Annual Conference of the Danish Electrochemical Society

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Annual Conference of the Danish Electrochemical Society

The Danish Electrochemical Society (DEF) is organising an annual two-day online conference on Electrochemical Science and Technology.

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This year's conference has five plenary talks in line with the theme “Green Electrochemical Processes for a Decarbonised Future”.

The speakers and the titles of their talks are:

1. Shelley Minteer (University of Utah). Oct 29th, 15:00. Title: Bioelectrocatalysis for Greener Synthesis

2. Anders K. Jensen (Ørsted). Oct 29th, 15:40. Title: Ørsted and Renewable Hydrogen

3. Marta C. Figueiredo (Eindhoven University of Technology). Oct 29th, 16:20. Title: Electrocatalysis for the Synthesis of High-Value Compounds and Energy Carriers

4. Marc Koper (Leiden University). Oct 30th, 15:00. Title: Advances and Challenges in Understanding the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2

5. Karen Chan (DTU). Oct 30th, 15:40. Title: Theoretical Investigations of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

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