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Awakening Your Power with Spirit Animals & Psychic Development (January)

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Angels Camp, CA 95222

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Refund Policy

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Are you looking to gain new techniques to raise your spiritual connections and abilities?

Are you ready to transform your life working with your animal totems, spirit guides, and ancestors?

Spend the weekend with Psychic Jethro and explore the connections with your totem, or spirit animal, and enhance your psychic abilities.

Friday, January 17

Beginning Your Spiritual Journey

Work closely with Jethro in a powerful step-into-the-past exercise so that you can look at past lives and receive guidance to ensure that both your karma and energy field are correctly aligned for your best and highest spiritual development.

Jethro will assist in preparing each individual for the spirit journey of knowing and communicating with their totems.

Learn to recognize and listen to your totems in meditative state and physical presence. For example, depending upon your aura and kinship with your higher self, working with wolf-totem can heal you, and working with squirrel-totem can teach you to save and handle many things at once. Jethro will teach you to make friends with all of the wonderful spiritual totems.

You will discover and have an open communication with your spirit guides. This enables you to “read yourself”, read others, and to decide on the best and most enlightened path to take on future endeavors.

Saturday, January 18

Working with Nature’s Sprites

An outdoor walk in nature tuning in to the natural elements will ensure that all participants are developing and awakening their kundalini and seven chakras. In doing so, you will be able to receive and acknowledge your psychic senses.

We will acknowledge and work with nature’s sprites (or little people) and elementals so that we are not only touched by the magic, but are helping mother nature’s empowering friends.

Opening Your Mind and Spiritual Senses of the Subconscious

In this workshop, we will open your subconscious mind and spiritual senses so that the conscious mind can relate and keep the intuitive messages you will receive.

In working with the physical aura, we will distinguish the different dimensions and areas of the aura field. This will allow you to see what is coming into the future and what is currently attacking or strengthening the aura and aura fields in your aura and in others.

You will be lead on a guided meditation to release negativity and to prepare yourself to open and begin your psychic-intuitive development.

Beginning Your Psychic-Intuitive Development

With a totem-walk, you will be able to know and listen to who your guides are, where you are spiritually, and what you want so that you can use your sixth sense and spirit animals for guidance and clarity on your spiritual path.

Psychic Circle

During the Psychic Circle, Jethro will deliver psychic messages to all in attendance within a light-protected circle. Messages are relayed to you from your spirit guides, totems, ancestors, etc.

With the information and abilities that were obtained during this retreat and the spirit guides and angel messages received during this circle, you will have the everyday tools to continue your spiritual growth.

Sunday, January 19

Psychic & Spiritual Q & A

Jethro will answer all of your psychic and spiritual questions and will ensure that all participants have names and connections with their spirit guides.

Each attendee will be given a private 30-minute psychic reading within 1-2 months after the retreat has been completed.

January 17-19. 2020 (Friday-Sunday)

Angels Camp, California

Early Registration (before December 7): $595/person

Regular Registration: $695/person

Hostel-style lodging and meals are provided.

Payment plans and commuter rates available upon request.

About Psychic Jethro

Part Native American Indian, Jethro was born with psychic abilities which dramatically heightened after a near death experience. His extraordinary gift as a psychic medium became public at the age of eight and he began foreseeing the future. He is open in all modalities and can see, hear, and feel the metaphysical world. He is able to naturally see a person's aura and chakras. Jethro is certified as a tarot reader and psychic reader and is a certified reiki master.

Jethro's gift enables him to relay messages from the angelic realm and to communicate with your ancestors and loved ones on the other side. His clients include people from all walks of life such as actors, politicians, detectives, security agents, and any individual seeking guidance and clarity.

Jethro E. Smith is an ordained reverend, certified reiki master, and certified psychic and tarot reader. He is registered in The United States National Register of Tested, Certified and Bona Fide Lightworkers, Psychics and Mediums and The World’s Best and Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers. He is certified by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, The Canadian Association of Psychics, and The American Association of Psychics.

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Date and Time


Retreat Location

Angels Camp, CA 95222

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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