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Fairfax, VA

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Hello Soul Family,

Join us on our next AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART, Teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Many of us live in a world without knowing our mission or purpose in life and we have so many questions pertaining to our own existence. We live in a world that can be very stressful with so much pain and suffering without understanding why we undergo such hard times in this earth incarnation.

This workshop is geared to re-connect you with your true essence and divine nature and gives you the power of creating your life from a place of love and oneness. It gives you the tools to re-create and connect to your divine true self by entering the sacred space of your own heart. Spirit, your spirit is infinite and it will never cease to exist.

The Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshops Will be held as follows:

Fairfax, VA - December 1, 2, & 3rd, 2017 - Please note that this is an intensive workshop

Friday- 9am to 8pm

Saturday- 9am to 9pm

Friday- 9am to 5pm

As a teacher, I guide you through various meditation exercises and help you shed and become aware of many layers of programming and masks that have been placed by the ego throughout your lifetime. I then guide your beautiful spirit to your own heart. Yes, your own sacred heart! So that you can connect and find the answers you seek.

What we cover in these three days are topics ranging from mental programming, depression, emotional traumas, ascension, the new earth, living in the heart, creating from the heart, the flower of life, archangels, connecting with our higher self, forgiving and asking for forgiveness, connecting with our inner child, chakra balancing, re-connecting with our angels, and so much more...

At the end of this workshop you will have experienced the following:

• Healing Ceremony with Archangel Michael (re-birthing) Removing entities and heart blockages

• The Unity Breath Meditation (Trinity connection with our Divine Mother & Divine Father and Great Spirit) Your I Am Presence

• Activating the Beams of Light (halo) ChakPoints in your head

• Activating the third eye (pineal chakra)

• Activating the Merkaba (our light body) Our Vehicle of Ascension

Various meditations connecting with your Angels, past lives, loved ones, and cutting energetic cords that no longer serve you.

Earth's consciousness, Atlantis lost history and ascension.


You can also check out the spirit science you tube video of the importance of living in the heart..


Gregg Braden's the importance of the heart.





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You can make payment via paypal


or by registering through the school of remembering:



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

It is not a must but it is highly recommended to read the Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life Volume 1 & 2 and Living in the Heart both book by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

With love in one heart,

Evelyn Viviana


About The Teacher:

Evelyn Viviana, mystic healer and world traveler, has been blessed to work with a dynamic team of lightworkers as she continues to fullfill her life's work by teaching, healing, and inspiring others. She has been traveling the world for years teaching the ancient traditions of "The Awakening The Illuminated Heart" workshop, as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek and conducting spiritual journeys to the mystical land of Peru assisting those who would like to dive deeper into their soul to heal, create, and manifest their life's purpose. She also leads seminars of women empowerment and continues being the voice, inspiration, and motivational speaker for many women on the path to self-discovery. Evelyn is also the founder of "Conversation With Goddessess", a collective group of women where she teaches other women how to dive deeper into the Yoniverse, SenXual Tantra, and the power of sexual healing and manifestation. Combined with The Shamanic Breathwork where she guides and assists students from all walks of life to experience profound healing and higher states of consciousness with the power of deep breathing, she is very experienced in using many different spiritual modalities from all over the world.

"I am honored to be a part of your journey, you are my beloved! You are here for a reason, because you are ready to take the next step into remembering who you truly are. I welcome each and everyone of you with open arms, all of you kindred spirits join me in sharing sacred space and awakening your higher consciousness"- Evelyn Viviana

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Fairfax, VA

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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