Baladerry Inn Psychic Development Workshop & Ghost Hunt

Baladerry Inn Psychic Development Workshop & Ghost Hunt

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Baladerry Inn

40 Hospital Road

Gettysburg, PA 17325

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Paranormal Intuitive Development Workshop

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The Baladerry Inn is one of the most haunted locations in Gettysburg. We have exclusive private access to this very haunted bed and breakfast.

Today, there is still a blood stain forever etched into the hardwood planks of the Baladerry Inn.

Forensic methods using luminol and UV lighting has revealed the marks left by the Civil War soldiers so many years ago.

The Baladerry Inn is one of our most favorite haunted locations

Location History:

In the most Haunted Town in America, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, sits one of the most haunted inns, the Baladerry Inn. Drawing the attention of several paranormal programs, magazines and investigators from around the world, the Baladerry Inn offers a beautiful night’s stay with the spirits of Civil War soldiers.

Built in 1812, the Baladerry Inn served as a field hospital during one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. The three-day Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863, left the Union Army with 23,000 causalities and the Confederates lost upwards of 28,000 men. When a man was wounded in the battlefield his brothers in arms would attempt to wrap the injury as swiftly as possible and offered whiskey to dull the pain. If he could make it to a field hospital like the Baladerry Inn he would likely undergo surgery or amputation without the assistance or relief of anesthesia. The less that sterile conditions in the field hospitals usually meant that those with the most severe injuries would not make it home because infection would run rampant.

The Baladerry Inn has seen several of the Confederate soldiers that died in and around her grounds. Pictures have been captures of these spirits donning the uniform of Confederate Soldiers. One of the pictures is of two young men sitting near the French-style double doors of the inn and another is of two standing just outside. All of the soldiers are wearing the black armband that the Confederates donned after the death of General Stonewall Jackson who was mortally wounded in the Battle of Chancellorsville just a few weeks before Gettysburg.

Another spirit that has been seen and experienced at the Baladerry Inn is that of a young man that is called Geoffrey, the name was gathered through EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). He tends to hang around the Primrose Room and show special affection to women with blonde hair. The staff have given him the moniker “Lover Boy” because he’s been known to rub women’s feet and sing in their ear. Women who have slept in the Primrose room have also reported an “invisible entity” sliding beneath the sheets with them.

Not all the spirits are quite so bold at the Baladerry Inn. Another common apparition is that of a woman who appears at the foot of the bed in the Marigold Room. The full-bodied apparition is fond of antique jewelry and has been known to go through guests’ bags. Maybe she wants to make certain that folks are well dressed!

Full-bodied apparitions that have been witnessed and photographed, shadow figures lurking in the darkness at night, amorous spirits that go out of their way to communicate with guests, amazing EVPs, disembodied voices speaking, singing and whistling…the Baladerry Inn is a place you will not sleep alone! The only question remains—will you be willing to undergo a vigil out in the battlefields alone?

The Paranormal

The Baladerry Inn was built as a farmhouse in 1812 on the outskirts of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as part of the George Bushman farm. The picturesque countryside was an ideal location for agricultural growth but soon it would come to know the taste of blood.

The fateful battle that would become a strong determining factor of the Civil War took place in the small town and fields of Gettysburg from July 1st-July 3rd of 1863. General Robert E. Lee had crushed the Union forces at Chancellorsville and began to advance his Army of Northern Virginia into Pennsylvania in the latter part of June of the same year. There he would clash with the Union Army of the Potomac led by General George G. Meade.

The bulk of both the Confederate and Union forces engaged in battle at the crossroads town of Gettysburg. The three days of fighting left heavy casualties on both sides.

The Union Army lost 23,000 men while the Confederates lost upwards of 28,000. With the loss at Gettysburg, the Confederates lost the hope of foreign recognition of their cause and led General Lee to offer his resignation to President Jefferson Davis. The offer was declined but after the Battle of Gettysburg and the Battle of Vicksburg, the Civil War was turned in the Union favor.

During these days of battle, the Baladerry Inn, like many other homes around the battlefields, served as a field hospital for wounded soldiers and civilians alike.

The main hall was used to treat the soldiers where several amputations took place. You can imagine that with the lack of anesthesia and very little attention given to sterility, many soldiers met their demise. There was nothing but whiskey to dull the pain and infection ran rampant amongst them.

Today, there is still a blood stain forever etched into the hardwood planks of the Baladerry Inn. Forensic methods using luminol and UV lighting has revealed the marks left by the Civil War soldiers so many years ago.

Today the Baladerry Inn serves as bed and breakfast with 10 rooms between the main house and the carriage house. Many of the original architectural structures are still standing such as the brick fireplace that is the central figure in the spacious Great Room. Although it is a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world, you should know that you rarely sleep alone.

There are many spirits that still linger around the Baladerry Inn. Those most often seen are the Confederate Soldiers that died in and around the property. Perhaps you will have the great fortune of meeting one of the Southern Gentlemen and hearing the tales of when cotton was high and the hopes of a nation died on a battlefield in a northern crossroads town.


3pm – Check In

4:00pm – Paranormal Intuitive Development Workshop

Paranormal Intuitive Development Workshop: Developing your Paranormal Sixth Sense.

Whether you are just starting to recognize your intuitive gifts or are already on your metaphysical journey of self- discovery, this workshop is for you. We will discuss how our own energy acts and reacts to the world around us including the Spirit World.

We will be opening and expanding our intuition, psychic awareness and third eye through meditation and other tools and exercises.

To start, we open with a chakra healing meditation to help open and heal our energy centers. Our energy centers or Chakras are the seat of our consciousness.

The entire universe is made of energy and our body is no exception. In a healthy, balanced person, the 7 chakras provide exactly the right amount of energy to every part of our body, mind and spirit. This allows us to be in our true authentic self which helps us align with the energies outside of ourselves.

Next, we delve into psychic awareness and how to increase our intuition and raise our psychic abilities. We will learn about psychometry and we will do an exercise to determine what is our strongest psychic Clair-ability. We will gain tools and techniques, including how to work with pendulums, crystals and herbs to further our psychic development.

Lastly, we will go over psychic protection including how to ground, protect and cleanse after doing psychic work or paranormal activities.

This paranormal intuitive development workshop will promote growth, confidence, and trust in how to work with spirit.

We will come away with a greater understanding of how energy works through enriching and strengthening our senses beyond the 5 senses.

6:30pm Dinner

Dinner (Home cooked dinner) complimentary wine included

7:30pm – Course Continues

11:00pm – Self Guided Ghost Hunt (with use of our equipment)

8:30am – Country Breakfast

10am – Check Out