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SEXPO stands for SEX POsitive

Ever wanted to play with T-gurls, CD’s, or other bisexual men? Looking for that 3rd that can satisfy both of you? Then this is the party for you!!

Let your inhibitions go and indulge those pleasurable fantasies. This is one of the only venues of it’s kind where you can truly be YOU without any judgment. So cum, explore, and embrace all the different ways to have fun and find pleasure that only another cock can provide! They’re willing, so why are you waiting?!

Remember, what happens in the PlayHouse, stays in the PlayHouse!


If you are a TG (MTF/FTM) CIS FEMALE OR CD who has never attended one of our events - the first one is FREE! Contact us letting us know you will be attending for the first time so we can get you added to our guest list.

Bring CIS FEMALES, TG (MTF/FTM) or CD'S who have never attended one of our events with you for FREE!! Purchase Your ticket and bring them with you. Couples, this goes for you too. If your partner has never been here before, purchase a single males and bring your partner for free!

ALL-IN PlayHouse!

The party is located in Hagerstown MD, the event address will be provided in your confirmation email once you purchase your ticket.

Make our space YOUR space!

Make our space your own in our uniquely open environment where everyone and everything is welcomed…yes, that is right, everyone and everything! We warmly welcome bi-men, bi-women, TG (MtF/FtM), cross-dressers, and anyone who enjoys them.

Does this make you curious? Are you wondering what happens behind the closed doors of lavish lifestyle venues? Let us help open your eyes and explore the many options available for your pleasure at one of the most luxurious lifestyle venues around!!

This is a NO JUDGMENT, sex positive play space that is open to everyone from Newbie to Master!

Modern Casual Attire or Costumes:

There are tons of clothing options these days, think outside the box, be creative, be sexy, be wild be kinky but do not show up wearing any of the following or you will be denied entry.

NO athletic wear

NO t-shirts

NO work boots

NO sneakers/tennis shoes

NO bandannas

NO dirty, disheveled, or unkempt work jeans

NO sagging pants, if they are going to hang half way down you might as well take them all the way off!

YES to stylish good looking jeans

YES to Lingerie, Leather, Lace, Latex & Cos Play

All are encouraged to bring more comfortable, sexy, lingerie robes, etc. to change into as the evening progresses, however athletic wear is not permitted .

Men for you this means silk or satin style bottoms or something creative, robes, kilts etc.- think modern day Hefner. Change into something that shows those assets, be free, be creative, be crazy or just take it all off!

We have plenty of changing rooms you can use to change outfits or gender at any time. We also have a SECURE coat check room where you can store your bags and unneeded clothing as well as other items.

Please DO NOT BYOB this event features a full service open bar stocked with top shelf spirits, however, if you are partial to a particular brand of liquor, wine, and you know that we will not have it in stock feel free to bring a bottle of it to the bar.

Bring some cash for the tip jar at the bar and show some love to our professional volunteer staff.

Feel free to bring your toys and other gear!

The ticket price for this evening is:

$40/person, $70/couple + all applicable fees and taxes. There are no sales taken at the door.

All ticket sales are processed on Eventbrite.

If you need hotel accommodations, special hotel rates are available. Be sure to select the free hotel add-on of your liking when purchasing your ticket in order to receive the hotel promo information.

ALL-IN PlayHouse is resuming hosting our one of a kind, anything goes Sex & Kink positive parties again and before we do we wanted to share with you some ways you can help our staff and guest deal with that bitch nobody is interested in playing with – Rona. We cannot guarantee she will not try crash any parties out there but if we all work together and act responsibly, we can make sure she never receives an invitation.

We are all adults and those of us who desire to attend events are doing so fully informed that the virus is still active and understand that the potential for possible exposure does exist.

If you or anyone you live with or frequently come in contact with is in a at risk group, please do not attend ANY events.

The Playhouse is a private home (at least that’s what it looks like from the outside); however, we will also be employing the half capacity standard. That is still a lot of people as this is a large space.

If you are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness prior to or the day off an event, please do not register to or attempt to attend ANY events. Follow safety guidelines and self-quarantine for 2 full weeks.

Upon arrival the precautionary measure of temperature screening and hand washing will be required. Temperatures will be taken using a non-contact infrared thermometer. Anyone registering a fever will be asked to leave. This is a precaution not an actual Covid-19 test.

The general rule has always been ask before you touch, this is even more so expected to be adhered to during this time.

The wearing of mask is neither required or frowned upon. It is a judgement call that will be left up to you… but if you have bad breath wear a mask!

House Rules:

*Doors open at 9PM, ticket sales end at 11:30 pm on the night of the event.

*Those who do not arrive properly dressed will not be admitted; no exceptions.

*Vaping is permitted inside the playhouse, however, all tobacco and THC products must be smoked outdoors on rear deck. There are cigarette butt receptacles prominently placed outside for the disposal of cigarettes please do not flick your cigarettes onto any private property as this behavior will result in a no smoking policy on the property, hold each other accountable as we have a zero tolerance policy on this.

*Pictures are not permitted

*Video recording is not permitted

*Tickets are non-refundable

Party Rules:

ALL-IN PlayHouse is a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Discrimination against sexual orientation, gender identification, gender presentation, race, cultural background, socioeconomic status, or disability will NOT be tolerated.

You must be at least 21 years old to participate.

No touching or grabbing without consent.

Do not approach females playing on the beds unless invited! Give space, This is not a free for all.

There is no guarantee of play, do not assume anything.

Gentlemen, just like in a club or a bar you will still have to use your charm and work your magic in order to get anywhere with anyone you are interested in.

Any kind of uninvited shaming is not permitted.

Please be sure your used condoms and wrappers go in the trash cans placed beside the beds, DO NOT flush condoms down toilets.

We stand behind our security team’s decisions. Violation to these rules may result in being removed and banned from future events.

Bring proof of ticket purchase, if no record of ticket hold can be validated there will be no entry granted.

We have bartenders to serve alcohol to you during the evening, but they have the right to deny serving to anyone that is too intoxicated at any time. We can make ANY cocktail, however, we do not serve shots. No alcohol will be served after 2:00 am.

Anyone who chooses to participate in BDSM activities at the PlayHouse recognizes that there are risks that people choose to do in scenes. Each contributor must evaluate their own risk level; by learning, asking questions, asking a DM, and/or evaluating your own tolerance for risk with your partner.

The house safe word is RED for stop, YELLOW for slow down.

NO scat...

Watersports are permitted in prepped and designated areas.

Please remember that discretion is a must. What happens at the PlayHouse, stays at the PlayHouse.

The Playhouse staff must be obeyed. If you see someone who is unaware of scene etiquette or who is violating the rules, please notify staff.

ALL-IN PlayHouse reserves the right to remove any person, without refund, who violates the Playhouse rules.

Violent, aggressive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. This includes opening or knocking on closed doors. Once reported and investigated, you will be removed and possibly banned. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Controlled substances, firearms and prostitution are strictly forbidden anywhere on our premises. Violators will be removed from the premises.

Our Mission

All events hosted by ALL-IN are fundraising events with all proceeds going to the development of ALL-IN Streaming; an online media company committed to introducing the world to the first Lifestyle oriented online media network. This is a streaming service that will be populated with all original series that are authentic lifestyle oriented content. It is our mission to deliver authentic media that both represents, entertains, and accurately depicts the community at large.

We are always on the lookout for those interested in contributing to our projects, whether in fundraising, events, pre/post production, or web design.

If you or anyone you know is interested in Volunteering:

Lifestyle T.V. personality

Podcast host

Lifestyle reality personality

Being an extra

Has experience in pre or post video production

Graphic design

Computer programming

Social-media marketing

Project management

Hosting events

Volunteering for events (In front or behind the scene)

For more information about collaborating with ALL-IN text TELLMEMORE to(844) 947-6427

Date and time



PO BOX 4153


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