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Awaken Master Class: Biz for Empaths, Intuitives, & Sensitives

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Join us for the first Master Class of 2018! Are you an empath? Do you describe yourself as energetically sensitive, intuitive, or an empathic feeler? Then this class is just for you. Here's the thing - despite its best efforts, most business advice today does not work for empaths.

Have you had any of the following experiences in your business...

  • Drained by online space such as Facebook Groups or Instagram feeds?
  • Get a flood of ideas almost daily but are told to "slow down"?
  • An overwhelming sense of guilt, exhaustion, or confusion when in an "enrollment conversation"?
  • Business conferences and large experiences are hard for you to digest and get what you need from?
  • Feel that you can't keep up with business trends or changing markets to the degree that you want to hide away?
  • You love people and after a week of working with people, you require extra space to reacclimate? Sometimes days?
  • Words such as "transaction", "sales funnel", "enrollment", or "close the sale" make you feel sick?
  • And I could keep going...

In this 90-minute class, I'll break down exactly how as an empath and intuitive I've had to buck conventional business advice to find success without feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or sick.

We'll discuss this and more!

  • How I market without feeling bad about how I "get" clients and new business
  • How the gift of creative giving revolutionized my business
  • How I balance my time and energy with the flood of ideas I get daily
  • How I work with money so I am not in a cycle of guilt or shame when serving people
  • And more...

>> This is a LIVE call. We'll spend the last 7 minutes of class talking about the next Awaken Your Practice and answer any questions you have about this 3-day business weekend specifically for the empathic entrepreneur.

Wait! AND we have a special gift for 10 people on the call. (FYI this gift filled up in less than 15 minutes during the December class.)

A little about my approach to business...


I used to think I was just one of those business people who couldn't figure it out. Do you ever feel this way? My heart was always in the right place - service. I just wanted to help people! But when the anxiety of not getting clients, drowning in marketing strategies, and fear around money kept me from just serving I first thought I just wasn't built for this. I was wrong.

You see, I am an empath and a deep feeler. I am sensitive and don't want to feel bad for my strengths as a seer and helper. In the business world I was made to feel like I needed "thicker skin", to "not take things so personally" and "it was only money". Yet, this advice kept my heart closed and my greatest gifts locked up.

I realized that I could succeed at business but it wold require going my own way. It required sharing my voice, using my story to connect, giving, and radical transparency with my clients. The more I showed my empathic gifts IN business the more my business succeeded.

I built Awaken Your Practice for those who are just like me. It's for empath entrepreneurs and business owners who want to work from their heart center and who are ready to uplevel their business, make more money, do work that is fully aligned with their vision, and create balance in their whole life. Oh, and who are ready to invite a little magic in :)



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