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Country Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport North

1365 Hardin Ave

Event Starts 8:00am Ends 5:00pm Both Days

East Point, GA 30344

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Have you thought about sharing your message with an audience and getting paid in the process, if yes you are in the right place.

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​MAKE AN EXTRA $1000 - $5000


(Additional Details below)

Date: December 12, 2019

Dear Fellow Speaker / Future Super Star Speaker:

This is Eric Anderson Speaker, & Author of the best selling books the Ultimate Passionpreneur and The Magic of Attitude. Perhaps you have seen one of my interviews on NBC, FOX, CNN & CBS television programs.

I’m here to tell you about my 2 Day Live Event Speaking for Newbies happening ​April 4 & 5 2020 this is a Saturday and Sunday. If you’re already making $150,000.00 or more as a Keynote Speaker from just the fee’s clients give you to speak at their events then you can stop reading right now and do something else.

​BUT if you are new to THE BUSINESS OF SPEAKING and HOW TO GET PAID KEYNOTE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS you are in for a treat because I specialize in showing people like you the kind of speaking where you don't have to get on stage and sell anything.

Here is how it works.

Your client heavily promotes you before, during, AND after their event.

Next the client pays for your travel to their conference, and they put you up in a great hotel.

You arrive to an audience excited and eager to receive your message.

The introductions are made.

You talk for 45-60 minutes, the audience applauds.

And you get a NICE SIZE CHECK for the experience.

And then you do it again the next day or even the same day.

I once did three keynote speeches in three states in a 26 hour period. If this type of speaking that interest you then keep reading because I have something Amazing for you.

Get ready up for an exclusive super-seminar that Guarantees to finally tell the truth and reveal the secrets to earning an extra $1000 - $5000 and MORE for a keynote speech all while working less then one hour on stage on the days you decide to speak.




Reason One: I’m one of you. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how to get people to call me eagerly ready to bring me in as a keynote speaker for their events and conferences. After tons of trial and error I finally cracked the code and started traveling the country averaging 186 engagements each year. Because of family I choose not to travel like that anymore and today so my schedule is far less hectic doing between five and seven keynote speeches every month. Using the system I created I know how to get paid keynote speaking engagements and more importantly I know how to get you as many paid keynote speaking engagements as you can do. Perhaps you only want a couple per month or maybe much more the system works regardless. And you NEVER have to sell anything on stage.

Reason Two: For the past 12 years I’ve helped other speakers better understand how to get booked at conferences and have total confidence in their abilities to get the types of keynote speaking engagements they want. I did not just show up on the scene claiming to be an expert. This is what I have done and STILL DO and LOVE every moment of it. The picture of the check to the right was a 50% deposit for a keynote speech.

(I forgot to mention you get paid in advance) My total speaking fee was $13,069.00. for a 55 minute talk. For some engagements my speaking fee is lower and others my speaking fee is higher. The point is this is how I feed my family. Obviously there are speakers that make much more then myself. I just want you to understand there are tons of events YOU can speak at and generate similar results and potentially BETTER RESULTS.

Reason Three: I have results-based testimonials from my students I've helped to do this. These are real results that other speakers like you have gotten using my process for getting keynote speaking gigs. You’ll hear from some of my clients in just a minute. I also have a couple of speakers I have personally worked with and helped get FANTASTIC RESULTS but for some reason they don’t want anybody else to know I'm their secret weapon. It’s all good their secret is safe with me. LOL


While standing on stage and getting paid very well to do so then you will want to read every single word that follows and take action on the opportunity offered because it's incredible and I'm not sure has EVER been done before exactly as I'm doing this for you.

Still Reading!

​Fantastic, this means you are very serious about jump starting your keynote speaking career out of the gate then I will not disappoint you. If you are a brand-new speaker this will be your greatest opportunity to start out on the right foot while getting PAID VERY WELL!

Making a Super-Fantastic living as a speaker is actually very simple. Finding all the information that allows you to succeed is what takes so long. Through my 26 years of in the trenches experience I have done all of the homework for you and I will present it to you on a Silver Platter with all the trimmings.

Understand that this is a Kings Feast so you better bring a huge knife and fork and while you’re at it bring some friends to help you digest everything I have planned for you, I have to share with you on building your keynote speaking business.



The different types of speaking businesses and why keynote speaking requires the least effort on your part.

If you’re a business owner, doctor, lawyer, consultant keynote speaking can be the easiest way to create instant credibility and celebrity all while getting paid to do so. Imagine getting PAID to advertise your business.

Why speaking is one of the best ways to dramatically increase your income as an author / expert with or without a book.

Discover the truth about the Speaking Business work from A – Z

Why you can Teach Anybody just about Any Subject

Learn why What Happens before you get on stage is just as important as what take place on the stage assuming you want to get Paid the Big Dollar $$$!

Did you know many authors make 90% or more of their incomes from speaking and less than 10% from book sales?

Regardless of who you are or what you do for a living. I don't care how old or young you are, you are missing thousands of dollars per month that is yours for the asking. I will show you how to get this extra income each month.

Learn how to choose Your Ultimate Topic

Discover the secret to making your words music to your audience's ears

Learn how To Create A Product that will give you and 100% to 500% return on Investment. (This is all legal)

What Qualifies You to Speak, Coach, write a Book or Consult? I will give you the answer. This will make all the difference.

How to avoid the 7 Deadly Mistakes of Amateur & Professional Speakers If you make anyone of these mistakes your dead in the water.

Learn the Secret Psychology of Speaking from the Stage that gets you paid!

Discover the Key Ingredient if missed will have you Leaving Lots of $$$$$ of the table.

Identify your #1 Objective is as a Speaker there is only one.

I will reveal the 5 Big Mindset Shifts that move you from the Little Money to the BIG MONEY!


I will give you a moment to digest everything you will leave during our first course.

Here is something to think about for a second.

I have heard the endless number of stories of “Famous Entertainers” that end up dead broke. Many of these entertainers are forced to work in venues they really don’t like but they continue to work these venues in order to survive and hold onto that little bit of fame they used to have. The list is long and legendary and to be very honest SAD!

This is also true of many well-known Speakers. The only difference is they are less famous so no attention is ever brought to the issue.

This happens for one reason and one reason only; they don’t understand that this is a Business. And here is a Big Little Secret the Real Money is always made in understanding the business.



The secret to getting four times the amount of money you make per engagement, and how to do it on your very next phone call with a client.

How to get $5000.00 for a particular type of youth speaking event. I’m not joking.

How to get your clients to prepay for services 8 out of 10 times.

How to get the check cut, delivered and in your bank account in less then 10 days Guaranteed!

41 words that you can leave on your potential client’s voice message, email, and cover letter or fax that will book shows almost instantly. This is a powerhouse!

One simple technique that when applied will have people excited before you even take the stage.

How to put together your promo video so you become the only logical choice. I suspect when you here this information you will change your entire video.

Why a little BS will book more shows then no BS at all. This is not the BS you think I’m talking about.

I will teach you how to book a speaking engagement in less the seven days.

The first question you must answer for every single client – Answer this question and the vault opens. If you don’t it’s like pulling teeth trying to get booked. I will give you the answer.

How to use FREE PUBLICITY to get featured on television. I have seen speakers pay publicists large amounts of money to get them featured on television, and here is what I learned, it’s easier to do it yourself with much better results. More importantly I will teach you what to do with the publicity once you receive it. And you will get it when you follow my simple system.

I will teach you in detail the complete 1320 Campaign – this is a simple system to keep the phone ringing with people interested in paying you as a speaker for their events.. Everyone I teach this too is blown away by its effectiveness and simplicity.

How to put together the perfect Promotional Reel. I have only seen a few speakers do this correctly. This is completely counter intuitive to what is being taught in the business and it’s the most powerful way to put your reel together to book the most events possible.

The secret truth about working with agents, managers and speaking bureaus.

Learn the number one idea that everyone is taught in the speaking business and it subconsciously sets you up for failure. If you change this thought process you change everything.

Do you realize you’re letting massive amounts of profit slip through your hands and you don’t even realize it? I will teach you the most important asset you will ever own as a speaker. Guess what it’s not your talent as a speaker!

One client called me 22 times in a dingle year to come to his events. Because of a full schedule only 14 of those dates made it on the calendar. Trust me this makes your job as a marketer a lot easier. My Speaking for Newbies 2 Day LIVE Experience will teach you how to create this same type of dedication with your own clients.

How to tap into the Super Profitable but secret world of Corporate Speaking – here is a little secret. Corporations spend BIG DOLLARS on speakers for their events. Example - one of my clients told me what they actually paid Jay Leno to speak and crack a few jokes at their event. Take a wild guess what they paid him? Think about it for a second. Here it is! He was paid three hundred thousand dollars for 2 hours at this event. Yes, you read that correctly, three hundred thousand dollars, and here is the killer I heard he does over one hundred of these events each year. Do the math on that one. Naturally I’m not saying you can get three hundred thousand for two hours but you can easily get a corporation to pay you 1% percent of that which is $3000.00 for your talents. Now what if you did that just twice a week. Very doable! Better yet let’s say you only did a half of 1 percent of what Jay Leno was paid. That’s $1500.00 dollars. If you did it twice a week that’s $12,000 per month speaking in front of corporate audiences on the lowest level imaginable. Trust me when I say you can get corporations to pay you a whole lot more the $3000.00. I will explain how to do it.

And so much more will be revealed.

That is just an appetizer to It your appetite with what you’re going to learn during my Speaking for Newbie’s 2-Day Experience.

Right now I’m sure your wondering what your investment will be for all of this transformational secret information.

​First off remember the dates are April 4 & 5, 2020 this is a Saturday and Sunday.

I have two options for you, pay attention this is important.

First option - the Investment is $1997.00 to attend for the two days.

Hold on to your seats.

Second option - I’m gifting you a Scholarship TO ATTEND. Yes you read that correctly. I'm Gifting you a Scholarship to attend Speaking For Newbies 2 Day Experience.

What does this mean to you it's FREE to attend If you reserve your right now while Scholarship Seating is still available. The investment for this one time only exclusive event is going to increase - Read the next paragraph very carefully.




​You might be asking why on earth would I be willing to give you the option to choose to invest the $1997.00 for a ticket to the event or allow you to take advantage of Scholarship Seating.

Here’s your answer TRUST

I have attended events only to realize the host misrepresented what the event was all about. When I arrived all the speakers spent the entire time trying to sell me something.

For my event I want you to leave your credit cards and checks at home because I have NOTHING TO SELL YOU AND I'M THE ONLY SPEAKER AT THE EVENT.

The people reading this and know my verifiable track record will make the investment because they know what I deliver. For them it's a no brainier.

It's important you understand you are under ZERO obligation if you take advantage of the Scholarship Seating.

​So here is your next step. Click the button below that's right for you while it’s fresh on your mind.


​​Eric Anderson

Cant Wait To Benefit You

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Date and Time


Country Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport North

1365 Hardin Ave

Event Starts 8:00am Ends 5:00pm Both Days

East Point, GA 30344

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