Babes in the Dirt 3

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Hungry Valley Recreation Area

46001 Orwin Way

Gorman, CA 93243

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Babes in the Dirt is an annual ladies only off-roading campout hosted by Babes Ride Out. This event is FREE and is designed to encourage girls who have never sat on a bike to learn how they work and give it a go, give street ladies the chance to ride dirt for the first time, and for ladies who can totally rip! All ladies MUST register for this FREE event as we need a headcount for food, supplies, and all the fun stuff! VERY IMPORTANT: We have rented the group site which holds 250 people / 50 vehicles. It is first come first serve once gates open at 12 pm Friday. There is overflow around the group site but those people will need to pay for their own camping at the front kiosk of the park which is $10. A day pass is $5 per car.

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Please note, these are just a few FAQs that are dirt specific. To know all FAQ for all BRO events click HERE

What sticker does my bike need? Does my bike need a spark arrestor?

Red or green! and YES you will get ticketed if you do not have a spark arrestor. Please read all the rules and regs for your offroad vechicle by clicking this HERE

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Can my dog come?

All Babes Ride Out events are 21+ and no pets of any kind are allowed at the site. A girl got bit before so sadly, pooches must stay home :(

A. Oh NOOOO!!! My friend wants to come but she did not RSVP, can she still come?

B. Oh damn, now she can't come but she RSVP'd!

A. GIRL!!! You've had months to sign up even if you weren't coming! She/you needs to RSVP so we can plan enough food to be available for purchase. But if its super last min and she/you missed the RSVP window which will close 24 hours prior to the event, she/you can still come :) No need to blow up our email, facebook page, send smoke signals, etc. We promise we won't turn her/you away....this time :)

B. We rather over plan than under plan so if you or your friend did RSVP and can't make it, its ok and there is no need to contact us to let us know. We promise :)

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

We have rented out the group site at Hungry Valley which can only fit 50 vehicles and 250 campers so please carpool! If the group site is full, you will need to pay for your own camping at the ranger kiosk when you enter and will need to park in the neighboring site and ride/ walk over. Don't worry! There is plenty of room in the park for you if the group site is full.

How do I contact the park for additional information about the trails, weather, terrain, longitude and latitude, wind speed, compositiopn report of the dirt substance?!

  • Public Information Inquiries: (916) 324-4442

  • Email:

  • Website:

What should I bring into the event?

  • WATER! Make sure to bring plenty of water as the site does not have it

  • Camping gear if you plan on staying the night (sleeping bag, headlamp, tent etc)

  • Warm clothes! Remeber when it hailed? (LOL!)

  • Snacks! (always)

  • Drinks (the fun kind!)

  • Cash for the coffee drinks and for food trucks (cards are not accepted due to non wifi)

  • Firewood! Please everyone bring 1 bundle to ensure we stay warm :)

  • Battery pack to charge phone. There is NO power at this site at all. Reception is terrible too.

  • Extra toilet paper

What can't I bring into the event?

  • Kids

  • Dogs

  • Easy Ups (sorry, far far too windy)

  • Marketing materials (flyers, stickers etc unless you are sponsoring)

  • Your boyfriend / husband

What amenities will be on site?

  • A food truck with food for purchase (CASH ONLY)

  • A coffee truck with drinks for purchase (CASH ONLY)

  • Non flushing toilets (maybe bring extra TP just in case)

  • Huge pavilion for crap weather

  • Fire pits for bonfires. We do recommend you use the food truck as the weather is crazy windy at night and I for one have burned my food 2 years in a row.

  • Please remember there is no power at the 0

What is the schedule, how do I rent a dirt bike, can I come for the day (insert any other question that is relevant to this event)?


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Date and Time


Hungry Valley Recreation Area

46001 Orwin Way

Gorman, CA 93243

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