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ALM Data Challenge


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Saturday, October 12, 2013 · 9:30am - 4pm PDT


PLOS Headquarters 1160 Battery Street #100 San Francisco, CA 94111


Instead of the traditional hackathon, which generally signals the end of a workshop/conference, we will be hosting a Data Challenge. Consider it a Data Hackathon!
Since ALMs began in 2009, we have been amassing large volumes of PLOS article data. And many altmetrics providers have also begun to harvest data far beyond the PLOS corpus. Come join us at the PLOS SF office to hack at this rich treasure trove.
A special thanks to the organizations who have donated data for the event: Altmetric, Impact Story, Mendeley, and PLOS. A quick description of the data available:
Altmetric: newspaper and magazine tracking data (news story URLs & DOI pairs) that have been marked up with additional information like country of origin, whether it's a print / online only source etc. There's lots of interesting possibilities around checking to see if German science is reported more by German outlets, seeing how much different countries rely on press releases etc.
Impact Story: 19 reference sets that include metric counts and percentiles for each of 100 randomly-selected products. 10 of the reference sets are of articles, 4 of github repos, 5 of dryad repositories. Each reference set 100 random products selected from a given publication year, so the last 10 years of articles (randomly drawn from Web of Science), last 4 years of github, etc.
Mendeley: 140k rows from the Mendeley database that contain basic bibliographic data + mendeley stats + keywords, categories, tags + identifiers for a random selection of papers in biomedical science added to our database from 2010-2012. Readership values are from 0 to 365, average 5.7.
PLOS: historical usage data (page views and article downloads) for a wide range of PLOS articles since 2003 across journals are available on a monthly basis.

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