ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing 2017
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ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing 2017

ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing 2017

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Hotel Pullman Kuching, 1a Jalan Mathies, Sarawak, 93100 Kuching, Malaysia



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The ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing 2017 is a gathering of respected thought leaders who will address the challenges and issues of ageing from a holistic point of view. The conference will address major challenges that will be brought about as a result of a rapidly ageing population, focusing on many of the unique concerns of the ASEAN region as well as the wider issues of healthy ageing that encompass a more holistic and lifelong aspect of the individual.

Who are the speakers?

Global Speakers:

  • Michael W. Hodin - CEO of Global Coalition on Ageing, USA

  • Professor Helen Herrman - President of World Psychiatric Association, Australia

  • Marilyn Pattison - President of WFOT

  • Takeo Ogawa - Emeritus Professor, Kyushu University & Yamaguchi University, Japan

  • Professor Tri Budi W Rahardjo - Professor in Gerontology at Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

  • Dr. Peter Norrie - Chief Psychiatrist of Australian Capital Territory, Australia

  • Dr Vaikunthan Rajaratnam - Senior Consultant Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery, Singapore

  • Professor Dr. Raghu Varadaraja - Liver and Kidney Transplant Surgeon, India

  • Professor Phyo Myint - Chair in Old Age Medicine at University of Aberdeen

  • Associate Professor Giang Thanh Long - Director of Institute of Public Policy and Management (IPPM) at National Economics University, Vietnam

  • Associate Professor Siriphan Sasat - Faculty of Nursing, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Dr. Anupama Roy Chowdhury - Consultant Geriatrician at Khoo Tech Phuat Hospital, Singapore

  • Dr. Ravindran Kanesvaran - Consultant, Division of Medical Oncology at National Cancer Centre, Singapore

  • Ms. Bhushan Anjana - WHO Western Pacific Regional Office, Manila

  • Lilis Heri Mis Cicih - Faculty of Economics, Demographic Institute, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

  • Bunnak Poch - Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Malaysian Speakers:

  • Datuk Shahril Ridza Ridzuan - CEO of KWSP

  • Dato’ Dr. Mohammed Azman Bin Dato’ Aziz Mohammed - Chief Executive Officer, Social Security Organisation

  • Dato’ Seri Dr. N. Premchandran - National Orthopaedic Chief Advisor, Ministry of Health Malaysia

  • Datuk Dr. Zulkifli B. Jantan - University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

  • Datuk Dr. Jayaram Menon - National Head of Gastroenterology, Ministry of Health Malaysia

  • Dato’ Dr. Jaswant Singh - Consultant Medical Oncologist, KPJ Sabah

  • Datuk Dr. Rajban’s Singh - Consultant Geriatrician, Pantai Medical Centre

  • Professor Dr. Philip George - Head of Department of Psychological Medicine, International Medical University, Malaysia
  • Nathan Vytialingam - Dean, School of Occupational Therapy, Malaysia

  • Associate Professor Tan Maw Pin - Consultant Geriatrician

  • Dr. Wong Teck Wee - Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Malaysia

  • Dr. Lim Poh Hin - Consultant Neurologist, Malaysia

  • Dr. Lawrence Lee H.K. - Consultant Geriatrician, Sarawak General Hospital

  • Dr. Peter Selestie - Consultant Geriatrician, KPJ Johor Bahru

  • Dr. Gurdeep Singh Grewal - Consultant Psychiatrist, The Mind Faculty

  • Dr. Ismail Drahman - Director of Hospital Sentosa, Kuching Sarawak

  • Dr. Sivaneswaran Poobalasingam - Integrative and Complementary Medicine

  • Dr. Vaidya CD Siby - Chief Ayurvedic Physician, Ayur Centre

  • Dr. Amir Farid Isahak - Founding President of Guolin Qigong Association Malaysia

  • Mr. Thillainathan Krishnan - Senior Occupational Therapist, Ministry of Health Malaysia

  • Mr. Matthew Teo - Lecturer, School of Occupational Therapy, Perdana University

  • Ms. Norsyaqina Shamsudin - Lecturer, School of Occupational Therapy, Perdana University

  • Ms. Ranuga Devy - Advocate and Solicitor

  • Ms. Joyce Leong - Senior Lecturer in Nursing, University Putra Malaysia

What are some of the key focus topics?

Key Topics
Financial impact of ageing in ASEAN
Obesity – the growing problem in ASEAN
Metabolic disorders in the ASEAN region
Healthy Sleep
Caregivers – Who cares?

Main Topics
Prevention and management of cancer
Intimacy and ageing
Educating healthcare professionals on changing landscape of ageing
Employment opportunities for the aged
Redefining retirement
Maintaining a healthy heart
Why do we need supplements?
Re-evaluating mental health issues in ASEAN
Elder abuse
Ageing and financial fitness
Ageing with disabilities
Improving the quality of women’s health
Maintaining good skin as you age
Inequalities in health
Stress and Ageing
Women’s health

Are the ASEAN nations really ageing?

By 2050, the number of people aged 65 and above is expected to grow dramatically all across Asia, by as much as 314% percent from 2000. This unprecedented rate of population ageing across the region will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on various aspects of society’s life and living including economy, healthcare, social development and welfare.

Against the backdrop of current modern society and lifestyle, ageing becomes much more challenging when it’s not complemented with good health – and these healthy lifestyle habits should begin from an early age. Consequently, the issue of healthy ageing begs the need to enhance our knowledge about fostering good health among people of all ages, starting from as young as possible, to promote a better quality of life in the later stages.

Why is an ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing needed?

  • Most ASEAN nations have a rapidly ageing population that present unique challenges to the economic development of these countries.

  • Most ASEAN nations including Malaysia will reach an ageing nation status by 2030.

  • The ASEAN HAC 2017 will serve as a platform for leading experts to share knowledge and expertise in the areas of ageing.

  • Malaysia takes a lead role in ageing following the success of the 1st World Congress on Healthy Ageing in Kuala Lumpur – an initiative by Malaysia and MHAS.

How will this help to further the ASEAN agenda?

The ASEAN region finds itself in a unique position when it comes to its rapidly expanding ageing population. While we are only just beginning to experience population ageing, the process is occurring much more rapidly than it did in Europe and North America. This means that we not only have less time to prepare for ageing, but most will be forced to meet the challenges of ageing at much lower levels of development than in the West and Japan.

Existing efforts to support this phenomenon focus on four main approaches – policies and programmes that enhance traditional Asian systems of family support; policy reforms that encourage the elderly who are still capable to remain in the work force; institutions and systems that support high levels of personal savings; and public programmes, including pension schemes and national healthcare systems.

The ASEAN Conference on Healthy Ageing 2017 creates a platform that encourages us to learn from each other and facilitates a greater sharing of knowledge and best practices. It serves as an opportunity for us to dissect, discuss, debate and develop policies and plans in the interest of promoting a more holistic and healthy ageing society, as well as integrate these into our respective national and regional agendas.

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Hotel Pullman Kuching, 1a Jalan Mathies, Sarawak, 93100 Kuching, Malaysia



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