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Celebrate Autumn Equinox with Guided Meditation and Online Channeling with Celestial Venus - the STAR within to shine bright as Who You Are.

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Another Turning of the Wheel of the Season is coming up. It is the Beginning of Autumn - the Harvest Season of what you have planted in Spring. What is the fruits on your Tree of Life? What have you grown and nurutured during Summer? Let us check in and transit into the World of Harmony in perfect equilibrium of the day and night - yin and yang. This is a good time to adjust, prune and re-organize what you have, introspect and get ready for darkest time of the year - Winter.

Winter is actually the time of transformation that Mother Gaia go through to be rejuvenated and start fresh and new again in Spring. This tale of Initiation process is related to Goddess Astraea who is said to return to Earth with the beginning of New Golden Age - the Season of Harvest is attributed to Atutumn when this archetype of Virgo learn how to use the tools to Balance Yin and Yang, to refine the world with Beauty and Harmony - as Celestial Venus in Libra. Autumn Equinox is the first day of her duty to assess your balance of life, and help you figuring out what to do next for refinement.

It is an invitation from Celestial VENUS to re-define yourself to shine bright as the STAR as Who You Really Are. Create your own World of Beauty and Harmony with the Goddess of Love. On this magickal period of time of equal balance, let us gather and ceebrate our Harvest, bringing back the next level of balance with Guided Meditation and Channeling.

The STAR Meditation is one of Yoko's signature workshop to awaken the aspects of your Celestial Venus within - the Light of the Lights that guide you during the darker time of the Year. After the Guided Meditation to tune your frequency and rhythm with serenity of the Universe, Yoko's channeling contract Unicorn Goddess Master Aethena will share a message and tune you with the music of the spheres. Feel the vibration of the Cosmos within your Soul and set your heart in the higher octave of strength and love.

This is donation based online event. Register via EVNTBRITE and let us celebrate the Harvest of your Fruits of Life.


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Organizer Yoko Maria

Organizer of Autumnal Equinox STAR Meditation & Online Channeling

Yoko is highly trained Psychic/Spiritual Teacher for your SOUL to BLOOM - Bridging Your Physical Life and Life Purpose. Her Iconic character is Unicorn that represents her quality and service: Purify the Soul, Organize the Mind and Open the gates of the Heart to live your life fully, reclaim the crown of your birthright.

Yoko is born and raised in the Country of Rising Sun, Japan and has been enjoying studying, working and living in cosmopolitan cities like Paris, London, Firenze, Tokyo, and now currently resides in NYC. With the ability to speak 4 languages, she has developed and expanded her mind to be able to adopt and communicate with a wide range of mind-set and expression. Her love and admiration for philosophy, science and art lead her toward Metaphysical study that is beyond human mind.

She has worked in the field of luxury and quality, especially fine wine and dining where she refined her Senses to perceive beauty and pleasure of Life. She refined her Senses to perceive the beauty of Spirit (Essence) through perception of Physical in the most exquisite and pleasurable way. 10 years of working experience in the Cooperate makes her a reliable Spiritual Teacher with deeper understanding and grounded advice.

She has been highly trained in the Metaphysical Science / Art and teaching the Core Programs of the Path of Progression with Modern Mystery School for more than 15 years. She offers Sacred Geometry Courses in NYC as well as Empower Thyself Initiation Class, Spiritual Romance, Universal Kabbalah, etc. Her experiences of living abroad and harnessing 4 human languages made her quite unique hybrid of Western - Eastern Hermetic Tradition.

She is a Natural-Born Psychic and highly trained Channel within the Lineage of King Salomon and is the only Graduate of Channeling School with the Modern Mystery School in the West. Her Channeling Message is very Healing and Empowering, penetrating through your Mind and Heart, right into your SOUL to awaken that Core Being of Who You Really Are.

She is trusted and respected Teacher who has been actively initiating, supporting, nurturing beautiful Souls that she has been working with worldwide. Her passion is to Bridge different qualities into Unity made with variety of authentic expression.

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