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Amazing Life Journey

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Not all women in their 40s have figured out their lives. And I'm not talking about having reached a pinnacle or perfection. On the contrary. Many women are still waiting for the pinnacle, for perfection, and feeling shame, like something is fundamentally wrong with them, because they haven't arrived. Their spirits are broken and they are discouraged. Is that you?

Do you remember freshmen year in high school? Confusion, getting into the wrong classes, not knowing how to get out of things, hanging with the wrong people. I was constantly afraid of doing the wrong thing, and actually doing the wrong things. Those were my 20s.

Sophomore year I thought I knew it all. Intellectually, I was challenged. I was learning "new lessons" and I was still afraid - I knew the building, I no longer got lost, but I didn't know the system. I was trying hard to prove that I was no longer a newbie. Asking for help was super hard, I was trying to be wonder woman. Some days I was. Those were my 30s.

Junior year was lit. I no longer wanted to prove anything to anyone. I knew the ins and out of this thing called high school. I knew the building, I could walk without getting lost and for the most part, without hitting my little toe in the corner of the wall. If I tripped, I had friends who would catch me or help me up. I might not have fully known the system, but I had one that worked for me. I was working hard, playing hard. But I wasn't a senior. I had experience, I knew what I was doing, and I had time to get it right.

Senior year was emotionally rivetting. The anxiety of what comes next was burning in my chest. The freedom that comes with "I'm outta here" looked like a hot mess to others, but felt great on my skin. I didn't think twice about the building, the system, the bullies, or the administration. I invested myself in loving people and making memories.

I'm living a combined Junior/Senior season in life. My 20s and 30s are behind me, and I no longer need to prove anything to anyone. This thing called "life" has become an amazing journey to be lived, not survived. When I fall, there are beautiful loving people ready to catch me or help me up. I don't know all the rules, but I am living by some that are working out just fine. Assuming I don't drop dead (which can totally happen, I know that now!), I have time on my side. It seems like every 48 hours I'm either in soul pain, or in pure ecstasy. In between, I'm either rising or falling. The rollercoaster is the fullness of life, it gives life breadth and depth, and I have learned to live in it.

My Amazing Life Journey is all about:

Dream - reconnecting to the dreams, the soul desire that makes life purposeful, the emotions that color the journey

Launch - get busy about living and making ish happen, imperfectly, even wrong!

Live - embracing your rythm and your style, and finally accepting what is

Starting March 27, we will dream, launch and live together! This is how:

* Digging deep to re-discover our fondest dreams of love and purpose

* Becoming honest about what we really want, confessing that in appropriate ways that allow us to bury the dead and give birth to the new

* Getting real about what it takes to make shifts in life - none of these "3 days to a new life" - I am not one of those life coaches...

* Allowing the Spirit to lead, developing trust by embracing fear, and therefore finally learning to love well

* Getting support and accountability to ensure the shifts are happening (one-on-one coaching, every two weeks)

* Group sessions to share, listen, and learn new skills and concepts (group coaching, every two weeks)

* Amazing Life Journey retreat in Siesta Key, FL August 4-6

I am enjoying watching you dream, launch and live. What are you waiting for?


Are there minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No. If this sounds right for you, then it is.

What is included with the three registration options?

Full Package ($1500) includes:

8 one-on-one, 50 minute, coaching sessions with me (Value: $1200)

8 group sessions of 90 minutes each (Value: $800)

3-day retreat (all materials, breakfast, lunch) (Value: $1200)

Total Value: $3200 - YOUR INVESTMENT: $1500

Virtual Only Package includes:

8 one-on-one, 50 minute, coaching sessions (Value: $1200)

8 group sessions of 90 minutes each (Value: $800)

Total Value: $2000 - YOUR INVESTMENT: $1000

Retreat Only Package includes:

3-day retreat (all materials, breakfast, lunch)** (Value: $1200)

**Loding and flights are NOT included**

Total Value: $1200 - YOUR INVESTMENT: $750

How are the coaching sessions completed?

One-on-One and Group Coaching will happen via the phone. Both sessions will be recorded and available for you to download/replay at your own leisure.

All sessions are confidential. Private sessions (one-on-one) are accessible to ONLY you. Group sessions are available to the whole group.

Depending on the topic for that day, you will also receive an email with worksheets and/or content to read, or a journaling assignment, etc.

Can I create a payment plan?

YES! Contact me directly to establish a payment plan. franchyescoto at gmail. com

What's the refund policy?

Virtual Program Refund - 50% will be refunded within 30 days of program start. No refunds after 30 days.

Retreat Refund - Full refund until June 7, 2017. 50% refund until July 7, 2017. No refunds after July 8, 2017.

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Online/Siesta Key, FL

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