Be The Best You-Richmond Road Medical Centre's FREE Online Virtual Retreat!

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Be The Best You-Richmond Road Medical Centre's FREE Online Virtual Retreat!

Be The Best You Coming Out of Lockdown with Richmond Road Medical Centre -FREE online Virtual Retreat 24th Nov - 10th Dec Yoga + much more!


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November 24, 2020 · 11:15am - December 10, 2020 · 12pm PST



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Be The Best You Coming Out Of Lockdown

This Zoom link will get you in to all the sessions for ease, so add it to your diary and come join us

Are you feeling Stressed? demotivated? up for making a behaviour change? If YES, then we can help! Join us at Richmond Road Medical Centre for a FREE online Virtual Retreat from 24th November - 10th December..

We'll teach you new skills in a no nonsense way across a range of practices such as, Yoga, meditation, Breathing, Sound + how to use them in new routine that you'll love sticking to.

How To Join Us & Session Dates & Times:

Joining couldn't be easier, simply pick as many of the sessions you want to join, we recommend doing all for that retreat feeling but doing any will be truly beneficial. We'll then send you the links to each event and a reminder.

This Zoom link will get you in to all the sessions for ease, so add it to your diary and come join us

  • Tue 24-Nov 19.15 Revitalising yoga flow with mindful meditation
  • Thu 26-Nov 19.00 De-stress with Transformational Breathing
  • Tue 1-Dec 19.15 Energising fitness class and intention setting
  • Thu 3-Dec 19.00 Calming yoga stretch with guided meditation
  • Thu 10-Dec 19.00 Deep relaxation with sound

Online self-service (25 mins) Build-a-habit behaviour change after the sessions(link will be sent)

What to expect:

Richmond Road Medical Centre have teamed up with Reworked to bring you a unique 6 session retreat across 3 weeks.

We're lucky to have some of the countries leading talent across Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation, Sound and fitness, they have a whopping 10,000 hours teaching between them!

The sessions:

Yoga & meditation

Lead: Liz Joy Oakley

Liz Joy Oakley is a holistic wellbeing coach & specialises in teaching Yoga therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety. DescriptionHatha is a traditional and time honoured Yoga practise which can help to create balance and unity in the physical body whilst calming the nervous system by connecting you back to your breath. Our Hatha Flow to Meditation class is the perfect way to start your day the mindful way. Liz will guide you through a sequence designed to help you let go of tension in the body, improve flexibility and calm the busy fluctuations of the mind by creating space for self-care. We’ll close with a guided meditation practice to help you de-stress, leaving you feeling focused & fresh for the week ahead.


• This class is suitable for all levels and options will be available for total beginners to more experienced yogis.

• Equipment: Yoga mat, and you may like a blanket to use during the relaxation phase at the end so not to get cold• Please let Liz know of any injuries or special needs when you join the class. • Personal cameras can be on or off.

Mindful fitnessLead: Jordan Jack Turner

Jordan is an international mind and body transformation specialist who has coached and mentored CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes and corporate clients. His priority is to inspire people from all walks of like to achieve a healthy mind and body by regaining their power and realising their true potential. Description

Let’s get fit physically and mentally in a revitalising workout class that combines multiple elements of health and fitness ensuring you get maximal benefits and value for your time. Learn how to build a positive relationship with exercise whilst participating at your own pace in a full body workout that can be sustained in your everyday life.


• 5 min - Intro to explain the focus and setting intention for the class

• 10 min - Gentle warm up

• 25 min - Workout

• 10 min - Cool down and stretch

• 5 min - Cultivating the energy created in the workout and directing it towards the day based on the intention set at the beginning.

• 5 min - To give tips and tricks and potentially answer 1 or 2 questions if time permits.


• Suited For All Levels

• Clothing that they feel comfortable to move in

• Yoga matt or soft area that you feel comfortable to kneel / lay on, bottle of water.

• Personal cameras can be on or off

Rejuvenate with Sound

Lead: Kate Stewart

Kate is Reiki and Sound Practitioner working with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Her mission is to help others find peace and balance within their lives and support them on their journey into Sound Healing.


A Sound Bath is a meditative acoustic experience created by the player with the intention of guiding the audience into an explorative inner world through sound and bringing them to a more relaxed and peaceful state.Some of the benefits include a reduction of stress and anxiety, strengthening of the immune system, improved sleep, a calmer and more peaceful state of being, tension release, clearing blocked energy and rebalancing the chakras.

Breakdown of session

• Kate will start the session by checking in with everyone and sharing a little bit more about how the singing bowls work and what you might feel or experience throughout the session.

• As the receiver all you need to do is get comfortable and witness the sounds and sensations as they occur. After around 10-12mins the body and mind will start to relax and you may fall into a meditative state or restful sleep.

• After Kate finishes playing the Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls after around 40mins, there will be a period of silence between 5-10mins where the body can rest in the stillness and absorb the benefits of these vibrations. Kate will slowly and gently bring you back to your space where you will feel comfortable to open your eyes again.

• There will be time at the end to ask questions about the practice.

Setting your space

• You'll want to find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed. Lying on a yoga mat, bed or sofa is fine. Or seated in a chair if you prefer to stay seated.

• If you want to go inwards I'd recommend covering your eyes with an eye mask or scarf

• Headphones are best for sound quality, if not then make sure you're connected to a decent speaker

• Wear comfortable loose clothing and have blanket or something to keep you nice and warm - it is common for your body temperature to drop during a sound bath

• Phones off so you won't be disturbed!

  • Transformational Breath

Transformational Breathing:

Lead - Philippa Wilkin

Philippa is a Certified Transformational Breath ® Facilitator. She truly believes that the greatest gift you can give yourself is to experience the beauty of your own breath.


Breathwork offers a fast and practical way to return the body to a state of relaxation, enhancing resilience and your capacity to navigate uncertainty with ease. You’ll learn and experience a variety of simple breathing techniques that you can practice to relax, reduce stress, sleep better, increase your energy and maintain focus - all in a matter of minutes.Breakdown

At the start of the session we’ll introduce you to the basics of breathing and explain how your breath is your super power. You’ll then be guided through a variety of simple breathing exercises and experience the positive benefits of breathwork for yourself. There will be an opportunity to share your highlights and ask questions at the end.What’s covered

• Why your breath is your super power and ultimate health hack

• What breathwork is and the different techniques and effects

• How to practice it and tap into the physical, emotional and mental health benefits

• Why it's more effective and accessible than meditation


• Required level - no prerequisites, beginner

• Clothing - nothing specific / comfortable

• Tech set up - good quality head phones / speaker.

• Exercises can be done seated or lying down.

We look forward to seeing you on the 24th!


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