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Athlone Springs Hotel




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I’ll be hosting this event in order to educate people in ways to make money outside of the mundane 9-5 job, through Innovation and Integration we can all create a better way to live life and earn a full-time income part time.

We will showcase how you can create time freedom by making extra money, without working all the extra hours associated with a traditional job.

Too much month at the end of the money?
The average Irish household has just over €300 per month to live on after utilities.
Working long hours and overtime with no real prospects leads to stress and frustration, not to mention loss of family time and holidays.
Are you sick and tired of working all the hours in the day for a future pitiful pension.

I to, like you wished there was a better way, an easier way, that I could have a residual income every month allowing me time freedom.

I wanted to decide when and where I worked, how many hours and who with.

I decided to map my own future and take control, make it full of positivity, fun and potential.

Can you relate…?

That was me and I decided to fulfil my potential and pursue my dreams.
I have quickly turned a part time business into one of the fastest growing teams in Ireland yielding a full-time wage without the overheads or stresses of full time work.
Working my own hours with the added bonus of business mentorship from Ireland's top earners in Network Marketing, all achieved working from my mobile phone and networking.

Why is this for You?

· You can build it alongside your current job

· Work globally with your mobile phone

· €60 start-up costs and low risk with no stock or cash investment

· Your new franchise contains your personal website and virtual office

· The company provide the quality product plus proven business model, marketing, branding and also full training with self-development

· Your business partner has a vested interest to help you make it work

· Earn while you learn and develop alongside professional driven entrepreneurs

· The potential to earn over €100,000 in bonuses

· No company targets or sales

· No experience required

· No necessary skills

· You must be teachable and have an interest in your future and that of your families

Is this a new concept??

No, It’s a four year career plan, a business model worth considering!

· There are 96.2 million people worldwide who participate at some level in this concept

· Over 475,000 people worldwide are joining a network marking company every WEEK, people who never thought they would, time changes, people change.
· $178.5 BILLION worth of goods and services are sold worldwide each year in this industry

· Our company is over 40 years in business and is held in the highest regard globally

Those who are closed to change and innovation will comment-

· It’s illegal - false

· It’s a pyramid scheme - false

· Those at the top get all the money – false

· You must be in the right place at the right time - false/ You are always in the right place at the right time

· You need a large network and be popular on social media - false

Network Marketing works and has worked to build extra to extra ordinary individual wealth, for more than 60 years.
Some of the smartest people in the world are taking advantage of it:
Jeff Roberti $85 million in earnings

If you would rather work endless hours for a lifetime with no future income this is not for you.

This is a Business, will you have to put some work in, yes. It is not a get rich quick scheme.

It provides an opportunity to create financial freedom which in turn leads to time freedom allowing us to take the kids on holidays, enjoy weekend city breaks, afford the family car and generally live a life of freedom.

I work with top mentors from diverse backgrounds, real people with a real passion for others achieving.
Let me share with you this opportunity and put your plan in place to secure your future.

I hope to see you at the event!

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Date and Time


Athlone Springs Hotel




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