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Ask a Political Scientist: Election Season -- Race and politics

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We're in an all-hands-on-deck situation for American politics. Join us to make sense of the madness and learn how to make a difference.

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Race is central to American politics but how, exactly, do race and racism influence our politics? For example: how does a candidate's race influence how we evaluate them? How do campaigns use race to influence our beliefs? How do racial attitudes and racism influence what policies we prefer? Our partisan identities? Or even whether we vote at all?

This week on Ask a Political Scientist we welcome Vincent Hutchings, Ph.D. (Michigan), expert on the intersections of public opinion, race, and politics, and Chinisha Scott, artist, activist, and candidate for office, to discuss the role of race in American politics and how we can make progress towards racial justice.

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 15, 7p ET on our YouTube channel. You can make a reservation here to let us know you're coming, or just show up!

The show is free! Optional donations will go to the Equal Justice Initiative.


About the series

Ask a Political Scientist is a free live-streaming show that brings the latest research and biggest ideas in political science straight to wherever you're riding out this horrible year.

We're doing a special series of our popular show specifically focused on making sense of -- and hopefully making a difference in -- the upcoming election (have you heard? there's an election coming up!). We're talking:

  • Polarization (Sept. 24): How did this happen, is it as horrible as it seems, and what do we do about it?
  • The media (Oct. 1): Force for good? Force for evil? Somewhere in between?
  • Misinformation (Oct. 8): The true end of humanity or just ONE of the true ends of humanity?
  • Race & politics (Oct. 15): How does race and racism influence our politics, and vice versa? Where do we go from here?
  • LGBTQ+ politics and transforming prejudice (Oct. 22): How can we change attitudes about LGBTQ+ rights (and anything else for that matter)?
  • Getting out the vote (Oct. 29): Seriously, though, why do people vote and how do we get more of them to do it!?

Join us every Thursday, 7p ET, between now and the election on YouTube!


FAQs (JK no one asks me these but I wish they would)

What's the difference between politics and political science?

If politics is people yelling at each other, political science is understanding why people yell at each other. (And who has power and what they do with it.)

Why are you doing this show?

Because I think political science is awesome. It's about humans, influence, and how we make sense of and change the world. I also find that political science research is calming and empowering: everything is horrible, but there are people trying to make sense of it in a deep way. I find that reassuring, and I want to share that with you.

Who are you?

I'm a political scientist and a comedian who is trying to bring these two worlds together. This means I perpetually feel like I'm failing at both. Honestly, this show might be bad for my self-esteem.

Why should I watch this show?

This show is for anyone who is frustrated (and/or angry and/or terrified) about politics and wants to go deeper than the headlines to understand the madness of today and how to make a difference.

You'll learn the science behind how we got here, where we're going, and (hopefully) how to affect things for the better. Plus, political scientists are nice people and I think you'll like getting to know them!

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