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Artificial Intelligence: What Association Decision-Makers Need to Know

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Registration for the June 27 Foresight First Briefing is now closed. To learn how you can purchase access to the recording, please visit

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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Registration for the June 27 Foresight First Briefing is now closed. To learn how you can purchase access to the recording, please visit
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Is your association prepared to thrive in an "AI first" world?

You need to start preparing today. For more than a year now, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has been saying that the shift to artificial intelligence (AI) will be even more transformative for our society than the global adoption of mobile devices. As Pichai wrote to shareholders in 2016, we are now on a pathway to "creating artificial intelligence that can help us in everything from accomplishing our daily tasks and travels to eventually tackling even bigger challenges like climate change and cancer diagnosis."

AI is already present in our daily lives (think Siri, Alexa and Nest), and is being applied across industries and professions including automobiles, cooking, entertainment, financial services, journalism, health care and the law. As AI's power and capability grow in the years ahead, its influence and impact will expand as well. There are many complicated strategic, practical and ethical questions we will need to answer, including what happens to the workers whose jobs will be dramatically altered, and possibly eliminated, by artificial intelligence.

This 90-minute briefing will look beyond the hype, separate AI fact from fiction and provide association decision-makers like you with the actionable insights you need to begin building your association to thrive in an "AI first" world.

What to expect from this Foresight First Briefing

Today's webinars are commodity items. There are so many available for free that most people register without any expectation they will attend, only the hope that the organizer will provide a recording or summary after it's over. Of course, since everyone is so busy today, those resources frequently never get a serious look.

This Foresight First Briefing is not a webinar. It is a thoughtfully designed presentation of critical information curated with great care by Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE, executive advisor of Foresight First LLC. The briefing will focus your attention on the three elements of the Foresight First Learning Cycle that Jeff challenges association and non-profit boards to pursue as part of their duty of foresight:

  • Sense-making--What do we need to learn to understand what AI is, its progress to date and how it could develop over the next decade?

  • Meaning-making--What are the human implications of AI for our current and future stakeholders?

  • Decision-making--What decisions do we need to make today to prepare for AI's plausible trajectories over the next decade?

In addition to the live briefing, your registration for the either the Participant or Board Package will provide you with additional substantive value, including a link to the recording, a discussion guide and a unique visual summary. Board Package registrants also will receive a briefing memorandum specifically prepared to assist association boards in exploring the current and future impact of artificial intelligence on their fields, their organizations and their stakeholders. (Click the "Details" button to the right to view all three registration options.)

Foresight First LLC is pleased to have as lead sponsor for this Foresight First Briefing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can participate in the live briefing at my registered location?

Your registration for either the Live Briefing Participant of Board Packages provides you with a site license to host as many people as you would like at your registered location for the June 27 live briefing. (Your registered location is the physical address you provide when you complete your registration.)

When will I receive the login information for the live briefing?

If you registered for the Live Briefing Participant or Board Packages, you will receive an email on Monday, June 26, 2017 with your login information.

What more can you tell me about the "visual summary?"

Foresight First LLC is delighted to partner with Lucinda Levine of Inkquiry Visuals. Lucinda is an illustrator and graphic recorder who will participate in the briefing and will capture its key points in visual form. The visual summary will be a compelling digital artifact that you can share with participants and other stakeholders.

Can I earn CAE credit hours for participating in the live briefing?

Foresight First LLC is a CAE Approved Provider, and each participant in the live briefing is eligible to receive 1.5 CAE credit hours. Only Live Briefing Participant and Board Packages qualify for CAE credit hours. The Post-Briefing Viewer Package does not include live access to the briefing and does not qualify for CAE credit hours.

What if I know now that I cannot attend the live briefing but would like the recording?

The Post-Briefing Viewer Package is for you! If you register for this package, you will receive a link to the recording and the visual summary following the June 27 briefing. Please note that this registration option does not offer live access to the June 27 briefing and does not qualify for CAE credit hours. Post-Briefing Viewer Package registrants will receive an email before Friday, July 7, 2017 with information on how to access the recording, as well as the visual summary.

What is the refund policy?

Registrations canceled on or before Tuesday, June 20, 2017 (by 5 pm EDT), will receive a full refund. NO REFUNDS will be offered for registrations canceled after this date and time.

Other questions? Please send an email to

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