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Awakening Alpha: Private Men's Intensive

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The Mountain Mermaid

20421 Callon Drive

Topanga, CA 90290

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"Knowing others is intelligence;

Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength;

Mastering yourself is true power.

If you realize that you have enough,

You are truly rich.

If you stay in the center

And embrace death with your whole heart,

You will endure forever.”


The contemplation of one’s own certain death may seem morbid. Deluded new age spiritual practitioners addicted to positive states of mind may even claim this practice to be “negative thinking.” We propose that it is this very contemplation of death that sets the man of depth apart from the unconscious man.

Nothing endures. Nothing. All that arises must pass. This includes oneself.

You will die.

This is guaranteed. Furthermore, you have no idea when your time will come. Death could, quite literally, come for you today.

Allow this truth to sink in for a moment: Death is promised.

We live our lives as if this is not so. We allow the incessant chattering of our minds, our disconnected culture, and our unexamined fears to convince us that we will live forever – and so we avoid doing what we intuit needs to be done. We avoid saying what we know needs to be said, all because we have bought into the illusion that we have time.

We do not have time.

The man who has allowed the inevitably of his own death to land fully in his consciousness shows up to the moment powerfully, playfully, and with a depth that can be felt by those around him. A man who takes time daily to contemplate his impermanent nature is no longer rocked by the ebbs and flows of life. Through the consistency of his practice, he has made his peace with groundlessness. Such a man is a gift for us all. Such a man is a leader, a warrior, a king.

It is time you gather in tribe with other men who are committed to cultivating a grounded presence that will be felt by all as a refuge. It is time you learn to remove the barriers between your deepest gift and it's fullest expression. It is time for you to claim your throne.

And above all else, it is time you remember: Death is promised.


In this program you will learn...

  • The profound liberation that lies in the cultivation of one's only true power: the capacity to accept the moment exactly as it is, absent of preference
  • How to curate an effective daily practice for increased clarity, sensitivity, strength, endurance, and sexual vitality
  • The irresistible attraction a woman feels for a man who has learned to embody the delicate balance of kindness free of frailty and strength free of machismo
  • How to penetrate the world with your purpose
  • How to harness your rage for both service and gain
  • How to break through the ceiling of wealth with ferocious serenity
  • How to deepen in intimacy and ignite passion without saying a word
  • How to channel your sexual energy into attraction, power, and manifesting purpose
  • How to live just beyond your authentic edge, and why you, your woman, and the world will tolerate nothing less


Justin Patrick Pierce

Justin Patrick Pierce | The Visionary

Founder of Sacred, Justin Patrick Pierce works with veteran and up-and-coming spiritual teachers, authors and facilitators to help them master their craft and bring their work to the world. As an international spiritual intimacy teacher, Justin offers workshops, talks and private trainings for men and women around the world to help them overcome challenges in relationship, master the embodiments of polarity, and simultaneously pursue of a life of purpose and love inside of long-term relationship. He teaches with his intimate partner, business partner and best friend, Londin Angel Winters.


“If you have an opportunity to learn from this unique man, jump on it. It will alter the direction of your life.” - John Wineland, International Men's Coach & Intimacy Teacher

"The work that I've done with Justin has transformed and improved me beyond recognition." - Dr. David Bach, Founder of Platypus Institute

"The transformation in my body from working with Justin, even after a few months, was astonishing." - Christopher Sunyata, Masculine Depth Coach

David Burns

David Burns | The Business Monk

David Burns’ mission is to destroy the separation between business and spiritual practice. Utilizing principles from Zen, Western esotericism, Shaivism, Shaktism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and music theory, he teaches a completely new paradigm of approaching business and work grounded in ecstatic daily awakening.


"What happens when you give a shamanic level of insight to a business mastermind? David Burns (happens), along with everything you could ever want." - Taia Kheper, Founder of DarkHorseProfits

"I have never met anyone who applies deeply spiritual concepts in a way that produces such overwhelmingly practical and concrete results." - Ian Leubbers, CEO of ZenOS

"Very little, if anything, escapes David's exquisite attention. His brilliant and groundbreaking methods subtly tease the conscious mind so that the malleable subconscious thoughts can finally surface and be unraveled." - Antesa Jensen, CEO of Adventure Awake

Michael Holt

Michael Holt | The Savage & The Saint

Michael is a holistic health practitioner with over a decade of successful practice. He is a battle tested martial artist with rank in several disciplines, a dedicated meditation practitioner and teacher. Michael has unified his passions for self-inquiry, freedom, truth, meditation, and physical health into a unique and progressive system for the enhancement of vitality and the deepening of masculine consciousness.


"Michael is an incredible teacher and leader. Through his practice, he demonstrates the attributes of an embodied masculine presence." - Alastair Osment, Actor

"Michael's presence and leadership has given me permission to claim my right to be the leader I was born to be." - Zeke Simat, Actor

"Michael's techniques and practices in awareness, breath, and movement have shifted something within me that is invaluable." - James Vegter, Actor

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Date and Time


The Mountain Mermaid

20421 Callon Drive

Topanga, CA 90290

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