Backpacking a Desert Miracle: Aravaipa Canyon, Arizona. SOLD OUT!

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Galiuro Mountains

Winkleman, Arizona

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Come join us on one of Arizona's great backpacking trips!

Aravaipa Canyon is one of the few protected riparian areas in Arizona and it is an incredible backpacking destination. This is truly a desert paradise with a perennial stream, towering canyon walls, lush vegetation, and lots of wildlife. What makes Aravaipa so unique is its beautiful wilderness characteristics, including the lack of any well defined trails. It's often easier to walk in the water than on the bank.

Suitable for novice backpackers

INCLUSIONS: 3 days/ 2 nights in canyon

EXCLUSIONS: Transportation, gear, food and anything else not covered in inclusions above.

This is a great time of year to visit. This is the kind of trip where you regularly say "OMG, this is incredible!"

November 24: We'll drive about 2.,5 hours southeast from Phoenix and primitive car camp Friday evening

November 25: On Saturday morning we’ll hike in early morning so we can catch the golden morning light on the fall leaves of the willow and cottonwood trees. We’ll hike in 6 miles and base camp at Horse Camp Saturday night and Sunday night.

November 26: On Sunday we will do a day hike to the east end of the canyon and return to Horse Camp.

November 27: We’ll hike out on Monday and drive back to Phoenix

The access road is usually suitable for passenger cars year round.


REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds if you cancel at anytime after paying or fail to show up or fail to complete any portion or the event due not showing up prepared and/or not follwing the requirements and prerequsiites of the trip including being physically prepared and supplying and understanding how to properly use the correct gear required for you to safely participate and complete this trek in a group setting. Refunds will not be granted to anyone who violates the terms of this posting or is removed from the event as a result of violating the terms and conditions contained in this posting. Misrepresenting your qualifications or providing false information while applying for approval may result in your removal from the event and without refund.

Some trips are more physically demanding than others. Only you know how much you can handle, so make sure you have read the complete trip description and are fully aware of the the physical requirements before you sign up, or you might be putting yourself and others into a dangerous situation. Should you have questions about the physical requirements of the trip, please contact the event organizer. By signing up and participating in any events posted by this group, you represent that you are qualified, in good health and in proper physical condition to participate in the event. If you are at all unsure of your physical abilities for an event, you agree to not participate. Periodically, we may ask for a full disclosure in advance of attending a trip if you suffer from any medical condition, physical disability or are currently suffering from any physical ailment or injury resulting in limitations of the feet, toes, back, spine, hips, knees, shoulders, neck, joints etc., that may hinder your ability to complete a trip on your own power or may become inflamed or easily re-injured during the normal and anticipated physical "wear and tear" conducive to and as described in the trip description.


As a participant in any of the organized events posted on this page, participant acknowledges that the nature of the event is adventurous and may involve a significant amount of personal risk. The participant hereby assumes all such risk and does hereby release the group and any of it's organizers from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages, financial loss or injuries or death resulting from these inherent dangers.


Having the right gear and the experience using it is your responsibility.
We do not provide "pack lists" but will often call out specific and specialized gear required for a specific destination. Ie, a bear can where required.
We require you to already know the type of gear you need and to be up to date on gear trends. (See REI)
There is a huge difference between backpacking gear and car camping gear. Backpacking gear is expensive and the quality can vary greatly! Do not skimp on quality.
Do your research and choose only high quality gear from reputable retailers. Avoid renting gear unless you have field tested the exact models in the past. Avoid sharing gear or borrowing gear while in the field. Always check weather reports and have different gear level options available based on air temperature, rain, snow, heat, winds, etc. Making a mistake here can ruin your trip or worse.


  • Organizers can, with or without providing you a reason, limit their trips to guests of their own choosing. They may remove a guest after paying and before event execution with or without reason. If no valid reason is provided, a full refund should be given.
  • Organizers can, with or without providing you a reason at the time of removal, remove you as an active participant of the group during an event without refund
  • Organizers can, with or without providing you a reason at the time, make the determination that you are unfit to continue with the group. Providing first aid or coordinating a rescue or exit strategy for you is at the sole discretion of the Organizer

Unless otherwise noted in the event description: This event will start promptly at the time noted on the trip page at the top. Organizers will not wait around beyond this time for any last minute stragglers. Please note Organizers may not always be in cell phone range the day or days before the hike due to the remoteness of many of our destinations so, if you are running late, you can't reach the EO by voice or email response, expect they they DIDN'T get your message and that the group will start the trip as scheduled without you.

The Organizer of this trip reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove a guest's RSVPs without refund of any monies for conducting activities either on this site, in pre trip communications and activities or on trips themselves that violate the terms of this document or of an illegal, unsafe or unsound practice. This also includes but is not limited to discrimination of any kind, harassment, stalking, violence or threats of violence, unwelcome sexual advances or over aggressiveness of a sexual nature, getting overly inebriated and unsafe and unsound, profane and/or unbearably obnoxious behavior, any type of environmentally insensitive or destructive behavior at all, blatant unwillingness to work or contribute in a group setting in the field, mutiny or mustering up a mutiny among other guests, etc.

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Galiuro Mountains

Winkleman, Arizona

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