All In God's Image - Indigenous People's Day

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All In God's Image - Indigenous People's Day

All in God's Image - Indigenous People's Day

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This short webinar conversation will introduce the "All In God's Image: Indigenous People's Day" resource.

Christopher Columbus, after whom our capital city is named, represents different things to different people. For the white majority, he embodies the spirit of exploration and represents the beginning of the story that led to the establishment of new nations in the New World. For indigenous peoples, however, Columbus stands as the epitome of colonizing cruelty and represents the first stage in an unfolding, devastating catastrophe. Learning about the indigenous story is an important step toward composing a common American story that reflects the experiences of all citizens. This short but informative study sets children and adults alike on that path.

Join us for a preview of the resource and for a short discussion on how it can be used!

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