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Extreme Comfort

Extreme Comfort | Incredible Sound | Impeccable Style

The future is fast approaching!

Are we ready?
While media content creation has skyrocketed in the past decade, our technology is in a current state of rapid evolution.
People around the world are enjoying new media creations and platforms, while social networking is connecting us all like never before. Unfortunately, while we have been focusing on our screens we have drifted apart audibly. We are all listening to our own little worlds.

This is about to change in a big way!

Incredible Sound

Welcome to the world of networked Augmented Audio...

It's time to get connected again and bring our audio experiences together. While virtual reality is knocking on the door of the consumer market, our cutting edge conceptual headphone design allows for group listening via a user-friendly app, with uncompromising incredible clarity.
Mix and match your audio preferences to create a completely customized audio experience, then invite your friends into your audio world to enjoy it with you.

Impeccable Style

As our physical environments continue to offer more and more immersive visuals, our new audio technologies are just as significant in creating your virtual world.

By augmenting the outside world of sounds and networking your experience with others, it puts the creative power and controls at your fingertips.

The Augmented Audio Experience

Take these real-world situations as examples:
1. Your best friend is playing an online smartphone game but is also interested in hearing this new track you are raving about. They can enter a gateway via their smartphone and pull up your current audio experience, then mix the level in with their gameplay audio. You can both communicate through the gateway via voice capture when enabled.

2. You're a yoga instructor who takes morning classes outdoors and would like to choose a playlist for your class to listen to, while you also give voice instructions. You can create a music playlist and push this to your class members so they can join in. You can then use your headphone built-in microphone to communicate your instructions. Your class members have the ability to adjust the music and your voice commands to suit their audio preferences.

Networked Audio

  1. Your friend is listening to a great podcast and has just heard something interesting which they believe would really resonate with you. They can push their audio feed to you and allow you to join in on the podcast. They can simply skip back 30 seconds so you can hear what they have just listened to, or share the podcast link so you can check out the podcast in its entirety.

A simple 'mirroring' function will allow friends to share their audio feed at any moment in time.

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