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Casey Community Center

810 South Frederick Ave

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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Be one of the 1st to experience a NEW GAME about navigating through the Behavioral Health System!

On December, 19th, On Our Own of Montgomery County will host it's Annual Meeting at Casey Community Center. Come spend time with friends and community members.

The event will be from 4pm - 7pm. There will be door prizes, games, raffles and great food.

We wish to honor and recognize some of the members at the center and neighborhood citizens who have impacted the center and the community in a positive way.

Would you like to nominate someone? Please provide your name, contact information and the name, contact information of the person you are nominating. Explain why you wish to nominate them for the award you selected. The person does not need to be a member of On Our Own of Montgomery County, as long as they have contributed to the betterment of the Peer Movement. They can also be someone in the community.

To be a member, click MEMBERSHIP. for only $24 a year!

Nominations are due by Midnight December 9th, 2018. Email, and in the subject put Nomination


Silver Shield Award - The award goes to someone who is not working in a formal peer role. They have demonstrated a strong commitment to valuing the voice of people and who have been there. They have consistently played a supportive role in creating a space where people with mental health can be heard.

Bright Beginning Award – This award is for someone who identifies as a peer and is connected in some way to the traditional mental health system. In that role, they demonstrated a fearlessness in challenging current belief systems and approaches in combination with courage and skill.

Green Award - This award will be presented to a person who is conscientious of the environment and the impact that humans have on the future. They can be seen sorting or collecting recycables. They do their best to educate our community on how to be kinder to our planet.

Associate Appreciation Award – Will go to a provider who has been working in a traditional provider environment. In that role, they demonstrated a willingness to challenge old perceptions and standards and an absolute commitment to supporting the organization to move forward in new and creative ways that are consistent with building a values-driven approach.

Exceptional Volunteerism Award - This award will go to someone who has been exceptionally giving of their time in a peer role, on a volunteer basis. Their activities may include organizing events, serving on committees, facilitating groups, etc. Regardless of their activity, their time and energy has come to be invaluable to the organization or community of which they are a part.

World Changer Award - This award will go to someone who has been working in a paid peer role and who has played a lead role in the development and implementation of a particular project related to peer-to-peer work or values. This can include a new type of group, a one-time event, an educational or outreach initiative, etc.

Valor of Values Award - This award will go to someone who is in a peer role and who has really gone the extra mile to exemplify the values for which they stand. Compassion, flexibility, integrity and curiosity all come to mind when you think of them!

Making a Difference Award – This award will go to someone who has been an inspiration. They would of exemplified the value of being a good person and contributing to the community in their own work and through other specific activities that made a difference in the lives of people of are receiving service.

Impact Award – Provider Role: This award will go to someone who has been working in a clinical or administrator role in a traditional organization for at least one year, and who has demonstrated unwavering support for and taken actions toward developing peer roles in a way that is consistent with the integrity of peer-to-peer work.

Stardom Award - This award will go to someone who has been working in a paid or volunteer peer role for around one year or less, but who has really ‘jumped in’ with both feet! They have lots of ideas, positive energy, and/or the willingness to help out with a variety of tasks. They really stand out as having the potential to achieve what they want.

Advocacy Award- This Award goes to a peer who has Advocated for the betterment of the lives of peers who live in Maryland and/or Montgomery County. This person has communicated with politicians, stakeholders and influential people to help combat stigma.

Grassroots Award- This Award goes to a peer who makes efforts to preserve the grassroots movement. They have exemplified that we are not broken and that we do not need to be fixed. They stand out as being a voice for those who don’t have one.

Advocacy for Young Adults - This award goes to a person who speaks up for what young adults want in recovery. People who are between the ages of 17- 26 need a voice at the table and this person has helped young adults work through some difficult situations.

Integrity Award - What do you do when no one is watching? This award is for a person who has strong integrity. This person might speak up for others who don't have a voice, defend people when they aren't there in person, stay grounded when people are gossiping, start a conversation with a provider who wasn’t following the values of being a good person.

Advocacy For a Better Tomorrow Award - This award is for a person who is in the community. They could be anyone that makes efforts to ensure that people with mental health issues and issues with substances have a better tomorrow.

Heart & Soul Award - This award goes to a person peer, friend or family member who has dedicated their time and effort. They work tirelessly to make sure that task is completed. This person is creative and free-spirited.

The Matt Fox Award - This award goes to someone who has been having a difficult time and has worked through it. Sometimes it seems like we can't get a break. It's one bad thing happening after the next. This person kept pushing on and found hope on the other side. This is an award about resiliency and not giving up before the miracle happens.

The Ginny Dent Award - Ginny was a woman who gave her all. She was a powerful advocate and a friend to the On Our Own family forever. This award goes to a long time member who has been there for people when they needed some extra understanding.

Have an idea for an award? Let us know!

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Date and Time


Casey Community Center

810 South Frederick Ave

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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