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HALCYON, a hotel in Cherry Creek

245 Columbine Street

Denver, CO 80206

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Allison Nicole Design's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Premiere and Networking event at Halcyon, a hotel Cherry Creek from 5 PM - 8 PM

Join us, your local fashion, and bridal community for Allison Nicole Design's Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Premiere and Networking event at Halcyon, a hotel in Cherry Creek from 5 PM - 8 PM. Meet and mingle with the old and new of the design and bridal community, while getting the first look at never before seen designs that are about to hit the runway at New York Bridal Fashion Week in October and Denver Fashion Week in November. Interact with her designs one on one, completely enveloping your eyes and minds for the future of bridal and gownwear.

Live music will be provided by the talented Random Temple, local singer and songwriter, and complimentary food and beverage on a first come, first serve basis at the rooftop of Halycon, a hotel Cherry Creek AKA Elevated Rooftop Bar (street parking and discounted valet parking of $7 is available).

Please RSVP and purchase your free tickets as there will be limited availability for this special occasion.

About the Designer:

Allison Nicole Berger, head designer and owner of Allison Nicole Designs, was born and raised in Laurel, Maryland. Her love for sewing sparked at a very young age as she witnessed her grandmother's construction of beautiful pieces.

“As a child, my grandmother would always do hand-embroidery and paint beautiful things reflective of nature like flowers, butterflies, and animals. I still have many hand-embroidered, and painted quilts that were hand-sewn by her. I have the fondest memories of painting with my grandma; I learned so much from her and I can credit my aesthetic to her. Even though she is not with us anymore, she will always be with me in spirit and live through my designs."

Learn more about Allison Nicole Designs through her website and/or latest published article through 5280:




Manus Supply

Visions come from inspiration and the tangible/obtainable vision is created by our minds and hands to express, share, and commune us together.

Manus Supply is a eco-lifestyle, fashion and apparel collective home based in Denver, Colorado, creating careers in the apparel and manufacturing sector of Colorado and developing locally made products/services with fair ethics.  The company was founded by Khiember Luangphithack in 2018 with the intentions to stitch the company’s moral fibers into the sore and wounded apparel industry. Manus Supply is the platform to educate and influence  the consumers and communities of conscientious, locally-made products with fair apparel and manufacturing practices transparent in every process, host a platform for the independent designers and makers of the global economy that share a similar mission, support the effort to keep handcrafted traditions alive, alongside executing sustainability from the loom, production, store fronts, consumer and the end life with each garment.

We are here to create a wearable, visual voice from our elevated city to other cities that have the potential and opportunity for better fashion and apparel business practices unique to their geographical location. Our target audience is for the consumer seeking a company with all encompassing transparency, true community involvement, anthropologically aware, and provide consciously made garments. As we only have 9 fashion and apparel manufacturers in Denver with outsource labor and apparel retailers purchasing through wholesale shows that utilized offshore production, the products and services supersedes the standards of the consumers and community for a fully open armed and nurtured fashion and apparel practice.

Manus Supply has the objectives and visions to:

  1. Boost Colorado apparel and manufacturing jobs with fair ethics and eco-friendly business practices, while providing an education platform to sustain the unique local fashion and apparel industry.

  2. Run and operate a small cut and sew production

  3. Provide fashion and apparel design services for local designers and create a model to branch out to other cities and create a similar, but unique platform based off of geographical location

  4. Expand our entrepreneurial empowerment model to in the world’s poorest regions for economic sustainability

  5. Establish a social business partnership with other local entrepreneurs, US entrepreneurs, fairtrade businesses, and fair ethics concepts.

  6. Spread anti-sweatshop awareness and educate consumers about the circular fashion business model and fairtrade products.

  7. Host designers and products that share a similar business mission

  8. Publicize and share write ups and stories of  our community’s different grassroots, entrepreneurial communities  

We would like to be the first in Colorado to alter and tailor the name of “US Industrial Manufacturing” into an eco-friendly, about the hands of the creation, driven fashion and apparel manufacturer and store front. There is a lack of consumers purchasing “local” due to the false pretenses that local companies manufacture locally or US made, when in reality it is designed in said state and production is sourced offshores. As the 17th US rank small business city, we have over 76, 406 small business with a large fraction of owners that are begging for a small cut and sew service with transparent, honest products.  We are not selling a standard garment or service sublet by a third party, we are lending our hands out to the community to create sustained expression with a purpose.

Join us hand in hand,

Khiember Luangphithack

Founder and Owner of Manus Supply 

Allison Nicole Designs SS2019 Collection Premiere and Networking Event at HALCYON, a hotel in Cherry Creek

245 Columbine Street, Denver, CO 80206