscious mind
  • Discover your power
  • Transform your being
  • Create a positive world that starts with you

How to Become an Influential Communicator Who Inspires Positive Action

Event Dates:

  • September 28-29, 2019 @ 8:30am - Venue: 54 McLaren St, North Sydney NSW 2060
  • October 26-27, 2019 @ 8:30am - Venue: 1 Oxford St, Surry Hills

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