Austin Bridge Club- By Tempest

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Casa de Luz Village

1701 Toomey Road

Austin, TX 78704

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Join us for a night of sober connection!

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Bridge Club will meet in the Tranquility Room at Casa de Luz. To find the Tranquility Room, enter the Casa de Luz Village on the main path and make a right at the Kukumi Montessori classrooms. You'll then enter an open courtyard. The Tranquility Room is located diagonally across the courtyard.

What is Bridge Club by Tempest?

Bridge Club is an in-person, community-led support group for trans women, cis women, and non- binary folks who are sober or interested in sobriety. Our mission is to empower individuals seeking connection to find and build meaningful relationships that support a sober lifestyle.

We believe that sobriety isn’t our great consequence, it’s our chance to become who we were always meant to be. It’s the foundation of our great adventure, where we decide what makes us feel happy and connected.

What to expect at our Monthly Bridge Club gathering?

Our signature Bridge Club gathering is a monthly event where sober or sober curious folks meet to share and make meaningful connections. It’s a way to anchor our community and ensure that we have a physical space to engage in intimate conversations and process what’s happening in our recovery and our lives.

Each event is crafted in a way to make sure that all who come are seen and spoken to, so connections are made, and so that we are each left stronger by knowing each other a little bit more intimately. Think—relaxing music, light snacks, small groups, and more fizzy water than one person could ever drink. While the event is held in a wellness studio, we will not be doing yoga.


Q: What is Bridge Club?

A: Bridge Club is an intimate gathering of people who want to be free from the destructive power of alcohol. We don’t just want to quit drinking—we want to build a life that’s full, authentic, and empowered. Bridge Club is an opportunity to connect with others on a path to freedom. Whether you are sober or curious about sobriety, you’re welcome.

Q: Is Bridge Club similar to AA or other 12-step meetings?

A: Bridge Club is a peer-led community for sober people or people interested in recovery. While it’s not necessarily a recovery meeting, it’s a place share honestly with other sober or sober-curious people and find solidarity and fellowship in your local area.

Q: Who is welcome at Bridge Club?

A: Women-identified, and non-binary folks who are interested in sobriety and follows the group guidelines. While you don’t need to have accumulated sober time, you cannot attend a Bridge Club under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Q: What’s the purpose of Bridge Club?

A: The goal of Bridge Club is to build a sacred and supportive space for people to connect, share, and provide support while building relationships that extend beyond Bridge Club and into daily life.

Q: How often does Bridge Club meet?

A: For now, once monthly.

Q: What is Bridge Club like?

A: In its current form (we’re still new at this), Bridge Club begins with a short opening ceremony and group introductions. After getting to know each other, the host introduces a discussion topic. Then, we break out into small groups to ensure everyone has the chance to share and be heard. We come back together at the end to discuss what we talked about in our groups and hold a brief ending ceremony. Bridge Club events last about an hour and a half and we limit the number of attendees to about thirty to preserve an intimate atmosphere.

Q: How do I attend Bridge Club events? Do I just show up?

A: Sign up here to receive updates and invites to Bridge Club. Keep in mind that we’re rolling out very slowly and intentionally. For now, Bridge Club is only operating in New York City, San Francisco, Portland, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Denver. We’ll be in touch as we grow.

Q: Do you have to go through Tempest Sobriety School to attend Bridge Club?

A: No. Just make sure to register your interest and RSVP for upcoming events when you receive invitations.

Q: Can I/ How do I start a Bridge Club chapter in my city?

A: Please email if you're interested in starting a Bridge Club Chapter.

Q: When are you coming to [insert location]?

A: Bridge Club is JUST starting out and we are launching events in new locations very slowly. For now, we’re operating in New York, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver and Kansas City. We probably will not be rolling out to any new locations until late 2019. Register here to stay in the loop.

Q: Can I attend Bridge Club if I’m still drinking or doing drugs?

A: While you don't need to have accumulated sober/clean time to be a part of Bridge Club, you can’t be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while in attendance. Anyone who is under the influence will be asked to leave.

Q: Is Bridge Club Anonymous?

A: What happens in Bridge Club, stays in Bridge Club. This means we do not share quotes, identifying details, or photos of other attendees without permission. You are welcome to tell others that you attend Bridge Club events, but please do not break the anonymity of fellow attendees. Please do not share the event details or information about participants on social media.

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Date and Time


Casa de Luz Village

1701 Toomey Road

Austin, TX 78704

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