Approaches to Art Writing with Sheryda Warrener

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    Artspeak Gallery

    233 Carrall Street

    Vancouver, BC V6B 2J2


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    In workshop series, participants will explore various poetic modes and approaches to visual-textual combinations.

    About this event

    A reimagined iteration of our Studio for Emerging Writers program, Approaches to Art Writing is a series of workshops that will be available to the general public. Workshop facilitators, dates, and details will be released consecutively, with sessions to take place between April and July, 2022.

    Each event will be limited to 12 people, in order to maintain appropriate health and safety protocol.

    Correspondences: Experiments at the Intersection of Poetry & Art

    April 21, 6-8pm
    May 19, 6-8pm
    June 2, 6-8pm
    With Sheryda Warrener

    In this workshop series, participants will explore various poetic modes and approaches to visual-textual combinations. How is text transformed when placed in relation to image? How does text meaningfully enhance an image? We’ll take an inquiry-based approach to experimentation, with the aim of activating formal possibilities and enlivening creative practice. Workshops can be taken independently of one another, or together. We encourage those with backgrounds in either or both poetry and image-making to sign up.

    Thursday, April 21: Material Provocations

    The English word “text” comes from Medieval Latin textus “style or texture of a work,” literally “thing woven,” from the past participle stem of textere: “to weave, to join, fit together, construct.” In this workshop, we’ll juxtapose physical materials in unexpected ways, then apply this approach to language, tracing the natural connections between text and textile.

    Thursday, May 19: Active Archive

    Inspired by Edith Young’s book of typologies, Color Scheme, we’ll explore the personal archive as “an engine that revs” creative practice. Participants will share their own selected collections of objects, then use these as visual-material provocations for a generative writing practice.

    Thursday, June 2: Writing That Is Also Drawing

    How is a map or a diagram simultaneously a poem and an artwork? Our experimental approach will be inspired by readings from interdisciplinary artists working at the intersections of poetry, prose, and image-making, including Renee Gladman and Amy Sillman.