Alternative Troubles Tour - There's More to Belfast than Walls

Event description


Coming to Belfast and looking for a walking tour with a bigger picture? This is a 2.5 hour tour providing a complete understanding of Belfast, it's history and the 'troubles' whilst placing it within the context of a fast changing world. We’ve been walking the streets for money since 2009 delivering excellence all that time. We cover the ‘Troubles’ in detail but there’s so much more to the city; it’s alive with music, theatre, culture and art and has a hidden radical side. We love it so much we wrote a book on it (The Little Book of Belfast) and we love sharing our local knowledge and humour with visitors. We’ll bring you places, you wouldn’t find and tell you things you wouldn’t know. We cover 2.5 miles in two and a half hours, in Belfast City Centre. The pace is gentle, the company is good and it’s great fun!

Along our way

- Belfast City Hall, Linen Hall Library, Sites of bombings, Spirit of Belfast, The Entries, Albert Clock, Spirit of Belfast, The River Lagan, The Big Fish, Custom House Square, Cathedral Quarter, Murals, St George’s Church, Assembly Rooms, Donegall Street, Historic Church


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