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Bajeczny Barbakan — interactive multimedia exhibition in Krakow

Event description
World of traditional Krakow legends, using Mapping, Augmented Reality and Massive Light Figures. In historical location - Krakow Barbican!

About this Event

We will tell you about the interesting world of traditional and historical Krakow legends, using Mapping, Augmented Reality and Massive Light Figures. All this in a historical location - Krakow Barbican!

If you are a tourist - you have the opportunity to hear legends in your language. We have sessions in English, Spanish, Polish and Ukrainian. Half an hour, you can freely navigate the fort and choose what interests you the most. Come with the whole family - it will be fun for everyone!

Daily Timetable:

16:00 Wersja w języku Polskim

16:30 English language version

17:00 Versión en Español

17:30 Версія Українською мовою

18:00 Wersja w języku Polskim

18:30 English language version

19:00 Versión en Español

19:30 Версія Українською мовою

20:00 Wersja w języku Polskim

20:30 English language version

21:00 Versión en Español

21:30 Версія Українською мовою

Price: 30 zł, (Preferential) 25 zł

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance.


Welcome to enchanted Barbican, where every stone remembers Krakow’s history, its outstanding heroes and villains from fairies to legends.

Barbican contains genuine treasure-stories about the traditions and legends of ancient Krakow. Gold and treasures are securely hidden in the thick walls of the Barbican, keeping generations of tradition and legends of Krakow alive.

Our ancestors believed in legends.

Stories that are still alive in this town of artists, writers and sculptors. Awaken your imagination in magical Barbican.

Each corner of Barbican tells an ancient legend. Come with us and indulge in this magical world. Take a photo with Laikonik, Basylishek, even with the dragon from Vavel or the notorious wizard Twardowskyi.

Dear guest, come and take a look into the magic mirrors and peek inside the legend. Take a glimpse and you will find yourself in another reality.

And now let’s open the gate to the world of Krakow legends.

The time has come for you to finally see all that has long been hidden in Barbican. After this, the way you experience the streets of Krakow will be forever changed.

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