Applaudo Developers Conference 2022

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Applaudo Developers Conference 2022

Welcome to our third edition of Applaudo Developers Conference: Tech and beyond!

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We are back this year with the third edition of the Applaudo Developers Conference: Tech and beyond, and we hope you are as thrilled as we are!

Join us for an amazing virtual experience that will take place over the course of September 29 and 30, 2022.

What can you expect?

We'll have talks and workshops about Data Engineering, DevOps, Machine Learning, Software Development, QA, Design, Agile and more! The talks and workshops will be given by our talented Applaudo speakers.

Note: The conference will be in Spanish.

Stay tuned for more information to come! Save a ticket and don't miss it 😉



Day 1 - September 29

Track 1: Data Science

Track 2: Development + DevOps + Cybersecurity

Day 2 - September 30

Track 1: Design

Track 2: Quality Assurance + Agile

Thursday 29

Track 1: Data Science

8:45 AM: Quantum computing fundamentals - Talk

Rodrigo Morales, Cloud Engineering Lead

9:30AM: Hands-on quantum machine learning - Workshop

Rodrigo Morales, Cloud Engineering Lead

11:00 AM: Forecasting - Workshop

Susana Escobar, Machine Learning Engineer

Daniel Zaldaña, Machine Learning Engineer

11:45 AM: Machine learning credit risk - Case study

Yeifer Rodríguez, Machine Learning Engineer

2:00 PM: System for thyroid ultrasound classification - Talk

Yhary Arias, Machine Learning Engineer

2:45 PM: Rapid detection of pneumonia associated to Covid-19 using self-attention mechanisms - Talk

Andrés Escobar, Machine Learning Engineer

3:45 PM: Interpretability of a deep learning-based model for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy - Talk

Isabella Revelo, Machine Learning Engineer

4:15 PM: Quantum business solutions: a horizon of new opportunities - Talk

Jonathan Merlos, Project Manager

5:00 PM: Life at Applaudo: a unique experience - Talk

Monica Alas, People Experience Coach

Gabriela Díaz, People Experience Coordinator

Thursday 29

Track 2: Development + DevOps + Cybersecurity

8:40 AM: Solution architecture essentials: beyond sizings and estimates - Talk

Carlos Peña, Head of Solutions Architecture

9:15 AM: Using GameKit along with SpriteKit game on iOS - Workshop

Oscar Navidad, iOS Developer

Roberto De La O, iOS Developer

9:45 AM: Augmented reality iOS - Case study

Rodrigo Valladares, iOS Developer

Rodrigo Mejía, iOS Developer

10:15 AM: Apple vision framework - Detecting hand pose - Talk

Carlos Merino, iOS Developer

Carlos Álvarez, iOS Developer

11:00 AM: Writing better Python code? - Talk

Marvin Alvarenga, Support and Maintenance Engineer L3

11:45 AM: Upgrading a Ruby on Rails application - Talk

Carlos Medrano, Web Architect

2:00 PM: Infrastructure as a code - Talk

Rafael Alfaro, Site Reliability Engineer II

3:00 PM: Let's dive into OSINT and social engineering - Talk

Edwin Mejía, Cybersecurity Engineer

Diego Pérez, Security Analyst

3:30 PM: Trainee Program: a new way of learning - Talk

Michelle Anduray, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Alejandra Mena, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Friday 30

Track 1: Design

8:45 AM: The path of mastery: the next level of UX designer - Talk

Johana Marín, Senior UX Designer

9:15 AM: Bigger horizons: meet planet-centric design - Talk

Kathia Lemus, Senior UX/UI Designer

9:45 AM: We need to talk about content - Talk

Harold Cáceres, UX Designer

10:15 AM: The future of 3D design - Spline workshop - Workshop

Dylan Siliézar, UI Designer

11:00 AM: Create with no code - Talk

Diego Hernández, UI Designer

11:15 AM: Searching for a design ecosystem - Talk

Marian Torrealba, UX Designer

José Alegría, UI Designer

Stefanny Panameño, UI Designer

12:00 PM: Design iteration - Talk

Alejandro Vicuña, UI Designer

2:00 PM: Design leadership debunked - Talk

Gabriela Magaña, Head of Design

Fernando Mártir, Design Practice Lead

2:45 PM: Motion also matters: improve UX with animation - Talk

Franklin Pérez, UX Designer

3:15 PM: Data-driven product development - Talk

Andrea Erroa, Product Owner

Alberto Velásquez, Product Owner

3:45 PM: The art of developing people - Talk

Michelle Erazo, People Experience Coach

Alejandra Carpio, People Experience Coach

Friday 30

Track 2: Quality Assurance + Agile

8:45 AM: Building a data quality assessment - Talk

Jairo Urbina, Data Quality Practice Lead

Adriana Chacón, Data Quality Engineer

9:30 AM: Cypress vs. Playwright - Talk

Saúl Parada, QA Automation Engineer

10:00 AM: Risk-based testing: how to prioritize my tests through risk management - Talk

Carlos Contreras, QA Lead

10:30 AM: Using trees and tables for software testing - Workshop

Gladys de Melo, QA Lead

Walter Martínez, QA Analyst

11:15 AM: The seven testing principles applied daily - Talk

José Vindel, QA Automation Engineer

11:45 AM: Estimations: estimating isn’t about estimating at all... - Workshop

Lucio Dombald, Agile Facilitator

2:00 PM: How to run a sprint retrospective meeting that rocks - Talk

Roberto Jovel, Agile Facilitator

2:30 PM: How the agile mindset helps us achieve self-managed teams - Case study

Juan Juárez, Agile Coach

Juan Menjívar, Agile Operations Coach

3:00 PM: PO and SM dynamic and its impact - Talk

Andrea Erroa, Product Owner

Edgar Renderos, Agile Coach

3:30 PM: Fail fast, learn faster! - Talk

David Umanzor, Agile Facilitator

Evelyn Álvarez, Agile Facilitator

3:55 PM: Boost your career at Applaudo - Talk

Luisa Ricci, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jhoanna Panebra, Talent Acquisition Specialist