ALBERT CASTIGLIA - "Newest King of the Blue"-NY Times-from Jr Wells band!

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Wilbert's Food & Music

812 Huron Road East

Cleveland, OH 44115

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“The Kid is a Bad Mother F**CKER -Junior Wells”

“It has been one of my pleasures to watch Castiglia’s artistry grow. Castiglia has never sounded better. “Solid Ground” is without a doubt his best yet.” Richard Ludmerer - Making The Scene

“Albert Castiglia here separates himself from the guitarslinger pack by way of a tastier-than-the-typical song list, lyrically catchy, rhythmically varied and much of it penned by the Miami-bred axeman” Duane Verh - Roots Music Reports

“Fine musicianship with strong original material and choice covers make this one that blues fans will not want to miss”Don Crow - Nashville Blues Socitey

“This one is a keeper. Albert Castiglia and the band are the real deal, playing what they know and doing it with a conviction that makes it very real to their audiences. Great work, highly recommended. –”Bill Wilson - Billtown Blues Association

“There are a variety music on the album. There are some traditional blues numbers dealing with relationships like “Keep You Around Too Long” and “Have You No Shame”, but there’s also some that deal with social issues like “Love One Another”. There’s even a Latin flavored instrumental for folks like me “Little Havana Blues”. One of my favorite tracks is “Bad Avenue” where not only Castiglia’s guitar work is great but the Hammond B3 of Jeremy Baum which is solid throughout the album, comes to the forefront! Another of my favorites is “Searching the Desert for the Blues” All in all the album is another winner for both Albert and Ruf Records. So Check it Out!!”EKK - Free Wheelin Music

“Albert Castiglia, who’s new record Solid Ground, proves, without a doubt, that it’s possible to still produce inventive, original and exciting traditional blues.”Tone Monkey Com

“The album opener, “Triflin’,” sets the tone of the record with an electrifying pulse brought to light by Castiglia’s spectacular riffing. It becomes immediately clear this man is well trained in the art of the blues”Ryan Artmann - Blues Rock Com

“Rock ‘n’ roll is a conveyor belt. Every year, another bright young thing, famous for a finger-snap, then forgotten forever. Albert Castiglia has walked a different path. As the man who once sang, “The road to riches is playing guitar, that’s why I’m living inside my car”, he’s spent two decades climbing the greasy pole and paying dues with interest. Now, Solid Ground is payback.”

“Living The Dream is nothing short of a masterpiece from Albert Castiglia that will thrill any fan and earn him lots of new ones”Tom Carter - Twelve Bar Rag

“Walk the Backstreets, Albert Castiglia It's a revelation to discover the thrilling retro-electric blues from this astonishing young guitarist. ”USA Today

“If you’re a fan of modern blues guitar done well, look no further than this release”

Graham Clarke - Phoenix Blues Society

“Albert Castiglia is the real deal. If you have not heard what this guy can make a guitar do, then this is the opportunity to find out. His vocals and songwriting are also up to snuff and he presents a nice mix of originals and covers in this new CD that will get your blood flowing!” Steve Jones - Crossroads Blues Society

“Catch him live if you can for a shot of one of the best players on the contemporary scene today! Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow(Nashville Blues Society)”

Sheryl and Don Crow - Nashville Blues Society

“Ever listen to a musician’s work and think to yourself “I need to hear that again so I can comprehend. What was that”? Examples of this would include Hard Again (Muddy Waters/Johnny Winter), Fever For The Bayou (Tab Benoit), Strange Pleasure (Jimmie Vaughan), and Alone & Acoustic (Buddy Guy & Junior Wells). Albert Castiglia’s latest offering, Living The Dream rises to that level of Blues.” Barry Kerzner - American Blues Scene

“KSER-FM Everett Wa Jonathan "Oogie" Richards The Blueshouse · A couple of comments with respect to the new Albert Castiglia CD. We had a hard time deciding what cut we were gonna play last night, so we played two! So we are clear, this CD should be filed under Kick Ass Blues! Congrats...if this doesn't get BMA consideration the Blues World missed it!!! Oogie ” Jonathan "Oogie" Richards - KSER-FM Everett Wa

“Ah, but catch him in the 9-minute version of Sandy Jones Jr.'s Walk the Backstreets and even Robin Trower's and Roy Buchanan's mouths will water.” Mark S. Tucker - Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"Living The Dream" Albert Castiglia shows once again that he is one of the most important and best representatives of the blues-rock guitar in recent yearsNathan Nörgel - Wasser-Prawda.DE

“UKBOB WRFG-FM BEST new Blues release for JUNE is already decided because 'Living the Dream' by Albert Castiglia is hands down unbeatable. If the quality of the construction ,writing, musical prowess were all a given... it still has so much more to offer through diverse arrangements and thoughtful underpinning in percussion ,gob iron and b3. 5 of 12 trax are originals and the balance are select interpretations.”


“It may be a bit premature to crown him America's newest King of the Blues, but there's little doubt that he at least deserves the title of heir apparent.”Lee Zimmerman - New Times

“Albert Castiglia Some artists are so good they have to be heard to be believed and this guy is no exception... check him out! Blues Connection”Blues Connection - Blues Connection

“Blues guitarist Albert Castiglia is one of those mid-tier artists that is just one album away from breaking big and becoming a household word in the blues world.”Reverend Keith A. Gordon - Blues ABout Com

“It is a GREAT CD ! Working on my review for ELMORE MAGAZINE - I can't stop listening to it ! - This guy is the real deal - every solo is different - and takes you to a logical conclusion ! Musically !”


“It doesn't take long here before you readily understand why ZZ Top, Elvin Bishop, and The Radiators invited this guy to open for them on tour. And, frankly, I'm not sure I don't like his acoustic materials as much as the fireball electric, 'cause there's a ironclad backbone of authenticity grabbing the ears as fiercely as the high voltage cuts”Mark S. Tucker - FAME Review

“Albert Castiglia has his finger on the pulse of society and brings a strong musical message through his gritty, hard-as-nails playing and singing. "Keepin On" has clever originals and covers that you don't hear every day, and is a fine testimony to his talents! Until next time......Sheryl and Don Crow. ”

Sheryl and Don Crow - Nashville Blues Society

“Keepin’ On is an appropriate title for Albert Castiglia’s latest disc. He’s maintaining his path to the upper echelon of blues performers, continuing to improve with each release. This is his best effort so far. ”

Graham Clarke - BLUESBYTES

“Whether he's singing about getting a job on the Cadillac assembly line or getting rid of his old lady if she don't stop cheating and lying, it seems you can always count on Albert Castiglia to deliver the right combination of clean vocals, fiery guitar, and memorable lyrics (this, after all, is the same guy who sang about it being a real bad year with only 12 more months to go).”The BluesPowR Blog - The BluesPowR Blog

“Castiglia combines solid Blues with Soul, Rock, and Country-Blues tones for an "offspring" CD that should appeal to both Blues purists and Rockers”James "Skyy Dobro" Walker - Blues Blast Magazine

“Whether you like "sittin' on the back porch" acoustic Blues, or more urban, seething electrically charged Blues, you'll find both on this CD, and more! Both hardcore Blues addicts and younger Blues-rockers, will enjoy this CD. ”Bob "Bluesbobby" Weinberg - South Florida Blues Society

“He closes things down with 12 minutes of great guitar work on these 2 songs, 12 minutes of music that CUT everything that Eric Clapton, for example, has done over the past 4-5 years. It reminds me of the way Stevie Ray Vaughan would just spin out these great melodies and riffs like it was easy for him. Albert is terrific and this is a great cd”Bruce Edwards - Sunday Night Blues Project

"Keepin On" gets my Highest Recommendation 5*****, and is a must have Album, not only for fans of Albert Castiglia, but for all fans of great Guitar Driven Blues...John Vermilyea - Blues Underground Network

“His back-to-basics approach follows in the footsteps of those who fostered the blues in the Mississippi Delta and the smoky late-night haunts of Chicago. Castiglia's muscular style is reflected in the fluid fretwork of 'Cadillac Assembly Line,' the gutteral growl of 'Keep on Keepin' On,' the brash boogie of 'Goin' Upstairs' and the bottleneck blues of his own 'Sweet Southern Angel ... the artist asserts his authenticity and authority throughout Keepin' On." ”M - Music & Musicians magazine - M - Music & Musicians magazine

“Albert flat out scorched the frets and fired up a sold out crowd. He started out fast and never slowed down. Hot! Very hot! Folks couldn't get enough of him. Aug 6th 2010 performance”

Gary Anton - Bradfordville Blues Club

"On his latest Blues Leaf solo set, Keepin' On, Castiglia sounds nothing less than the road-tested, authoritative presence he has become...His knack for interpreting covers is on par with artists like the Holmes Brothers...Keepin' On shows Albert Castiglia coming full circle as a solo artist."

Mark Uricheck - Living Blues magazine

“I just cued up AC's new one for the first time. The opening chords and song gave me chills. Acoustic tracks - awesome. "Keep On Keepin' On" - classic! "Goin Upstairs" - more goose bumps. Great! Great! Great! Some of the best singing and some of the greatest guitar playing ever detonated into a compact disc. I can't wait to play it and play it on ODD ROCK. Thanks! And thanks to AC for the music. Cap'n Barney aka Pat Turlo ODD ROCK on WMHB 89.7 FM www.wmhb.org www.myspace.com/wmhb WMHB Blues Music Director ”

“Keepin On is the album that may make Albert Castiglia a household name among blues fans. Discover him now because this guy is going to be huge!”

“MIDWEST RECORD – CHICAGO, IL – JULY 16, 2010 BLUES LEAF ALBERT CASTIGLIA/Keepin' On: He might have only been with Junior Wells for two years before Wells died, but it was enough to power the rocket fuel that zinged him out of his Florida blues cocoon and into the high octane of power trio blues that’s a throw back to the Chicago punch press industrial blues with a load of today mixed in. Just the kind of cat you would expect to open for ZZ Top, Castiglia and his two merry men stir it up as well as they tear it up. Hard core, electric blues that would make Mike Bloomfield smile and know he did good with what he left behind. This guy is a winner and he’s got the awards to prove it. – Chris Spector ”


“An electrifying blues cat that's always in the pocket. The greatest, youngest guitar player that will keep on "truckin" for long time. He's the best in my books -Sandra Hall”

Sandra Hall - CD Cover

“A Dynamic Guitarist - Charismatic - Lots Of Soul In His playing -Eddy Clearwater”

Eddy Clearwater - CD Cover
Junior Wells - CD Cover

“All in all, AT The BMA's Castiglia had an extraordinary opportunity to showcase his talent to a national audience and he rose to the challenge”

Deborah Ramirez - Sun Sentinel

“At the BMAs. Albert Castiglia, once Junior Wells' lead guitarist, proved that his excellent album These Are The Days is no fluke. Backed by a rhythm section that was a perpetual motion machine, he turned "A Real Bad Year" into a tour de force that had people on their feet dancing”Don Wilcock - Blues Wax

“The Miami based Castiglia is the most inventive and creative songwriter to come into modern blue music in more than a decade.”

Richard Skelly - Asbury Park Press,Host, Low-Budget Blues Program WRSU, 88.7 FM

“This new album from Albert Castiglia shows that the guitarist is set to occupy a high place among the younger generation of blues.”Spanish Red

“These Are The Days shows that Albert Castiglia has developed into one of the more exciting talents to emerge on the blues scene in a while. Fans of high-energy blues and incendiary guitar work won’t be disappointed with this release. Check out his website at www.albertcastiglia.com. ”Graham Clarke - Blues Bytes

“There's just one thing that I really, really fear, All this bad luck and trouble carries on into next year, It's been a real bad year, only 12 more months to go... Albert Castiglia, "Bad Year Blues", These Are The Days, 2009. (Nominated for Blues Song Of the Year)”Albert Castiglia - ONE BLOG, ONE RANGER

“This is a flat out, hands down, unconditionally great record. “Bad Year Blues” opens the album with one of the best original lines since Willie Dixon passed: “It’s a real bad year/Only 12 more months to go.””Don Wilcock - Blues Revue

"These Are The Days," Albert's latest release on the Blues Leaf label, showcases his tremendous guitar chops, smoking vocals, and wise-beyond-his-years songwriting. "Bad Year Blues kicks things off with a red-hot shuffle and a tale of absolutely nothing going right for our hero.Don Crow - Music City Blues

“His live performances are events in themselves, thanks to Castiglia's penchant for tossing off stirring solos while strolling off the stage and wandering out on the sidewalk, losing sight of his band but never the music at hand”Lee Zimmerman - The New Times

“Wake up world! His name is Albert Castiglia, and he is burning the planet down! The fire has begun down in his current region of Florida, but this CD will propel Albert to festival stages galaxy-wide!”James “Skyy Dobro” Walker - Illinois Blues

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Wilbert's Food & Music

812 Huron Road East

Cleveland, OH 44115

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