AMA: Co-Founder, Round2 Shop, Inc., announced a $20 million public offering

Event description


F-1 OPT students, novice women in tech, and aspiring women in venture capital are invited to ask Ms. Lin general questions about her experience with creating her own company while on F-1 OPT status, publishing her first iOS and Android mobile application:

and filing an SEC Form D for Round2 Shop, Inc.,, to announce a 506(c) public offering of $20 million for working capital.


The purpose of the meeting is to network with like-minded individuals and to inspire the attendees to consider becoming an executive trainee of Rauhmel Fox, CEO,, Inc., a fee-based service.

Prospective attendees are invited to add Ms. Lin on LinkedIn and submit one question in advance for her to prepare to answer during the free session:

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