Ashley Regional 2017 Fall Diabetes Symposium

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Western Park Convention Center

300 E 200 S, Vernal Utah

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NO NEED TO PRINT A TICKET to bring with you

Diabetic Education



in the spring we will be covering Pediatric Diabetes.



8:55 Welcome


Duane Draper, PA-C

Cost Associated with:

Diabetic care consideration over time, costs and expenses

Learning Objectives:

  1. Initial diagnosis, including office visits, labs and consultations with patient and family
  2. Outpatient diabetes nutritional counseling
  3. Difficult considerations about lifestyle changes including “Shopping” menu’s, tastes, and meal preferences (including preferences with non-diabetic household member’s and activity choices
  4. Medication choices and costs
  5. Monitoring supplies, testing frequencies, office visits, laboratory testing and adjustments to treatment
  6. Potential long term consequences of diabetes on other systems (renal vascular and neurological)

9:50 -10:40

Thomas H Clark, MD

What is new in Diabetes/Prediabetes, Diagnosis of Type of Diabetes?

Learning Objective:

  1. Know how and why to diagnose pre-diabetes and what to do after diagnosis
  2. Know the various classes of diabetes medications, risks, benefits and costs
  3. What are the new studies in Diabetes that can change my care
  4. How to diagnose different types of diabetes and different levels of diabetes
  5. Insulins, new, very new and old

10:40- 10:50 Snack Break


Brett Einerson, MD MPH

Detecting and Treating Gestational Diabetes

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the basis and timing of Gestational Diabetes Screening in Pregnancy.
  2. Identify important opportunities to diagnose underlying Type 2 Diabetes in Pregnancy.
  3. Design an action plan for treatment and surveillance of Gestational Diabetes for use in your practice.

11:40-12:20 Lunch

12:20- 1:10

Thomas H Clark, MD

How to Combine Insulin with Non-Insulin Medications

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about the new insulins and how they work and how they are different.
  2. Learn how to change from one long acting insulin to another and how to change doses when in the hospital and the home insulin not covered.
  3. How and when to add non-insulin meds to insulin or insulin to non-insulin medications.
  4. How and when to use insulin GLP combinations


Nicole Wilkerson, Medtronic Diabetes

Basics of Insulin Pumps and CGM

Learning Objective:

  1. Components of Insulin Pump and CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)
  2. Insulin Delivery – Basal and Bolus
  3. CGM – Trend Arrow and Alarms
  4. MiniMed 670 G Introduction – Auto Mode option automatically adjusts your basal insulin delivery every 5 minutes based on your sugar levels to keep you in target range, all day and all night

2:00-2:10 Snack

2:10- 3:00

Heather Corn, MD

Weight Loss Considerations in Diabetes

Learning Objective:

  1. Distinguish weight loss considerations in type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  2. Identify potentially dangerous weight loss strategies
  3. Propose reasonable weight control solutions

EMS Continuinting Education approved for 5 hours

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Date and Time


Western Park Convention Center

300 E 200 S, Vernal Utah

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