An Evening of Pro Bono, Sales-Pitch-Free Tech Consultations for Nonprofits (03/31/2015, Cambridge Innovation Center)

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An Evening of Pro Bono, Sales-Pitch-Free Tech Consultations for Nonprofits (03/31/2015, Cambridge Innovation Center)

By Annkissam

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015 · 6 - 8pm EDT


Cambridge Innovation Center, 5th Floor Havana Room 1 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02142


Annkissam, Tech Networks of Boston, and 501Partners are hosting an evening of pro bono technology consultations in a salespitch free setting at the Cambridge Innovation Center, and would like to invite employees of local nonprofit organizations to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain assistance that is free of charge and has no strings attached.

A team of nonprofit technology mavens have volunteered their services for the evening; nonprofit professionals will be able to receive brief one-to-one consultations on a variety of topics. We strongly encourage you to solicit second, third, and even fourth opinions at this event!

Here's a sample of the topics on which consultations will be available:

  • Assessing custom software services

  • Assessing software products

  • Cloud-based solutions

  • Constituent relationship management (CRM)

  • Data analytics

  • Data and organizational culture

  • Data-driven web applications

  • Database design

  • Database implementation

  • Database development

  • Decision support

  • Donor management solutions

  • Ethical issues for information and communication technologies

  • Evaluation/performance management software

  • Geographic information systems

  • Hands on tech support

  • Identifying free and low cost technology resources

  • Network administration / network engineering

  • Operational IT planning

  • Project management / project implementation

  • Salesforce for nonprofits

  • Secure remote access

  • Solutions for collaboration among nonprofit organizations

  • Strategic database planning

  • Strategic technology planning

  • Usability / user experience

Participation in this event is free of charge for employees of nonprofit organizations. Food and drink will be provided for all.

Please note that this event is by invitation only, and that you must have a confirmed registration in order to participate. We hope that you will register and join us!

P.S. In order to prevent slack time for our mavens and overcrowding, we are asking you to sign up to arrive at either 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm, but not to sign up for both.

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  • HTSgo: Replacement software for the discontinued EVSpc/EVScall software from MassHealth, HTSgo uses the same real time data interface used by large providers, supporting thousands of checks per day

  • AFC Home: A platform specifically designed for the data and reporting needs of Massachusetts Adult Family Care programs

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