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Asia Crypto Congress Singapore

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Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Level 3, Jasmine Junior 3811-2 & 3911-2

10 Bayfront Avenue

Singapore, 018956


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The Death of Bitcoin?


Then again, maybe not...

Especially if you consider the fact that the handwriting on the wall is written in "invisible" ink.

It's true!

FACT: The vast majority of people have no freakin clue as to what a cryptocurrency is

I mean, just ask your spouse, family members and friends what they think of Ethereum, OmiseGo and NEO.

I'll wager you the biggest steak in Texas that they have no idea what you're talking about.

Instead, the truth is, most people have been brainwashed by mainstream media into thinking...

"Bitcoin is a big scam designed to enrich its shadowy creators… and a bubble that could soon pop!”

Which is why it's not their fault that they're missing out on what historians are calling...

The Biggest BOOM Ever!

So before your mind clamps shut like a steel trap, you might want to suspend your disbelief long enough to examine the cold hard facts because you might start to see opportunity where everyone else sees disaster.


I know it's hard to imagine being able to profit massively from the opportunities that fear and turmoil create...but the truth is, we are living in strange times when even the greatest financial minds admit to being confused.

As Sir John Templeton proudly declared...

"The best opportunities come in times of maximum pessimism."

Regardless what you think of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency... there’s no denying it’s become the greatest investment of the past decade for many, outperforming stocks, bonds, gold, ETFs, real estate, you name it.

The simple fact is, cryptocurrencies are the most exciting new asset class in the world.

You don't have to predict the future to win this game.

What matters most isn't where the economy is right now but where it's headed.

Market turmoil isn't something to fear. It's the greatest opportunity to leapfrog to financial freedom.

You probably already heard that famous billionaires like Peter Thiel (co- founder of PayPal)... Steve Wozniak (Apple’s co-founder)... and former Goldman Sachs partner Mike Novogratz are all putting money into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

It makes no difference if you understand it... love it or hate it... or if you believe it will replace the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency.

What you have to agree is that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will change the world as we know it and in fact, that CHANGE has already begun.

You can embrace that change by understanding it, learning about it and possibly using it to your advantage as an early adopter or be left behind.

50 Times Higher Than Stocks!

I genuinely believe there’s potentially more money to be made in this sector in the coming months than you could make on any other investment... which is one reason Bitcoin rose more than 50 times higher than stocks in 2017, even during a historic bull market.

The cryptocurrency market will continue to grow, and become more than 50 times larger than what it is today.

Along the way, certain cryptocurrencies could go up 50, 100, even 1,000 times from their current price or more.

Billionaire Jeremy Liew even told Business Insider recently that Bitcoin could “realistically reach $500,000”... roughly a 4,000% gain from today’s price.

Just the other day, billionaire John McAfee predicted that within the next few years, Bitcoin will hit $500,000.

The Craziest Gains Ever

The truth is…

Bitcoin at $500,000 is child’s play compared to some of the gains we’ve already seen in cryptocurrencies... and will continue to see.

Some examples include:

Ethereum – up more than 10,000%, NEO – up more than 20,000%, NAV Coin – up more than 12,000%, Dash – up more than 100,000% are just some examples in the last year alone.

But, there are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies trading out there. And they are all very different.

And these are not your typical investments – not by any means.

It's Gonna be A Wild Ride!

The cryptocurrency market moves quickly and is way more volatile than your typical investment.

The ability to decipher which are the ones that will appreciate in this crypto maze over time and identifying the ones that have historically held their value is key.

Wherever the price ends up, one thing’s for certain: Like anything else in the financial markets... it won’t be a smooth ride. There will be a lot of very large bumps along the way.

But if you are equipped with the skills to understand the fundamentals of those cryptocurrencies you have invested in, the daily ups and downs hardly mean anything.

Here's What Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You

The mainstream media has constantly made a mountain out of a molehill, recently claiming that the cryptocurrency market has crashed 60% but conveniently left out the fact that bitcoin alone rose more than 1000% in the last 6 months.

Keep in mind though...

With Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies hitting new all-time highs every so often, there are two big risks you face right now...

Big Risk #1: You ignore this opportunity in it's entirety.

Maybe you feel like you’ve already missed the really big gains in cryptocurrencies... (you haven’t)...

Big Risk #2 : Or this whole process sounds too confusing to you... (it’s much easier to get started than you might expect, especially with some handholding)

Either way, if you avoid this opportunity... I guarantee you will look back on this time with regret because the biggest danger isn't a correction or a bear market...

It's being out of the market.

You can't win by sitting on the bench. You have to be in the game.

In other words... fear isn't rewarded. Courage is.

So here's the deal:

I want to personally invite you to a special closed-door event where I team up with someone whom I regard as arguably Singapore's TOP cryptocurrency expert, the mysterious Dan X

Together, we'll give you a highly "compressed" crash course on everything you need to get started from setting up your wallet...opening a trading account… to finding the right currencies to buy.

Most people spend years trying to “figure it out” — and settle for a fraction of the success they deserve. We've already done the hard work for you - putting everything you need to know in one place.

I mean, if you don't even know the rules of the game, how do you expect to win?

We'll be sharing white hot ICO opportunities I promise you won’t hear anywhere else so you can get ahead of the crowd, get in early, and get a good deal.

Plus, if you naturally decide to join us at the upgraded "GOLD" or "VIP" level, you'll receive an exclusive printed insider guide by Dan X himself, titled "Cryptocurrency 101" and if you choose "VIP"... you will get the priceless opportunity to "pick" his brain over a sumptuous lunch (which I will be paying for)

Look, we know smart people like you want to make a fortune from cryptocurrencies - but just don’t know how to get started.

We want to prove to you that anyone can do this, and that's why we'll be sharing with you:

  • What exactly is Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Blockchain and ICOs
  • How to buy/sell cryptocurrencies from your home computer (or smartphone)
  • The #1 mistake newbies makes when it comes to investing in Cryptocurrencies
  • What is poised to be the next Bitcoin (It's not what you think)
  • How to trade cryptocurrencies with confidence
  • When to cash in and most importantly, how to cash in
  • How to protect yourself against crypto scams
  • How to legally safe-guard your newfound crypto wealth
  • How to capitalize on "penny" cryptocurrency opportunities (This is HUGE. Most investors – including professionals – don’t even know these investments exist)
  • The fastest-growing up-and-coming cryptocurrencies you’ve never heard of that are primed to soar (These are the ones with the highest chances of returning "moonshot" gains)
  • How crypto insiders are selecting their ideas and how you can potentially join their ranks by following their game plan
  • And WAY too much to list over here

In short: You'll learn how to invest, trade and trend-track cryptocurrency like a pro!

I’m sure you have at least heard about how $1000 invested into bitcoin just a mere 5 years ago is worth a couple of millions now and feeling like you somehow missed the boat.

I know quite a few like this who can’t live with that fact and instead of trying to understand what they missed years ago, started discounting everything that bitcoin and cryptocurrency is and sadly took the easier route of simply calling it a fraud, a scam and secretly praying that it is.

But according to many cryptocurrency experts, we are still in the very early stages of the crypto space.

YES - You're Still Early!

Statistics showed that currently only 1 percent of the world’s population at best, have at least a limited understanding of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology or own any cryptocurrency at all.

Yes, it would have been great to have started a few years earlier to be able to start reaping the rewards and harvest the fruits now.

Yes, it would have been great to have planted your bitcoin tree years ago.

But do you know when will be the next best time to plant your very own bitcoin or cryptocurrency tree?

The next best time to plant YOUR tree is NOW!

Or you could sit back and continue doing whatever that you are doing now and look back at this very moment in time now, in a year or two and beat yourself up AGAIN for not planting YOUR tree!

If you've made it all the way here, you probably can't help but agree that you are one who has an open mind, one who can’t stand not finding out about something this revolutionary, one who is smart enough not to discount something you don’t yet understand and most importantly, you are one who recognizes a potentially life-changing opportunity when you see one.

So reserve your GENERAL seat now before someone else snatches it away from you!

You'll be glad you did.

Fabian Lim

P.S. The single biggest threat to your financial well-being is YOU. If you live in fear, you've lost the game before it even begins! Why not profit from the very environment that causes so many to live in fear instead?

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Date and Time


Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Level 3, Jasmine Junior 3811-2 & 3911-2

10 Bayfront Avenue

Singapore, 018956


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