Ancient & Authentic - Chopra Center Signature Yoga - Semi-Private Class
Ancient & Authentic - Chopra Center Signature Yoga - Semi-Private Class

Ancient & Authentic - Chopra Center Signature Yoga - Semi-Private Class

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Inner Qi Acupuncture and Wellness

7501 NW 4th Street

Suite 202

Plantation, Florida 33317

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Rediscover yoga in its most traditional and authentic form in a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Class

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is a unique form of hatha yoga that blends the 5,000-year-old yogic tradition of India with the principles of Deepak Chopra’s international bestselling classic, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Students cultivate a deep state of body-centered restful awareness, and learn how to maintain balance and calm in the midst of life’s daily stresses.

Learn the true principles of yoga and conscious living. When you take a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga class, you infuse your practice with spirit and bring the Seven Laws into action in your daily life.

In addition to exploring the depths of your soul, you will learn:

  • The spiritual law of the day
  • Pranayama breathing exercises
  • Strength, flexibility and balance postures
  • Sanskrit terms for poses/asanas
  • Meditation techniques
  • Energy opening postures
  • Infinite possibilities

Semi private group, limited to four students per class.

Only 6 Dates left in 2016

1 x 75 minute class to experience the benefits of this ancient method firsthand, only $25

These yoga sessions are all semi private groups of 4 only, so they will have to be on a first come, first served basis, booked in advance. Payment confirms your spot. I know you understand:)

Package discount for 4 class times of your choosing Nov 29-Dec 13, only $88

  • 4 x 75 min Chopra Center Signature semi-private yoga classes
    • 1 Couple, 2 classes each
    • 1 Person, 4 classes
    • 1 Group of 4, 1 class
    • etc.

Email: to select your class times and reserve your personalized package.

Location: Inner Qi Acupuncture & Wellness at University & Broward in Plantation, FL


If you’re like millions of other people who practice yoga, you’re aware that it is a wonderful way to improve your flexibility, balance, muscle tone, and endurance. Most likely, you have experienced the feelings of tranquility and vitality that flow during a good yoga session and that stay with you throughout the day. These benefits are excellent reasons to practice yoga, yet they only hint at the extraordinary and transformative power of this ancient practice. At last, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga brings spirituality back to the practice of yoga today.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga integrate 5,000-year-old Vedic wisdom with modern yogic interpretations, creating a daily yoga practice to help you unite body, mind, and spirit. Based on the teachings presented in Deepak Chopra and David Simon's popular book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, this beautiful practice blends meditation, Pranayama, yoga philosophy, sun salutations, and Asana development to bring you into alignment with the magnificent rhythms of the cosmos.

When you learn yoga postures in Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga classes, the seven principles are woven into your practice and movements. Even as students learn traditional yoga postures, the attention and intention they give to these principles improves the quality of all aspects of their lives.

What is Yoga?

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning union. More than an exercise routine, yoga is a complete science of balanced living and a path to higher knowledge and joyful abundance. When adhered to and practiced mindfully, the yoga principles and techniques of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga can be the keys to unlocking your full creative potential, your capacity for love and compassion, and your ability to find success in all areas of life.

What are The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga?

Since its release in 1994, Deepak Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has improved the lives of millions around the world. Through seven easily understood principles, the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success teaches that harmony, happiness, and abundance are available to anyone willing to embrace a consciousness-based approach to life.

Chopra Center co-founders, Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon have designed a daily yoga practice to help you unite body, mind, and spirit, bringing you into alignment with the magnificent rhythms of the cosmos.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga infuses your practice with spirit while bringing the seven laws into action each day. Every class plays a crucial role in yoga’s path to enlightenment while providing you with a wealth of meditation techniques, mantras, breathing exercises, and yoga poses.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Even if yoga only enhanced physical fitness, the time spent in practice would be fully worthwhile. Luckily, yoga offers much more than just a way to exercise the body. The deeper meaning and gift of yoga is the path it offers into the timeless world of spirit. Yoga gives the gift of a calm mind, even in the midst of chaos, by teaching you to let go and bring awareness to every moment. In this expanded state of consciousness, you experience freedom from suffering. You remember your essential spiritual nature, and life becomes more joyful, meaningful, and carefree.

The biggest benefits come from the deeper understanding of yoga’s essence: the union of body, mind, and spirit. Mind-body integration means establishing a healthy dialogue between your thoughts and your cells. While the body appears to be material, it’s really a field of energy and intelligence that’s inextricably connected to the mind. Your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions influence every cell in the body and therefore play a major role in your wellbeing.

Yoga is a powerful practice that enhances your mind-body integration. Through conscious breathing, movement, and attention to the physical postures, you cultivate a state of body-centered restful awareness. You listen to the signals your body is sending to you in the present moment and you expand the energy in your body through your attention and intention. A body that is listened to responds with greater strength, vitality, and health. It’s so powerful that regular practice can help you attain:

  • Success and abundance
  • Loving relationships
  • Higher states of consciousness including intuition, creativity, insight, imagination, and inspiration

The remarkable benefits of a regular yoga practice, which include improved flexibility, balance, muscle tone, endurance, and vitality, only hint at the extraordinary power of this deeply spiritual practice.

Physical Benefits: Creates a toned, flexible, and stronger body. Improves flexibility and range of motion. Improves respiration, energy, and vitality. Helps to maintain a balanced metabolism. Promotes cardiovascular and circulatory health. Relieves pain and strengthens posture. Improves your athletic performance. Enhances balance. Improves endurance. Enhances immune function.

Mental Benefits: Helps relieve stress. Helps achieve body-centered restful awareness. Encourages positive thoughts and develops self-acceptance.

Spiritual Benefits: Builds awareness of your body, your feelings, the world around you and the needs of others. Promotes a deeper connection between mind, body, and spirit. Helps you to experience a deeper connection to self and spirit on and off the mat.

Yoga is more than a system of physical fitness. It is a science of balanced living, a path for realizing full human potential.

During this course, these things will become evident to you. See you there!

Any questions, please call 561-908-4800.

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Date and Time


Inner Qi Acupuncture and Wellness

7501 NW 4th Street

Suite 202

Plantation, Florida 33317

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