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Welcome to the Women of Vision and Destiny, Inc.!

"As one piece of iron sharpens another, so friends keep each other sharp. " Proverbs 27:17

"I give my life so that I can get it back again." John 20:17

We are the Dream Team of women who are creating a brand new company to empower today's Christian woman. We are international movers and shakers. We lead businesses, ministries and corporations. We are housewives, mothers, single parents, doctors, lawyers, and ordinary women performing supernatural achievements.

We are using our God-inspired brilliance to impact the lives of 3.7 billion women across the globe capitalizing on 17 years of ultra-premium service to more than 350,000 women and teen girls. We have hosted over 250 women's events including the Christian Women’s Leadership Summit and Global Leadership Summit for Women.

We are designing our ten year vision, known as Vision 2025, to create a unified, ultra-premium, high performance company that touches all aspects of a woman's life for woman across the globe and build centers in cities.

Our educational leadership center is known as WOVDU-the University of Life for Women.

WOVDU speaks to the hearts & minds of the 21st century woman. Women are seeking spiritual guidance on issues relating to being a Christian Woman in the home, workforce, marriage, relationships, financial matters and spiritual enrichment and development.

We launched our proprietary new study, The Soul of the Christian Woman to gain insights on the Christian Women across the globe so that we can create innovative, cutting edge programs to benefit her.

Our vision is huge and has ultra-premium budgets to execute it in the spirit of excellence. We plan to fund a full time office center with staff to meet the needs of an active, progressive company.

We are launching our U.S. Expansion into 50 states and 7 continents. We launched our Certification in Women's Ministry in partnership with the American Association of Christian Counselors to empower over 1,000 women to become leader's in Women's Ministry.

We launched our new Technology and Digital expansion via websites and systems to propel our company into the forefront of women's educational centers with book and magazine publishing, International Christian Women's Conference (ICWC), international webinars, internet campus, and International Meet,Mingle and Mentor Days, and introducing Women of Vision & Destiny Ministries Thursdays.

We are launching a new branding and public relations campaign to generate awareness and visibility for our vison and strategic efforts of empowering women for leadership.

We are training our teams to be on the cutting edge by attending world-class conferences (e.g. United Nations) and Christian education training.

Our goal is to reach 1,000 members by 2020 to take Christ's passion for women to the nations.

We have annual partnership levels to fund the Women of Vision and Destiny, Inc. Vision 2025. Each level has its wonderful benefits to empower you.


Exclusive Access to annual WOVD/Rich Gurlz Luxury Bizness SPA Retreat**

Exclusive access to WOVD Executive Board Member gatherings worldwide

WOVD Bling Tee

Opportunity to advertise in PowerCircle Magazine

WOVD Membership Card

WOVD Executive Bag

10% Discount on WOVD items in WOVD Boutique

Private Facebook Community Page

WOVD Global Conference Call

WOVD Ezine

Preferred seating at WOVD events


WOVD Membership Card

WOVD Executive Bag

WOVD Ezine

Exclusive access to WOVD Executive Board Member Gatherings Worldwide.


WOVD Membership Card

WOVD Ezine


WOVD Membership Card

WOVD Ezine

PINK DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP (College Students)-$50

WOVD Membership Card

WOVD Meet, Mentor, and Mingle Conference Call with WOVD President’s Leadership Council Member

WOVD Ezine

PEARL MEMBERSHIP (High School Teens 13-17) - $25

WOVD Membership Card

WOVD Meet, Mentor, and Mingle Conference Call with WOVD President’s Leadership Council Member

WOVD Ezine

We are eternally grateful for your support!

L. Renee Richardson, Founder & CEO

U.S. Headquarters

Chicago, IL

Membership levels are annual and benefits are subject to change.

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