San Francisco, CA

Bass Cabaret: 4th Annual "Bonnie & Clyde" Party

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Bass Cabaret: 4th Annual "Bonnie & Clyde" Party

TBA, San Francisco, CA

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Bonnie & Clyde captured the hearts of a nation with their anti-authoritarian antics and a passionate love affair that was ultimately riddled with bullets.  What captivates us so deeply about their tragic and triumphant legend? Perhaps because we, too, seek the joy of defying convention and of rising up jubilantly to embrace our own destinies — no matter the cost. That, friends, is true passion.

This February, Bass Cabaret invites you to conjure up the rollicking 1930’s in a sexy, sultry and absolutely prohibited celebration of love, passion and the outlaw ethos. Join us in full dress attire for what is sure to be, yet again, one of the best Valentine-inspired celebrations of the year.

TBA - San Francisco, CA
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