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Banishing the World: Postmodern Philosophy & The Occult

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Like the two snakes that twine around Hermes's staff, the occult and postmodern philosophy embrace the same deep revelation:

The world is not as it seems.

But while the occult has been pushed out of serious academic study, postmodern philosophy remains much-discussed and influential. Of course, philosophy's roots are in the occult: initiates in classical cultures discussing the meanings and substances of the universe. Then, as religion rose to new heights of power, philosophy rebelled against the magical, supernatural, and mystical. Now, after the distractions of the modern era, philosophers - as much as they may deny it - have once again found themselves at the altar with the occultists, the witches, and the mystics.

The postmodern philosophers are in many ways the mystics and maguses of our time. They speak in strange languages, presenting uncanny riddles, and exiling the old world by revealing the new. They're renaming the gods, influencing cultures, changing medicine and science, and more.

With writer, radical thinker, and activist Conner Habib you'll explore:

- How the theories of postmodern thinkers like Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Jacques Lacan, Bruno Latour, Donna Haraway, Michael Taussig, Michel Serres, and more, overlap with occult ideologies and practices.

- Why it's all so complicated, anyway, and how using the occult to approach postmodern philosophy and vice versa can make both easier to understand.

- How to use both occult and postmodern ideas to reenvision the world you live in.

- How occult ideas have found their way into academia, science, and activism through the conduit of postmodernism.

Conner will guide you through the complex ideas of the occult and postmodern philosophy in plain, easy-to-understand language in this live, online course. It's for the beginner and the adept alike.

The one-session, hourlong lecture will be followed by a Q&A, so you'll be part of the mind-expanding discussion.

If you can't attend the day of, or if you want to watch the lecture again, you'll have exclusive access to a recording of the course for 90 days.


There are three different tickets types.

Standard: You'll get access to the course, the Q&A, and the recording of the course for 90 days. 15.00

Plus: You'll get everything above, plus a reading list curated by Conner, and a 20 minute Skype conversation with Conner after the course. 55.00

Gold: You'll get everything from the Stadard and Plus-level tickets - plus a customized postmodernism-meets-the-occult t-shirt, created by Conner. It will be in your requested size. This is an extremely-limited, one-shot thing, only availble through purchase of a gold ticket to the course. 140.00


A few days before the course starts, you'll receive a link to the live webinar and instructions on what to do when you get to the site. It's simple, and all you need is your computer, the internet, and a few clicks to get started!

PLUS and GOLD ticket holders will receive additional information on how to access their Skype sessions with me, and on getting their booklists and t-shirts!


For groups of three or more, please contact me for group registration rates!

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