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Expand your oral sex toolbox! Both hilarious and informative, enjoy the juiciest fellatio and cunnilingus tidbits from Sex Nerd Sandra’s popular workshops “Balls Deep” and “Snatch Attack.” Discover surprising new ways to give and receive pleasure with Nerdist Industries’ resident sex podcaster. Topics include sneaky foreplay, surprising angles, pleasure anatomy, tongue tips, and helpful ergonomic tricks.


How long is the class?

The workshop is 1 hour and Sandra will stick around to answer questions for 15 minutes after class.

How do I access the workshop?

After you finish registering with Eventbrite, you should receive TWO emails - One from Eventbrite, and one from with log-in details.

What if I don't get the 2nd email from Zoom with worksnhop log-in details?

Email with subject line ONLINE WORKSHOP HELP and a helper monkey will be standing by at the time of the workshop to help with snafoos.

Is there an age limit to enter the event?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older to attend.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

You can bring all your friends, follow up questions and a notepad. You are NOT invited to record the workshop. These workshops are meant to be special, exclusive live events for those who attend.

How do I find out about future Sex Nerd Sandra workshops?

By signing up for this free workshop, you'll most likely get an email heads-up for future stuff. Also, feel free to check events at, along with the @SexNerdSandra Twitter and Facebook page.

Why are these classes so cheap?

While many good folks have pointed out that the info gained in each class are worth much more than $10 US, Sandra is focusing on making her work accessible and affordable. You can help by spreading the word about these weekly, global Wednesday classes. (And let's remember that for some foks, $10 US is quite a lot.)

Why are your workshops in 3 time zones?

Sex Nerds are everywhere! Sign up for whichever class time is most convenient for you. Each class is taught live 3 times, at 7pm Wednesday, first on Sydney time, then London and finally Los Angeles. (Yes, that means Sandra will be teaching at 12am, 11am and 7pm her local Hollywood time every Wednesday.)

Will there be boobs and stuff?

Nope! No nudity. This is a sex-positive, lighthearted, comedy-leaning informational workshop. Sandra is an educator, professional sex nerd and podcast host. Though she may use teaching aids and diagrams to illustrate her points, the aim is to empower you to explore pleasure in your own life.

Will people be able to see me?

No one can see or hear you. This is a one-way mirror. When you log into Zoom, you can fill in you real name or an alternate online handle. If you want to ask questions, you name may be seen by others so feel free to sign up with an alternate to your real name.

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