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Annual Congress on Advances in Biotechnology (aac) AS

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Annual Congress on Advances in Biotechnology

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Recent Enhancement in Academic and Industrial Research


The world is facing itsextinction with the climatic changes, Global Warming, emerging and re-emergingnew diseases uncontrollable waste generation, Depleting natural resource alongwith poverty and water scarcity. The Scientist from all over the world doing thembest to compete with the Problems for the wellbeing of the Society.

Numerous research’s lackthe implementation, Biotechnology2020is an attempt to culminate the World’s Promising innovative minds and todiscuss their ideas through the presentation.

Why to attend theConference?

We have to join our handsto fight against the Outbreak of Diseases in the society. It is a huge battleto fight, all the interdisciplinary field of Biotechnology must merge and bringwith the idea which can revolutionize the World. Biotechnology 2020is the place for the Collaboration of Biotechnologist, Molecular Biologist,Geneticist, Genetic Engineer, Industrialist, Chemical Engineers,Environmentalist, Nanotechnologist, Food technologist, PharmaceuticalScientist, Market analyst to come up with a potential solution for the prevailingproblems.

We believe there isalways something to learn from Others and Biotechnology 2020is the place for that.

Why in Paris, France?

Paris is a beautiful citywith its tourist attraction made us to Organize the Conference. We believe thatParis is the perfect choice for a research vacation. Paris is the home formuch next-generation BiotechnologyCompanies producing Innovative products. I am sure that you will be having a very goodexperience with Paris in Our Conference and a pleasant memory to take home.

Conference Highlights

  • Cell Line Development
  • Stem Cell Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Microbiome
  • CRISPR Cas 9 and its Application
  • Biopolymer
  • Immunology
  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Animal Biotechnology
  • Algal Biotechnology
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Cell Biology and Molecular Biotechnology
  • Bio products and Bioenergy
  • Industrial Biotechnology and Fermentation techniques
  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Epigenetics
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Genetic engineering and r-DNA technology
  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Protein Engineering
  • Techniques in Biotechnology
  • Computational Biology
  • Future Advancement in Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology capital and Grants


Session on Cell line Development

The cell line development is critical for the identification and the production of Monoclonal Antibodies and recombinant protein. But the process of its production is time-consuming and facing huge contamination. The congress is organized to address the advanced method for the early clone selection and for the complex molecule production. the researchers having experience in this field are welcomed to present their research in this congress.

Session on Stem Cell Biotechnology

With stress and the onset of different diseases regularly, our stemcells could not retain its ability of infinite cell division. Stem Cell Biotechnology can introduce the stem cell or induce the stem cells to the affected area to perform its action. With this stemcell, we can synthesize the Insulin to treat Diabetes and can replace any damaged neurons with a healthy one to regain its action. With stem cells, we can cure medically untreatable diseases like Heart attack by growing the cell outside and inject them. With all this advancement the stem cells have their own Controversy. We welcome all the researches, Scientist, Researcher scholars, Professors, Post-doctorate student to present their research and make a big impact on this stem cell research.

Session on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Bioformulation like antibodies, Vaccines and nucleic acid products are the major drug consumed by the patients. Their interaction with the body, their stability, and the shelf life and their delivery system must analysed before formulating the drug. The Pharmaceutical industry has evolved to use genetic engineering to produce 3rd generation drugs like long lasting and fast acting insulin, erythropoietin, the GM microorganism were used to produce the bioproduct of interest. There is a need for the development of new drugs for emerging diseases. All your ideas and research are welcomed at this conference, Join us in Paris on February 17-18, 2020.

Session on CRISPR Cas 9 and its Application

The bacteria have the capacity to use the intron less 13kbp-14Mbp. With comparatively short genome the bacteria fascinate the scientific world by the continuous identification of novel enzymes. One such intelligent product of Bacteria is CRISPR-Cas 9 which is an enzyme and can selectively degrade the invading virus and helps the Bacteria to survive. selective identification of the foreign DNA can be achieved by the single guide RNA (gRNA) is the genetic element of the invading Organism and that was injected into the bacterial genome and the sequence which is complementary to the gRNA gets cut by this system. This CRISPR has an alternative sequence of Cas 9. The cas9 is a digestive enzyme which can digest the double standard DNA of the foreign organism and let them subject to the genetic modification. With the CRISPR it is possible to treat the genetic disorders and gene therapy where the defective gene can be replaced with the correct sequence of the DNA. The application of CRISPR on humans will have a high ethical issue.

Session on Biopolymer

With awareness about plastic waste and it's harmful effect, there is a need for the development of the effective alternative with no harm to society. The main advantage of Bioplastic is that is Biodegradable as they are produced by the micro-organisms. This polymer can be a protein or a carbohydrate or can be a lipid. These Biopolymers have the capacity to change the world in a more productive pathway. This Biopolymers will be having an application on the packaging materials and act as an alternative to the plastics. The research in this field is necessary and have to be addressed to society.

Session on Immunology

An angel become a Devil if the condition becomes worse.

As Immune cells attacking the body own cells and promoting the cancer Growth, we are forced to tackle the adverse situation by the complete understanding of the immune cells and its mechanism of action. Immune cells selectively detect and eliminate the foreign cell by means of numerous chemokine receptor and the signaling molecule. The conference is the place for the perfect discussion of your research to contribute to the wellbeing of the people.

Session on Medical Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology is the application of all the field of Biotechnology, where all the medical products and its effects on the Body will be discussed, the cells were engineered to produce the drugs. The Medical Biotechnology involves the manufacture of Diagnostic device. By session on this will provide you with the Countless information about the recent advancement and ideas to do research on. Immensely happy to invite the researchers to present their research papers.

Session on Microbiology

Microbes are the base of evolution and they are now evolving to be resistant for the drugs which make the Pharma Industry in agitation. Along with this identification of novel microbes, every day left the world in fear. On the other hand, with the complete sequence of the microbial genome, the scientist can make use of the microbe to produce the novel useful products of their interest, which are not usually produced by them. The Scientist has formulated the Virus Cocktail to selectively eliminate the pathogenic bacteria without disturbing the beneficial bacteria in the gut to treat Food poisoning. To culminate the research on all the areas of Microbiology we have arranged the platform to discuss your knowledge in this field.

Session on Animal Biotechnology

The animals were engineered to produce the Human protein and extinct animals can be regrown with this technique. Animals with high resemblance can be used for the clinical trials as they may mimic the human body can give the effect of drugs following the Cell Culture Techniques. The products from the animals can be enhanced with the quality and quantity like Hypo-allergic milk with high protein, synthesizing the protein in the Chicken Egg, Drug delivering RBC and the human organ can be grown in the animal body and used for the transplantation. Are you a researcher doing novel research and waiting for the recognition or having an idea and seeking Guidance from the experts? Then this is the forum you should opt for.

Session on Algal Biotechnology

Algae is the Omnipresent and highly Complicated micro-organism. Which can be taken as a dietary Supplements act as a source for Bioactive Compounds like PUFA, Carotenoids, other Bioactive Compounds. The depleting petrol forces us to investigate an alternative which can be cost-effective and easy to use. The algae is an effective choice as they can produce a lipid which can act as biodiesel. The algae can act as an alternative food source to Mankind.

Session on Nanobiotechnology

The advancement in the Biomedical engineering gives us the information about changes in the composition of the blood Components can be monitored by the Chip and the drugs can be directly delivered to the target side without any harmful effect. To bring awareness about the recent advantage and application of Nanobiotechnology in the medicinal field and its potential opportunity in the future, all the researchers are invited to share their knowledge about the nanotechnology.

Session on Cell Biology and Molecular Biotechnology

The Body is made up of cells with a unique function. It is a factory with the continuous manufacture of proteins and disposes of waste. When the waste is clogged somewhere there is an onset of diseases. Each and every second we are injecting the allergens and carcinogens, but we are guarded by the highly regulated and organized immune cells and signalling molecules. But there is an onset of diseases everywhere, the Cancer cells are escaping from the apoptosis. The complete knowledge of Cell Biology and Molecular Biology is necessary to understand the mechanism of interaction between the cells to fight against the Diseases.

Session on Bio products and Bioenergy

The energy trapped by the plants and the other organic material can be used to obtain energy with the agreement to the thermodynamic second law: Energy can neither be created nor be Destroyed but we can transfer it from the unusable to usable form in an environmental friendly way. The Bioenergy produce less harm to the environment and safeguard very natural resource of the world. The methane gas obtained from the organic waste will yield electricity, but this is comparatively less when compared with the Conventional method of energy generation. The enhancement in the research has to be done to meet the needs of the World Population.

Session on Industrial Biotechnology and Fermentation techniques.

This involves the use of chemicals and synthesized enzymes to produce useful products and the purification along with the packaging. The organisms were genetically engineered to produce the enzymes to convert the raw materials to the usable pharmaceuticals, detergents and chemical products. This involves the use of Biocatalyst which can an enzyme or a metal ion which can speed up the reaction. The industrial Biotechnology faces the revolution every day and the “Biotechnology 2020” have attempted to sum up the advance in this conference.

Session on Environmental Biotechnology

With awareness about plastic waste and its harmful effect, there is a need for the development of the effective alternative with no harm to society. The main advantage of Bioplastic is that is Biodegradable as they are produced by the micro-organisms. This polymer can be a protein or a carbohydrate or can be a lipid. These Biopolymers have the capacity to change the world in a more productive pathway. This Biopolymers will be having an application on the packaging materials and act as an alternative to the plastics. The research in this field is necessary and have to be addressed to society.

Session on Food Biotechnology

To meet with the food requirement of the growing population the food contamination has to be eliminated and the shelf life of the food has to be increased. This can be achieved by means of food processing with enzymes. Food biotechnology has grown to a level to delay the dehydration of fruits by spraying the water-soluble powder over the fruits. The animal meat can be obtained from the cell culture without killing the animals. The kitchen ingredient can be synthesized in the mini-Bioreactor and the condition of the meat is analyzed by the app. By providing the Simultaneous Microwave and Pasteurisation, the rate of exposure to the high temperature is decreased with enhanced taste and nutrient quality. Followed by genetically engineered cabbage in Sweden and the pigs were engineered to produce the less fat and high nutrient. All the research has the primary aim of enhancing the quality of food. As there is a continuous evolution in this field, we would like to bring your research to light for a better understanding.

Session on Epigenetics

The earth is subjected to continuous climatic change and high pollution, this leads to various changes in the body and Catastrophic Biodiversity loss. The whole ecosystem is under threat with Global Warming, it affects the ecological process which acts as a base for the ecosystem has shown changes to the Environment. This leads to the devastating decrease in the Agricultural Yield and the research in this area is mandatory for the wellness of the Society. Nature has responded back to the changes which may lead to the production of mutated Novel Creatures. We don’t know where these slow changes in the Human DNA will lead the Human population. The research in this field is welcome to present in Paris On Feb 17-18, 2020.

Session on Plant Biotechnology

The traditional plant yield is not enough to satisfy the hunger of a growing population, the plant Biotechnology involves the introduction of the desired character into the plants which is not originally present in them. Africa is the poorest country because of the desert and no vegetation, the scientist has attempted to produce the plant with the ability to grow in the desert. All the impossible is possible with the Plant Biotechnology. Biotechnology 2020 is the forum for your scientific result discussion.

Session on Genetic engineering and r-DNA technology

Genetic engineering is the modification of DNA by Genetic means, which can be attained by the gene targeting, nuclear transplant and by the insertion of new DNA into them. The invitro negative selection can be done by the suicide gene. With the Gene Knockout and Knockin we can change the phenotype of the Organism. The gene editing tools have created to directly edit the DNA and TCR engineering. This Genetic engineering could possibly give the cure to major Problems to Human Health. Genetic engineering leads to the revolution in Agriculture and Medicine. Transgenic animals and plants producing the human protein simplifies the pharmaceutical industry. Researchers doing similar research are Welcomed to present in the “Biotechnology 2020”.

Session on Genetics and Genomics

There is a developing need for understanding the mechanism of diseases at the gene and allele level for the formulation of drugs and for the development of new drugs and to test their influence in the body. The Genetic Diseases can be avoided by gene sequencing and the earlier detection of the disease can save the life of the people. They can provide the interaction between the DNA, RNA and their Chromatin network. The identification of the Marker gene and the Master gene can be identified with the combination of Genetics and Genomics.

Session on Protein Engineering

The folding of the protein can do magic in the stability and the activity of the protein, Protein Engineering involves the engineering of the protein to increase the functionality of the protein and increase its stability. Some proteins are highly conserved throughout the evolution and those proteins have highly regulated function compared to the other. The folding of the protein has a very important role in the stability of the protein. Protein engineering involves the production of unnatural proteins by means of Modification in the amino acid.

Session on Device and Diagnostics

Biotechnology is an experimental Subject with numerous techniques which is facing a revolution in every minute by the interrelation of Biomedical and the Information technologies. The traditional technique is time-consuming and gives results with mere accuracy. The quantity of results obtained from them will also be less. The Biotechnology Techniques have evolved to give hundreds of results in a second. Researchers, Lab technicians, and the Industrialist having an immense Knowledge in this technique and the Instruments were invited as a Speaker for “Biotechnology 2020”.

Session on Computational Biology

The complexity of the Biological data was simplified with the collaboration of computers and algorithms. For the past decade, this computational biology has saved the lives of many people and gave answers to many problems. Biotechnology 2020 have organized a special forum for the recent advancement in Computational Biology to be addressed and discussed among the researchers.

Session on Future Advancement in Biotechnology

Biotechnology has grown enough to treat most diseases and the future advancement in this field is necessary to make humans resistant to disease. The simplification of the diagnostic tools from blood analysis to chip, the Anything is possible with Biotechnology, as there is a theory on the evolution of Humans, Humans can be further evolved to some other species. All the ideas are invited to this conference and you could enjoy the fun of learning at this Conference.

Session on Biotechnology capital and Grants

Biotechnology industries were growing day by day and the funding for the Industries have to meet the need. There is a growing Biotechnology start-up and the potential Market of them in the global market has to be analyzed. This conference will provide you an Opportunity to explore about the Current trend in the Biotechnology Industry and the Future Opportunity.


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