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Anthropology on the Frontlines: Honoring the work of Nancy Scheper-Hughes

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University of California, Berkeley

Phoebe A Hearst Museum of Anthropology

103 Kroeber Hall

Berkeley, CA 94720

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Monday May 1st

Scholarship with Engagement

1:00 pm Welcome and Introductions:

Convener: Gail Kligman (Assoc. Provost, Professor of Sociology, UCLA)

Nicholas B. Dirks (Professor of Anthropology, Chancellor UCB)

1:30 pm The Global Crisis: Migration, Mobilities, and Immobilities

Chair: Beatriz Manz (Professor of Geography, UCB)
Marcelo Suarez-Orozco (Dean of Education, UCLA)

“The Catastrophic Migrations of the 21st Century”

Juan Thomas Ordóñez (Professor of Anthropology, Univ. del Rosario, Bogotá)

“Movement: Migration & Violence in the Politics of the Nation State”

2:20 pm Toward a New Public University

Chair: Teresa Caldeira (Chair; Professor of City & Regional Planning, UCB)
Naomar Almeida-Filho (Chancellor, Federal University of Southern Bahia, Brazil)

“Counter Hegemonic Higher Education in a Remote Coastal Region of Brazil”

Discussant: Robert Joseph Birgeneau (Professor of Physics; former Chancellor, UCB)

3:00 pm The Complicated Lives of Women Anthropologists

Chair: Wendy Martin (Distinguished Professor of English, Claremont)
Sherry Ortner (Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, UCLA)

“The Many Lives and Loves of Hortense Powedermaker”

Kimberly Theidon (Professor of Anthropology, Fletcher School of Diplomacy)

“Sex at the Security Council: Toward a Greater Measure of Justice”


4:00 pm The Body in Times of War & Political Conflict

Chair: Alexei Yurchak (Professor of Anthropology, UCB)

Francisco J. Ferrándiz (Spanish National Research Council)

News from the Afterlife: Civil War Exhumations in Contemporary Spain”

Meira Weiss (Hebrew University)

“The Body of the Other”

4:50 pm Speaking Uncomfortable Truths & Facing Controversy

Chair: Laura Nader (Professor of Anthropology, UCB)
Donald Boström (Investigative Journalist, Sweden)

“Hunting Season for Journalists”

Michael Montgomery (Center for Investigative Reporting)

Searching for Kosovo's Missing Bodies: The Hidden Side of the Kosovo War”

Dr. Jorge Perez Avila (Former Director, Pedro Khori Institute, Havana, Cuba)

“The Doctor and his Patients talk about AIDS in Cuba”

6:00 pm Reception and Music

Tuesday May 2nd

Anthropology on the Frontlines

11:00 am Welcome and Introductions

Convener: Laurie Wilkie (Chair; Professor of Anthropology, UCB)

Philippe Bourgois (Professor of Anthropology, UCLA)

Writing Violence”

11:30 am Radical Experiments in Anthropology, Medicine, and Psychiatry

Chair: Seth Holmes (Joint Medical Anthropology Program, UCB/UCSF)

Police Video: 4th Street Incident, November 2016

The Rad Med Collective – A panel discussion with: Sam Dubal, MD, PhD (UCB); Nadia Gaber (Med Anthro, UCSF); Anthony Wright (Med Anthro, UCB); Nick Nelson, MD (UCSF/Highland Hospital); Robert Okin (Professor Emeritus, Psychiatry, UCSF)

“Policing as a Public Health Issue”

12:10 pm Political and Moral Economies of Organ Transplant & Organ Trafficking

Video Introduction: “Kidney Pirates” (Dan Rather with Nancy in Moldova)

Dr. Francis Delmonico (MD, Harvard)

Video: “Combating Organ Trafficking”

Diane Tober (UCSF)

"Comodifying Bodies in Iran and the US"

Zvika Orr (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)

“International Norms and Israeli Medical Ethics of Organ Transplant”

Itamar Haritan (University of Tel Aviv)

“A Note on Trafficking with the Anthropologist Kidney Hunter”

1:20 pm Companheiros in the Field

Welcome: Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Philippe Bourgois

Patricio Antonio da Silva (Timbauba and Sao Paulo, Brazil)

“A local film artist reflects on his work with Nancy on the Alto do Cruzeiro”

Joao Marcelo Gomes Ferreira (Timbauba, Brazil)

“Fighting for the Rights of Children and the prosecution of local death squads”

Michael Hughes, Jennifer Scheper-Hughes, Sarah Hughes, and Nate Hughes

“A Captive Research Team”


3:00 pm Radical Hope During Difficult Times: Brazil & the US

Chair: James Holston (UCB)

Donna Goldstein (Univ. of Colorado)

“Trump and Temer: The Brazilian Coup d’Etat and the U.S. Global Political Catastrophe”

Misha Klein (Professor of Anthropology, Univ. of Oklahoma)

“Public Art and Resistance in the Shadow of a Coup”

Candace Slater (Professor of Portuguese Studies, UCB)

Transition to the Morrison Reading Room, Doe Library

Healing the World

5:00 pm Welcome

Convener: Carla Hesse (Dean of Social Sciences, UCB)

Chair: Lawrence Cohen (Professor of Anthropology, UCB)

David Napier (Professor of Medical Anthropology, University College London)

“Epidemics and Xenophobia, or why Xenophilia Matters”

Matthew Gutmann (Professor of Anthropology, Brown University)

“Barking Dogs, Gendered Despair, and Healing in Hot Water”

Kim Hopper (Columbia University)

The Good Thief: Reflections on Nancy as Unwitting Mentor”

Epilogue: Loïc Wacquant (Professor of Sociology, UCB)

“A Secret Letter”

6:00 pm Toasts & Roasts led by Gail Kligman and followed by Reception, Music, & Dance

Sponsored by: UC Humanities Research Institute; Institute for the Study of Societal Issues (UCB); Center for Latin American Studies (UCB);Center for the Study of Law and Society (UCB)

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University of California, Berkeley

Phoebe A Hearst Museum of Anthropology

103 Kroeber Hall

Berkeley, CA 94720

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