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Archimate 3.1 - Basic training


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Archimate 3.1 - Basic training in Belgium, Dubai or Singapore.

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Dates and locations


  • 14/04/2020
  • 08/06/2020
  • 14/07/2020
  • 08/09/2020
  • 16/11/2020


Holiday Inn Express® Mechelen City-Centre, Veemarkt 37C, Mechelen, 2800


  • 07/05/2020
  • 06/08/2020
  • 08/10/2020
  • 10/12/2020


Holiday Inn Express Dubai - Internet City, Knowledge Village Pob 282647, Dubai


  • 16/05/2020
  • 15/08/2020
  • 17/10/2020
  • 21/12/2020


Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay, 2 Magazine Road, Singapore, 059573

Course duration: 2 days

What is ArchiMate and why is this important?

ArchiMate is the open and vendor-independent modeling language of The Open Group, which is supported by various tool vendors and consulting companies. This architectural language and visualization techniques map the coherence and relationships between the various domains (business, applications, technology, ...), so that ArchiMate provides the enterprise architect with unambiguous tools to support and improve the architectural process. Such tools should also help the architect in communicating with other stakeholders, such as managers and software developers. For this purpose, ArchiMate can define views and viewpoints.

In 2008, ArchiMate was transferred to The Open Group, which it accepted in 2009 as Technical Standard. ArchiMate is a nice addition to the methodical framework of TOGAF®, The Open Group Architecture Framework, which creates a fairly complete approach for enterprise architecture. TOGAF® is a detailed method with supporting techniques for developing an enterprise architecture (EA). TOGAF® is also an open standard managed by The Open Group. It describes the process of acceptance, production, use and maintenance of enterprise architecture.

TOGAF® is used worldwide by a large number of architects to design an appropriate architecture for their organization. According TOGAF®, enterprise architecture (EA) is "the fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relations between the environment and the principles and principles that govern the design". TOGAF® helps to integrate and manage IT resources from a strategy and business-driven perspective.

ArchiMate offers tools to support the architect to unambiguously describe and visualize the connection between different business domains. By understanding the coherence of the architectures, stakeholders can oversee, plan and communicate the consequences of decisions and changes across the entire breadth of their organization.

Course overview

This Archimate 3.1 - Basic training is a 2-day training course.

The objective of this training is to make the attendees familiar with:

  • Introduction to ArchiMate
  • -- The Open Group
  • -- What is TOGAF®?
  • -- What is ArchiMate?
  • -- Historiy and standardisation of ArchiMate
  • -- Intro to the Case Study

  • The ArchiMate Metamodel
  • -- The ArchiMate Metamodel
  • -- Enterprise architecture concepts
  • -- Application architecture concepts
  • -- Technology architecture concepts
  • -- Relations between he different architectural models

  • Modelling with ArchiMate
  • -- How to use ArchiMate?
  • -- ArchiMate versus BPMN and UML

  • Case Study: Practical use of ArchiMate (an example)
  • Views and Viewpoints
  • Visualisation of Architectures
  • ArchiMate tooling

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