Azul Conscious Movement - Asheville

Azul Conscious Movement - Asheville

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Jubilee Community

46 Wall Street

Asheville, NC 28801

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Azul Conscious Dance - Asheville | at Jubilee! Community.

About this event

Azul Conscious Dance is a non-choreographed dancing space that includes guidance bringing you into the body while in movement. We dance to feel, to embrace, to celebrate, and to be in the moment.

Azul is a practice that supports raising one's consciousness (aha moments) and embodying awakening we do this by practicing four orientations: Listening, Allowing, Opening, and Moving towards.

Listening while in movement – connects us to our inner knowing

Allowing while in movement – keeps us in the current of life

Opening while in movement – makes space for possibility

Moving towards while in movement - orients us to the present moment

In Azul you are invited to express all of you, a safe space to be the real you, you have permission to go as far or as little you are comfortable and ready to go. No two dances are ever the same and there is no wrong way because your way is the right way.

"For many of us, there is no form of self expression that makes us feel more vulnerable than dancing, It's literally full body vulnerability." ~Brene Brown.

We come together dancing in community at Jubilee! in downtown Asheville. We dance twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, movement begins at 6:30 / 6:15 warm up.

Bring your full self, bring your friend, bring your partner, bring your child, bring your family. all are welcome no prior experience necessary.

Exchange - $20

Jubilee! Community - 46 Wall Street Asheville, NC 28802

"Enter the body and the moment" ~Amara Pagano |

See you on the dance floor…

With Love -

Jake Frankel


For this week's class... (7/8/22)

Are there moments in your day where you are in doubt or uncertain what to do, questioning if you did or said the right thing?

Yet, are there also moments in your day where you feel confident on what you did or said and have moments of certainty about what to do next?

Which one of these two do you re-think more often? Which one of these two does your mind ponder over and over again?

While they are both real, our minds will most often take us into survival, negative, and doubtful thinking, the habitual way is the saboteur (inner critical voice) mind.

Here comes the choice to embody celebration.

Celebrating moments of clarity, celebrating moments of good actions, celebrating moments of comfort, perhaps even just celebrating the mere fact that you are here right now reading this, (if reading this feels good:).

Darkness was simply all I knew, I was doleful almost all the time, embodying celebration through dance was my biggest support to shift that. Do I still have dark moments: absolutely! However today, I do not live in my dark moments, they come but they don’t stay for very long, and one of the number one ways I shifted that was through embodying celebration, embodying moments of light, the more I celebrate moments of light the more it is included in my pondering mind as well.

It is not about pushing out dark moments, it is about bringing in moments of light so darkness can slowly be replaced and overtaken by light, it all starts with one act of choosing to move towards embodying celebration. Notice, the key here is embodying celebration not just celebration.

The Theme for this week's dance is to celebrate the good moments of life, Come out and celebrate life through dance, one moment at a time.

We dance this Friday at Jubilee! Community. in Asheville, NC

See you on the dance floor.

xoxo - Jake

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