Artists + The Natural World -  Artist Panel Discussion

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Artists + The Natural World - Artist Panel Discussion

Artist + The Natural World is a Panel Discussion between artists Caroline Bullock, Jennifer McKinnon, Cecilia Montalvo & Charlie McCullers.

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Spalding Nix Fine Art 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue, NE Suite 30-A Atlanta, GA 30305

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An Atlanta Art Week event, please join us at Spalding Nix Fine Art for a panel discussion between artists Caroline Bullock, Jennifer McKinnon, & collaborators Cecilia Montalvo & Charlie McCullers, moderated by Spalding Nix. Artists will discuss & answer questions about how they collaborate with & incorporate elements from the natural environment into their artwork, with the backdrop of our current show "The Nature of Reality" featuring new works by each artist.

6:00 p.m. - Reception

6:30 p.m. - Panel Discussion

"The Nature of Reality" features new work by Caroline Bullock, Jennifer McKinnon, Andrew Herzog & collaborators Cecilia Montalvo & Charlie McCullers. Rather than simply viewing nature as muse, these artists physically collaborate with nature to create works that explore & aim to better understand the current state of our natural world. Using the power of the sun, Caroline lays vines, branches & flowers on cyanotype-coated paper, exposing silhouettes & patterns, ruminating on impermanence & the interdependence of all things. Jennifer captures detailed images of dumpsters & digitally collages them into waterscapes, researching & commenting on our global plastic problem & the trajectory of our oceans turning into floating dumpsters. Mixing water & pigment made from found ground rocks collected from New York’s parks, allowing only water & gravity to move the pigment across the paper, Andrew reanimates the rocks into two-dimensional paintings as a study of our existence in the Anthropocene & the possibility of our existence being only a thin blip in the earth’s strata. Cecilia Montalvo & Charlie McCullers document the ancient & historically traveled waterways of Ebenezer Creek, using wet plate collodion, as well as digital technology to work below, at, & above the creek’s surface, memorializing this sacred space, both in terms of a broader human history & its natural story.

Ticket sales end soon